NEW! Hot Sandwiches Debut in Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square!

DFB reporter Zach Metzger has a great review of the brand new sandwiches from Liberty Square Market in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

Hot dogs, popcorn, turkey legs, baked potatoes: just a few of the vittles available to satisfy your appetite in Walt Disney World’s Liberty Square.

Liberty Square Market, home to the aforementioned hot dogs and baked potatoes, is now also the home to two new sandwiches: the Hot Ham and Cheddar and the Hot Roast Beef and Swiss.

Both sandwiches are $6.99 not including tax, and are served wrapped in foil and piping hot, as advertised. I had the chance to try both!

New Sandwiches in Liberty Square

Liberty Square Hot Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich

The roast beef is presented on a nice French bread “sub”. The bread is crusty on the outside, providing good bite resistance, and moist and springy on the inside.

Piled high with meat, it’s far from skimpy. The flavor on the roast beef was robust; and the Swiss cheese was also in ample supply and at the perfect stage of melty-ness.

Hot Roast Beef and Swiss Sandwich

I tried to cut through the sandwich to show a cross-section, but the plastic knife lost the battle to the crusty bread. Tearing the sandwich in half worked a bit better, but also mostly destroyed it. Oh well. You can use your imagination to picture a [Read more…]