UPDATE: I had a horrible revelation as I walked down the street to Tower of Terror that my french fries are now gone. They have been replace with a turkey leg stand. Alas. Are McDonald’s french fries a thing of the past throughout Disney World? I do believe so. Oh well, continue on and read–it’s a good point, regardless.______________________

Our stake-out in DHS

Our stake-out in DHS

It’s fine if you disagree. You can perch on your high horse, peer down from your ivory tower, stand slick on your soap box if you wish. You’re welcome to save your tastebuds for the maximum in culinary virtue and purity. Go ahead and preserve that appetite for the masterpiece cuisine that graces tables at the most expensive of Resort restaurants.

I’m gonna go ahead and have me some McDonald’s french fries instead.

Now, seriously, folks, you know I love the pricey places, too. I’d eat at Citricos every night if my wallet allowed it. But for some unknown reason–some shift in the earth’s crust, maybe, some crop-dusted Disney magic drug, perhaps–those McDonald’s french fries that you find in a few of Disney’s parks (we’ve sadly lost our stake-out in Frontierland) taste better than any McDonald’s french fries I’ve ever gotten at an actual McDonald’s.

Just goes to show that setting DOES make a difference. Restaurant architects and designers of the world unite! (And meet me for some fries later.)


  1. Jill says

    I know this is an old post but i sadly too miss those golden french fries.
    My husband would secretly video my reaction as i walked away with my delicious bounty costing one snack credit. Yes i know that there is a mcdonalds about two blocks from my house, but it is not the same! I weep.

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