Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway on Pixar Place

When I was a kid, I always loved to see things that were larger-than-life — remember in the 80’s when those giant, person-sized pencils and huge crayons were all the rage, and you just knew that rich people like Lisa Turtle and Webster and that kid from Silver Spoons had them in their houses?

Well, that’s what it’s like to wander through Pixar Place in Disney World these days. You’re shrunk to the size of the Toy Story characters, so everything is built on a massive scale and meticulously detailed. And right in the middle of it all — across the street from Toy Story Midway Mania — is Woody’s Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway!

Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Sign

You can see the Takeaway has taken over the former Studio Cafe…this is where everyone gits thar grub in th’ Ol’ West, pardner!

And below the pennant sign, the Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Wagon sells its wares. In the morning, grab a pastry, coffee, hot cocoa, or granola bars…

Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Wagon

Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Wagon

…and once lunchtime hits, this is the place to get popcorn, ice cream treats, chips, or Wheezy’s Breezy Freezy (known to us new folks as “frozen coke”)!

Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway Menu

But once you’ve got your snacks, there’s still a lot to see. Take a few minutes (send someone to get a fastpass while you’re at it!) to look around. Doesn’t it look like you’re in Andy’s Kitchen? Check out that giant Cowboy Crunchies box:

Cowboy Crunchies Front

Cowboy Crunchies Front

Side of Cowboy Crunchis Box

Side of Cowboy Crunchis Box

Close Up of Cowboy Crunchies Box

Close Up of Cowboy Crunchies Box

And I’m pretty sure that’s Andy’s “Woody’s Roundup” thermos from his school lunchbox…

Woody's Roundup Thermos

Woody's Roundup Thermos

What else would a hungry cowboy just home from school eat other than a freshly baked cookie from the Woody’s Roundup Cookie Jar?

Woody Cookie Jar

Woody Cookie Jar

And these are just a few of the larger-than-life props surrounding the Takeaway. Keep looking around for a bit to see an entire Toy extravaganza going on around you, from tinker toys, to scheming green army men, to jump ropes and monkeys in a barrel.

Settle onto a bench with your popcorn or frozen coke, watch your fellow guests racing to the entrance of Toy Story Midway Mania, and just take in the Imagineering around you. Pretty great place, eh?


  1. says

    I wish they’d add something unique to this cart that you can’t get anywhere else that would fit into the theme of the Hey Howdy Hey Takeaway, but aside from popcorn, not much speaks to me. Great idea would be fresh s’mores!

  2. says

    Matt — Agreed. It’d be fun to have something that fit in with the theme of the movies, too. They really should sell Cowboy Crunchies. But a place in the park that sold fresh s’mores would be MOBBED. Can you imagine? That’s an awesome idea.

    Nick — I’m so glad someone else noticed those! They’re really hard to see. Rock on!

  3. says

    Do you take these pictures with posts in mind when you’re in the park? I need to start doing that. I never have any good ones.

    And yes, they should sell that cereal. Not that I would buy it. Ahem. Well, maybe once or twice.

  4. says

    Chris — I do. Ever since I started the blog, I have a new eye for photographing the parks! I look at everything differently, and ask myself how I can incorporate it into a food topic :-) It’s been fun, because it’s like visiting all of the parks again for the first time — I’m seeing so many different things!

    And, yeah, I’d buy the cereal. I’d eat it dry on my way out of the park, most likely.

  5. EEFoster says

    Your mention of the giant pencils/crayons was hysterical. Nine year old me would have killed for a giant pencil. I agree with Matt that it would be nice if there were something a little more unique at this cart. Although despite that lack of originality, we often end up grabbing a snack here because we’re a captive audience in the line for Toy Story fastpasses.

    And now all this talk of cereal has me thinking that maybe the Cereality chain should set up shop at WDW. I’m sure they could do gangbusters business at Downtown Disney.

  6. says

    Erin — No kidding! Giant pencils, erasers, beach balls, rulers…I have NO idea what the obsession was with that stuff when I was a kid. I blame Tom Hanks in BIG…he had some of that stuff in his cool grown-up apartment.

    I’ve never thought of one of the cereal chains setting up shop in DTD; what a great idea. Or even at the entrances to some of the theme parks. That would be a great quick-grab breakfast as you’re walking into the park. (Sure would be healthier than my default breakfast of it’s-10am-and-nothing’s-open-so-just-buy-a-brownie.)

  7. says

    How did I miss this the last time I was down at Disney?
    Oh yeah it must have been the wall to wall people in Pixar Place :)

  8. Heather says

    I had one of those crayons

    The theming of Pixar Place in general is just amazing. I love it. :)


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