Epcot’s Liberty Inn: A Publick Dining Room

Did you know there’s a counter service restaurant in Epcot’s American Adventure pavilion? Lots of folks don’t, because it’s tucked back into the corner, but this place is massive!

It’s a great spot to stop for a rest and a bite to eat when you’re halfway around your World Showcase touring, and it’s also a good place to pass the time while you’re waiting for a show in the amphitheater across the way — Flower Power Concerts, Eat to the Beat Concerts, and the Candlelight Processional all take place there! (Note: Don’t feel like searching for a seat for the concerts? Sitting at an outdoor Liberty Inn table will give you the opportunity to hear the concert while enjoying your food! Win-win!)

Outdoor Seating

While this is a typical Disney counter-service restaurant, imagineers have provided special touches to help you feel as though you’ve stepped back into colonial times. Baker’s racks lined with early American colonial pottery stand against the walls; brass and iron utensils, pots, and pans hang closer to the ceiling; wrought iron tables and chairs surround a bubbling fountain; and the flags of the 13 original colonies brightly span an accent wall as you walk into the building.

Baker's Rack and other Colonial Decor

Pots, Pans, and Utensils

Waiting in Line to Order

Colonial Decor in the Kitchen

Colony Flags

Colony Flags

And while there’s plenty of seating inside, there are dozens of umbrella-ed tables outside as well!

Indoor Seating

Offering sandwiches, wraps, veggie burgers, salads, chicken nuggets, and other counter-service items, the Liberty Inn doesn’t necessarily have anything you can’t get elsewhere. (Click on the menus for larger versions.)

Liberty Inn Main Menu Items

Additional Menu Items

But we thought the roast beef sandwich served with Sun Chips was a unique and relatively healthy choice for our buck — but of course we had to augment it with a baked apple dumpling ;-)

Hot Roast Beef and Cheddar

Sun Chips

Apple Dumpling

Don’t forget, you can get frozen cokes and cherry slushes here; this might be helpful for those who are losing the beloved Scuttle’s Landing over in the Magic Kingdom.

Kosher meals are available.

With a decent selection and a great location, Liberty Inn should be on your radar for counter-service spots. The items on the menu should please just about any palate, and the perk of listening to concerts while you’re dining can make this a must-do.

Don’t forget — if you walk to the left of the Liberty Inn you’ll find a restroom. I have no idea why, but this restroom has come in very handy on my trips to Disney World. It’s centrally located and tucked waaaaaaaaaaay back, so some folks don’t even know it’s there!

Finally, another fun perk of this restaurant is the opportunity to hear the colonial band when they play. They do a show right in front of the restaurant and — for those of us who are musicians — it can be pretty spectacular.


  1. says

    Another great post, AJ! Liberty Inn has lots of great food, with my favorite being the hot roast beef and cheddar sandwich with Sun Chips.

    I also really enjoyed the iceberg wedge salad, though the Greek salad at Cosmic Ray’s was a little bit better.

    And of course, it’s nearly impossible to pass on the scrumptious apple dumpling!

  2. says

    We at at Libery Inn in March. The food was decent for a counter service, not much different that most of the other counter service places in the park. Really a pretty place, decent place to rest your tired feet.

    My problem is that the American Adventure Pavilion is the center of Epcot, and should show of great American food to those visiting from outside the US (and those from the US too). Disney really needs to step up and build a decent restaurant in the pavilion. Just one of those Epcot mysteries I have never understood.

    Keep up the good work AJ!

  3. says

    Interestingly enough, with all of our visits…and Epcot is our favorite park….we have never eaten here! I think with all the food from more exotic places, it has been hard to justify American food. ;)

    Having said that, I think you convinced me to give it a try! And completely agree about the location, it is perfect for all kinds of entertainment!

  4. says

    Tim — Thanks for the kudos and for the tip on the iceberg wedge salad. I know you were a healthy eater on your most recent trip, so that’s a great piece of advice from someone in the know.

    Mousemisers — I would LOVE to see a table-service restaurant in the pavilion, but I’d want it to be a signature dining experience. They’ve already done “Thanksgiving” at LTT and Garden Grill — would be cool to see something new and different, wouldn’t it?

    Nancy — We don’t get here very often, either, but it IS a great spot if you want to listen to a concert (but don’t want to wait in the long lines). Candlelight Processional is a steal!


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