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Whether you like them or not, by now everyone’s at least sampled some gummi candy. In addition to the ubiquitous Gummi Bears, you’ve also got gummi worms, sour gummi staws, gummi vitamins, and even giant gummies.

Because the candy is taking the world by storm, Disney has jumped on the gummi bandwagon. They now sell a variety of gummi candy in their parks and resorts, and are even marketing their own Goofy’s Candy Company gummi brand.

So, while I’m sure that many of you are familiar with the standard gummi bear, how many of you have sampled gummi Salty Licorice Fish? How about Fruity Pasta gummi candy? Well, guess what — you can sample all of these, and more, in your favorite vacation destinations. Imagine that: rides, attractions, and a global selection of gummies in all in one place! One of the many reasons we love Disney, eh? Let’s go on a little tour around the Disney parks to check out just a few of the global gummies we can find!

Gummi Pasta in Italy
What’s especially interesting about this gummi pasta in the World Showcase’s Italy pavilion is not that it doesn’t at all look like pasta, nor is it that this pasta is strangely fruit-flavored. What I love most about it is that it’s “extra sour!”

The picture on the bag is pretty fantastic, too — talk about unruly pasta!

Fruity Pasta Gummi Candy

Fruit Gums in the United Kingdom
You all know that my favorite British candy is the Rowntree Fruit Pastille, but fruit gums will definitely do in a pinch! These little fruit-shaped gummies are tougher than others — think jujubes — but have great flavor. I keep ‘em in the fridge :-)

Rowntree's Fruit Gums

Gummi Salty Licorice Fish in Norway
Can anyone help me to understand why these look a little bit like those gummi coke bottle things? I know, I know — not the point. These are salty licorice fish. That’s the point. Who’s tried ‘em? Reviews? Thoughts?

Salty Licorice Fish Gummies in Norway

Gummi Characters in Disneyland
I haven’t seen these in Disney World, yet, but we found them at Pooh Corner in Disneyland. I love the Pixar character stick, but it’s a little disconcerting that it looks like Woody’s going bald…

Character Gummi Sticks in Disneyland

Gummi Mickeys in Disneyland Paris
Erin Foster showcased the Boardwalk Candy Palace in Disneyland Paris for us recently. With gummies galore to choose from, here’s a version that simply scream “Disney!”

Gummi Mickeys

Worms in Dirt Cupcake at Contempo Cafe
Now, here’s a more familiar gummi candy used in an unfamiliar way! While a cupcake named “Worms in Dirt” might not be appetizing for you, your little ones will likely love it!

Worms in Dirt Cupcake

You can find lots of recipes for Worms in Dirt sundaes, cupcakes, and desserts online, but the basics all include using crushed chocolate sandwich cookies for “dirt” and gummi worms for “worms.” (Thanks to for use of the photo.)

Sugar Free Gummi Candy
And Goofy hasn’t forgotten his fans who need to cut back on sugar — there are several Sugar Free Goofy’s Candy Company items, including sugar free sour gummi character candy!

Sugar Free Gummies

What are Your Favorites?
I’d love to hear more about your gummi finds in Disney parks and resorts! Any specifics that top your favorites list? Let us know in the comments section below!

Note: We’ve updated this article to remove the Candy Sushi sold in Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan. Thanks to Erin Foster (who happens to be an expert on candy sushi) for the note that the candy we pictured is hard candy instead of gummi. Her inspiration for her candy sushi project, which did include gummies, was from the candy sushi found at California Grill.


  1. tc says

    just an FYI i saw the gummi characters at Once Upon a Toy a few weeks ago, so they are at WDW as well.

  2. says

    Gummi Characters on a Stick — seen at Fort Wilderness, the Meadows Trading Post, in May 2010. We didn’t notice them in the parks or at other resort stores.

  3. Sarah says

    The character gummi sticks are in Disney World; I saw them this past week. I spotted them at the candy shop on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and the candy shop on Sunset Blvd. over at the Studios. Looks like Woody lost his hat in the picture – now we know what he’s hiding!

  4. EEFoster says

    I am all about gummis/ I would easily forgo chocolate for Swedish fish. (Shocking, I know.) It was with an open mind that I bought those salty licorice fish at the Norway pavilion during our trip to WDW in February. Perhaps it was my sadly American palette, but those were among the single most vile things I ever attempted to eat. Sorry Norway.

  5. EEFoster says

    Oh, and also. The candy sushi you’ve pictured here is not gummi, it is hard candy, more like lifesavers. I’ve also purchased that several times over the years. The Japan version of (hard) candy sushi is pretty good. When we went to DLRP, I was amazed at the variety of gummi products available there and how much they were featured in the shops.

  6. says

    TC, nora, and Sarah — Thanks for the updates, guys! Great to hear those cute gummies on a stick are all over WDW, too :-)

    Erin — THANK YOU for the note!!! I’ve updated the article accordingly.

  7. says

    For the record…that worms in dirt cupcake is pretty bad. The cupcake was so dry!! I wound up just picking out the gummy worms.

  8. says

    Well, personally, I would only EVER buy my gummi bears (gummibären) from Germany, since that’s where they were invented. I had a friend growing up whose mother was from Germany, and family members over there would regularly send the family care packages of German chocolate and gummi bears. My dad, who was stationed in Germany most of my childhood, would do the same on occasion. So we got to eat the originals from time to time. In fact, that’s about the only souvenir I’ll buy at WDW.

  9. Allison says

    If you’re concerned that the Sugar Free Character Gummies aren’t going to be delicious, fear not – they’re better than the regular type, in my opinion. They’re also great for a take-home-from-Disney snack.

  10. says

    I adore all things Haribo, which by my estimation, are the world’s best gummi makers. When we lived in England, I could have bought Haribo Tangfastics by the truckload.

    They’re impossible to find outside of the UK, but whenever we’re in Disney World, we come close to finding our favorites. Germany has Haribo Alphabets, the pasta, “brix” which are gummi filled with what the brits call Sherbet, but is really just kind of a half gel form of pixie stix.

    I love that Epcot has become my primary provider of everything I love from overseas: Haribo, Twinings Every Day tea, and Cadbury’s chocolate.

  11. Bryan Irrera says

    There’s also plenty of Gummies (in various flavors) to be found in the Mitsukoshi department store in Epcot/Japan! I especially enjoy the “Gummi Choco” gummies. They have a selection available (or did in Jan ’09) with multiple flavors each separated in it’s own pouch (but connected in a big strip): here’s a link to the ones I’m talking about:

    We also enjoy the Goofy Candy Co. “Sour” character gummies. They are all shaped like Mickey heads and have the sour powder on them that you’d find on a sour patch kid or similar candy. However, it’s not nearly as heavily covered as other candies, so you get just a nice “bite” from the sour without it being over powering (available all over property: Main St. candy store/Goofy’s candy shop in Downtown Disney/etc.).

  12. says

    I love this post! When I was a kid we would stock up at EPCOT ans take lots of HARIBO Gummi Bears home because they weren’t sold where I lived. My aunt would always hide a few bags so that I could have them in my xmas stocking. Ahhh.. the days before gummies were everywhere in every shape size and flavor. Germany in EPCOT was our one source. Wow… that makes me feel really old.

  13. says

    Every time we go to Epcot we load up on Haribo gummies because you really can’t beat it for the variety in one place. Until a few years ago, it was one of the only places you could get some of the types of candies!

  14. says

    Salt licorice is for the connoisseur or the adventurous only – it’s like black licorice on steroids! Which, to me, is a good thing. If you enjoy a strong black licorice like I do, these little guys are a must try. If black licorice isn’t your thing, you’ll probably think they’re so terrible that you won’t be able to finish one. Obviously, there’s no middle ground; love ‘em or leave ‘em. That being said, it’s one of the most unique and authentic European foods in the park. Maybe it’s worth a try just for the weirdness factor alone.

    The fish shape is a traditional Norwegian/Swedish gummy shape. If you take a bite expecting cola, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

    Like I always say about the weird stuff in theme parks; try it, you’re on vacation!

    On a related weird candy at Epcot note, try the “pure licorice” candies in Italy. They’re tiny hard candies that come in a small tic-tac style box. One of these tiny candies would easily be enough to flavor an entire package of Twizzler’s black licorice, they’re potent – and tasty.

  15. Laura Warren says

    The Gummy Sticks WERE available at WDW 2 weeks ago. I know I specifically saw them at AKL’s gift shop.

  16. says

    I have never tried the Salty Licorice Fish, but will have to look for them. I studied abroad in Norway and always stop there at Epcot for another gummi candy that they have…I don’t know the exact Norwegian name, but the English name would be gummi men. They sort of look like sour patch kids, but they aren’t sour. They are so good and this is the only place in the states that I’ve ever seen them!

  17. Amie says

    Love the Haribo Sour Spaghetti in Germany. Had some last Dec and thought I would have to wait until going back to get more. Thankfully, I found them at my Walgreens!

  18. says

    You can’t get these at WDW (I don’t think) but we always kee a jar of the Gummi vites around the house for the kids. Because they’re vitamins. And I care.

    Will definitely check out the salted gummis when I’m in Norway next time.

  19. says

    Kelly — Good to know about the Worms in Dirt cupcake! Yuck!

    Gray — Now have you ever had the chocolate-covered gummi bears? Do they make those in Germany?

    Daniel — Ha ha! I’m not sure they’d grow on me!! Glad to have your opinion, though; now I’ll have to try more than one!

    Allison — Thanks for the info on the sugar-free gummmies!

    Amber — Me too! I buy tons of fruit pastille boxes when I’m in Epcot. I saw the brix, but didn’t try them. Will have to do so next time.

    Griffin — Mmm! Haribo peaches are great!

    Bryan — Will definitely try the Gummi Choco candy next time! Thanks for the link!

    DVCMom — Not old…just experienced! ;-) What a great story about your Christmas stocking, too. :-)

    Jim — True! The variety there is second to none. Very few other spots in America will give you such a broad range of gummies in one place.

    PTTP — Thanks for all the tips on the licorice in Epcot! I’m not a huge black licorice fan, so I’ll leave the taste-testing up to you. Anywhere else you can find black licorice in the parks? That could be a good blog post!

    Laura — Thanks for the update!

    Molly — Will definitely check out the gummi men on my next trip to Norway!!

    Amie — YAY for Walgreens!!

    chris — You DO care. I know this to be a fact. Gummi vites and bounce houses in the kitchen are definite caring mom things to do.

  20. Niecy says

    Hi everyone. Does anyone know what kind of gelatin is used in the Goofy’s our gummy worms? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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