Lunching Pad Hot Dogs Undergo Another Change

Remember the new hot dog menu that debuted earlier this month in Tomorrowland? Well, the sign guys have been busy again, and the menu’s been updated already. Looks like the Rueben dog has been pitched to the curb and we’re left with Taco and Philly Cheese Steak dogs.

Lunching Pad Hot Dog Menu Circa August 27, 2010

Thanks to reader Evan D., who took time out of his WDW trip to send this photo my way today!


  1. Alan says

    You can throw them all to the curb. I know many people like decked out hot dogs. But l grew up on Nathan’s dogs and like people from other regions of the country I like what I grew up eating. Just slow grilled Nathans with sour kraut or tomato onion topping. I do admit I have some fondness for the red hots and white hots from the Buffalo NY area.

  2. says

    Alan — I grew up near Buffalo and have also lived in NYC, so I hear what you’re saying about the red hots and Nathan’s! (Though I never got all that involved with the red hots… couldn’t quite make peace with the sauce!)

  3. says

    Aww I wonder why the Reuben got kicked? Sauerkraut on a hotdog..mmm! Oh well, these do look interesting non, the less. Thanks AJ for the update and thanks Evan for the pic!

  4. Jill says

    I love that after eating essentially an entire meal on top of a hot dog you still can’t get french fries! With a meal of that caloric intake is fresh fruit really going to make a difference? You gotta love it! (BTW i love my Nathan’s with just mustard and my fries with a little red fork!)

  5. Galloping Gourmand says

    I think the ruben got kicked because russian dressing and hot dogs don’t mix well. I get the swiss cheese and sauerkraut. One would think russian dressing works too because it includes horseradish. (to those who make rubens with Thousand Island, that’s just a variant on russian with a nice kick of Tabasco or a similar spice variant. but I digress, as usual.) The mix in the dressing though might overpower the hot dog and make it less satisfying with the bland kind of hot dogs they use. I’d have a dog with just those two.

    The taco hot dog still seems the more ridiculous item to me, but maybe there is something to it. When I go down in October I’m going to try it. If I didn’t I feel I wouldn’t be living up to my user name.

  6. says

    It’s really a waste of sign space, as they could totally add another menu item in the middle instead of having such big print for “Speciality Hot Dogs”.

    The least I can say about this is that at least they got rid of the fatty one with Thousand Island, which is probably one of the worst salad dressings for you.

  7. Liz says

    I still can’t get past paying $8 for a hot dog. Couldn’t’ they at least throw in a drink at that price?

  8. says

    Sadly, t’s hard for me to get excited about hot dogs in Disney World. Here in NJ, we’ve got some amazing dogs. (Can you say “Rutt’s Hut?”)

    That said, I do get excited about going to Casey’s Corner. Why? Corn dog nuggets! I love them so much!

  9. Kristin says

    ^^^@ James – I second Rutt’s Hut! Just give me a nice italian roll with potatos..don’t need anything on top!

  10. says

    Mustard and onions are all that belong on a hot dog. Unless you want to wrap said hot dog in bacon. And deep fry it. That’s okay too… ;)

    Perhaps the reason they are piling so much garbage on their hot dogs is because the actual dog isn’t very good?

    Nate (no relation to Nathan’s)

  11. Angela says

    What, I was JUST THERE, how was there even time for the menu to change? lol

    While I didn’t eat any of these new hot dogs, they smelled REALLY good (in a guilty pleasure type of way) and there were a TON of people eating them. Everywhere I looked I saw hot dogs topped with meat! Oh, and they were huge… the picture makes them seem like a typical small hot dog/bun with a bit of topping, but they looked really big with LOTS of topping on top. I remember thinking that if I were to decide to get one it’s a good thing they don’t come with fries cause it’s so big on its own.

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