Menu Additions: Columbia Harbour House and Cosmic Ray’s

As of August 24, 2011, two quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom have added new items to their menus. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland and Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square are debuting the following eats:

Over at Columbia Harbor House, you’ll now find Baked Salmon with Couscous, Lobster Roll, Broccoli Peppercorn Salad, and Steamed Fresh Broccoli.

Lobster Roll -- Pic courtesy Betsy Bates

New Menu! Click for larger image.

Thanks to Scarlett Ashley for the menu pic and to Betsy Bates for the lobster roll pic!

Cosmic Ray’s is now serving a 1/3 lb. Angus Burger, Beef Salad, Vegetable Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Deluxe Chili Cheese Dog, and Gelato.

Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe

New food to review! We can’t wait!

Our understanding is that these items are ADDED to the menus — not replacing anything.

Let us know if you’ve sampled any of the new offerings (or which ones you hope to try) in the comments below!



  1. says

    Salmon at a counter service restaurant should be interesting, and I’m glad to see the Angus burger come to Cosmic Ray’s.

  2. Nancy says

    how will i decide between the hummus sandwich and the lobster roll now? there are only so many days and so many meals on my vacation!! guess i’ll have to squeeze in two trips to the columbia harbor house in two weeks!

    hey, there could be worse things to worry about ;)

  3. says

    YAY! Can’t wait to try the lobster roll. My family already loves Columbia Harbour House – on our last visit the CM let my girls order whatever they wanted off the menu as their meal on the DP! Their portions are generous and you can’t beat the roomy seating upstairs that always seems to be rather empty.
    Never ate at Cosmic Rays, but if the “beef salad” is in fact a steak salad I think it will be worth a try!

  4. Jean says

    If it’s the same Lobster Roll served at Torrowland Terrace, which has been temporarily closed the past few days, it should be devine!

  5. Gabriella says

    I recently tried the salmon with couscous and broccoli for $10 and LOVED it! The portion was quite generous, moist, fresh, light and healthy. The salmon was not over-cooked or dry and the broccoli was steamed with a bit of butter. The couscous was very good too but there was no sauce with the dish so some may find the grain alone a bit dry. I can’t wait to try the lobster roll on my next trip!!

  6. says

    Columbia Harbour House is my favorite quick service in all of Disney World. Now I have 2 more reasons to love it! Cannot wait to hear how the Lobster Roll tastes! Sounds yummy!!!

  7. Sue says

    They used to have salmon at Tusker House, when it was quick service. My mother got it all of the time and loved it. She is very happy to see it at Columbia House. I’m very curious about the lobster roll – looking forward to reviews of it.

  8. Julie says

    Cosmic Rays is probably my favorite quick service. They have so many options and I always get the Rotisserie Chicken, it’s nice to have a break from Chicken Nuggets and Hamburgers as a quick service option! Interesting adds too!

  9. Alan says

    It’s great news to hear that these two very popular CS places are willing to make additions and changes to their menus. They could just stand pat and rake in the money, but this shows someone is coloring outside the lines.

    The lobster roll looks interesting but I wish they would do one with just lobster and melted butter. I used to drive 100 miles each way to go to West Haven in Conn. to get one of those. Unless you are a mayo freak you can’t ever go back after having a Jimmie’s of Savin Rock lobster roll.

  10. yensidfan says

    My family just visited a few days ago and I brought my parents in the Harbor house for lunch. Being a New Englander, my father had to try the lobster roll and it is much bigger than you think but don’t worry…it also wasn’t as mayonaisy as it looks in this picture:) My mother was very happy with her salmon with cous cous and fresh steamed broccoli. They felt like it was one of the healthies meals that they have had in Disney as far as a quick meal goes. We were pleased with the changes!

  11. Laura says

    I love the new addition of the salmon at CHH (one of my fav QS places) but what happened to my Fish and chicken combo? I didn’t see it on the menu :( It has always been one of my go to meals for portion sizes and it was always really good. I however did see that they now have a fish and shrimp combo but for this non-seafood eating girl that ain’t gonna cut it!! Hope I will find my old trusty on the menu this spring!

  12. says

    Laura, the fried fish and chicken combo is indeed gone. :( I always used to order it too. We were there on the 24th, the first day of the new menu items, and even on that very first day you couldn’t order the combo “off the menu”, there was already no way to ring it up. I got the salmon instead and enjoyed it, but I’ll miss sharing the fish/chicken combo with my daughter.

  13. Carolyn says

    Those do seem to be healthier dining options. Good additions and nice to see veggie chili back on the menu.

  14. says

    I heard about the Lobster Roll but couldn’t figure out if it was breaded and fried lobster like a Po Boy or if it was more of a Lobster salad (like a chicken salad). Your pictures helped to clear everything up.
    By the way, do you know if there is any place in Magic Kingdom for counter/kiosk breakfast items other than the Main Street Bakery? My husband and I were just commenting on how long the line is in the AM at Main Street Bakery and realized that we had never paid attention as to whether or not there is another location for breakfast items such as sweet rolls or egg sandwich aside from the bakery.
    I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you.

  15. sammieb80 says

    sorry for the ignorance. but from the uk. what is a lobster roll. you guys all seem to love them but i’ve never heard of it. there in a few weeks so may have to try

  16. says

    sammieb — A lobster roll is basically a bread roll filled with a creamy lobster “salad” of sorts. Chunks of lobster meat are mixed with mayonnaise, spices, and veggies, then scooped into the bread roll (usually they use “New England Style” hot dog buns, which are more like a folded piece of bread).

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