First Look!: Magic Kingdom’s Cheshire Cafe Photos and Menu

We got some fun pics yesterday from Jacquie Symonds over on Google+ of the brand new Cheshire Cafe (the new name for the Enchanted Grove) in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom!

This change brings the counter-service kiosk’s theme into the fold of the Alice in Wonderland area of Fantasyland, which makes sense since it’s located right next to the Teacups ride! Let’s take a look at the changes between the old Enchanted Grove and the new Cheshire Cafe!


We’ve changed here from the fruity display of the Enchanted Grove, featuring Chip and Dale (or chipmunks of some variety), to the Cheshire Cat logo on a sign that looks like it’s being held onto the structure with vines! Minute Maid is still sponsoring the booth.

Cheshire Cafe Sign

Enchanted Grove Sign

Outside Appearance

The structure of the kiosk hasn’t changed much, but you can see that there is a new design on the front and side wainscoting and the accent color has changed from aqua to a purple-y blue.

Cheshire Cafe Outside Appearance

Enchanted Grove Outside Appearance


The menu hasn’t changed except for pricing. Because this is one of the first days that the Cheshire Cafe has been open, the menu could be changing more in the near future.

Luckily, our beloved raspberry-lemonade slush is still there!!

Cheshire Cafe Menu

Enchanted Grove Menu

Raspberry-Lemonade slush

Strawberry Punch

Thanks again to Jacquie for sending along these great photos!!! I can’t wait to check out the new cafe! Have you been?

Let us know in the comments what you think of the changes!


  1. Pudge the Fish says

    I still miss the refreshing strawberry slush/vanilla ice cream twist dessert that they once served at Enchanted Grove. At least I still can get a Dole Whip over in Adventureland.

  2. Alan says

    It’s good to see the Disney Co. doing even small refurbs and changes. Even with the difficult economy and attendance being down, they keep trying to make things fresher.

  3. says

    Pudge and Jenny — I don’t think I ever tried that one! Sigh; another lost item that I never got to try goes down in history with the handwich.

    Alan — I think it’s really fun to see the little changes that are part of the overall Fantasyland expansion and renovation! I’m really looking forward to dining in the Be Our Guest restaurant for the first time!

  4. venessa says

    I loved the old sign =( and A.J. it truly was an amazing treat and really wish they’d bring it back.

  5. yensidfan says

    You don’t realize how dated some of the things look until they do an update like this. It’s just the little touches that they enhance that makes you appreciate it so much more.
    And that picture of that slush looks sooo refreshing! Nice shot :)

  6. says

    I love the name change and how they pulled it into the Alice in Wonderland theme. It is a nice touch.

    And yes, that slush picture makes me want to reach into the screen and grab it!

  7. says

    Even though it seems nothing more than the appearance has changes I am over the moon thrilled at the new look :D I’ll take as much Cheshire cat and Alice in Wonderland as I can get! I think a nice touch to the menu would be some flavored teas (hot or chilled) and wouldn’t “drink me” labeled cups be oh so cute!
    I guess if I had a world of my own…

  8. says

    Venessa, Diana, and Heather — I wish I’d been able to try it! (Though, I’ll admit, I don’t usually like mixing slushy and ice cream… alas, it would have been fun to give it a whirl!)

    Yensidfan — Thank you!! It WAS refreshing, especially on that super hot day!

    Courtney — You’re going to LOVE it!

    Kristina — Ha ha! I’m so glad they chose a theme that you love :-) I think the “Drink Me” cups would be an awesome addition!

  9. says

    I’d love to hear how the strawberry punch tastes. It sounds good but I fear it would be cloyingly, mouth stinging-ly sweet.

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