What Flavor Dole Whip Would You Invent?

We’re big fans of the Dole Whip, one of the classic snacks that many people can’t live without when they head to a Disney theme park!

This creamy, chilly treat usually comes in a pineapple flavor, and guests have the option of combining the sweet/tart treat with pineapple juice to make a float!

What if We Invented a New Flavor!

While I’m sure that many of us love the classic pineapple flavor, we got to thinking…what flavor would you invent if you had the chance? Currently the company who makes the dole whip mix offers vanilla, chocolate, orange, strawberry, raspberry, mango, and pineapple.

Do you think Disney should serve more of these flavors? Or are there other flavors you’d add to the list in your “fantasy land?”

Dole Whip Float

My pick would be a red-velvet-and-cream-cheese-frosting flavored Dole Whip…or a lemon-curd-and-blueberry flavored Dole Whip! But I also love some of the ideas from the Disney Food Blog facebook fans below — especially the tequila-based ones! ;-)

Take a look at what was suggested by our readers, then let us know YOUR picks in the comments section below! Maybe we’ll invent a whole new dessert!

Reader Suggestions

We got quite a few responses when we posted this question over on Facebook! Here are a few of our favorites…

Most Popular
Our Facebook fans gave the most votes to a mango or coconut version of the Dole Whip. Watermelon and pina colada were definitely the runners up.

Fruity Flavors
There were lots of other fruity Dole Whips being conjured up in the imaginations of our Facebook followers. Banana, cherry, strawberry, passion fruit, peach, and raspberry.

Others wanted a twist of flavors such as mango-pineapple (Lee K.), pineapple-coconut (Sandra V.), mango-peach (Shirley H.), strawberry-banana (Shawn B.), coconut-passion fruit (George H.), and watermelon-guava (Sandy B.).

Alcohol-Based Flavors
We found the alcohol-based flavors intriguing. We applaud Paul C. for his tequila suggestion! We can definitely see stopping by La Cava for one of these concoctions “on tap”.

A Pina Colada Dole Whip was another flavor regarded highly by our Facebook friends. Joseph S. just wants to see an “80 proof+” version. Another vote went towards Amaretto.

Since the Magic Kingdom is still a dry theme park, these adult Dole Whips could be served at the Polynesian Resort. And the setting would still go well with Melissa V.’s suggestion for Coconut Rum for a “pirates themed treat”.

Sweet and Savory Flavors
Some of the suggestions went the sweet and savory route with a shout-out for bacon, pumpkin, V8 juice, and coffee. Chris T. chimed in with “I’m so down with bacon flavored Dole Whips”!

Finally, two Facebook friends sum up our quest with their own thought-provoking questions. Mary M. asks “why mess with perfection?” and Ron H. states “Never…can you improve on a classic?”

Now it’s your turn! Invent more flavors that will have us dreaming about a refreshing and new Dole Whip treat! Let us know your ideas for new desserts in the comments section below!


  1. Kelly says

    Since Dole Whip is a tropical, delightful treat, I’d love to try it in Passion Fruit and Guava. I think mango and coconut are also great choices.

  2. canadianslovewdw says

    since its a DOLE whip. and dole is fruit it should have some fruit.. so chocolate banana, or strawberry banana, or caramel banana, or just good ole plain banana….

  3. marcellina says

    a seasonal dole whip in the form of an egg nog one! mmmm! maybe with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top!

  4. Jackie says

    I love Key Lime, but I have to say peach/mango would be awesome. For the adult or alcohol I would say Amaretto. YUMMY!!!!!

  5. Heather says

    Pina Colada and Coconut sound amazing. Or perhaps just a pineapple, coconut swirl. That sounds so good.

  6. Laura says

    Love the idea of peach with pineapple juice, or even a peach/orange swirl. Also think lime/coconut swirl would be excellent!!

  7. Stella says

    I would love a guava/passionfruit/mango tropical blend.

    A “Hawaiian Punch” red fruit punch flavor would also be really nice.

  8. Grace says

    Pina Colada IS pineapple coconut so those answers are redundant. But that would be the natural (and fabulous!) choice. But I also love the idea of mango or blood orange! Or Stella’s idea of guava/passionfruilt/mango. Anything really tropical, since it’s a tropical themed snack to begin with. Veering too off course would be weird. Keep it tropical!

  9. Alan says

    Blueberry in the summer, pumpkin pie for the fall, snowcream for winter and strawberry-rhubarb for the spring. Oh yeah, for those of us who don’t eat a lot of sweets – maybe a brandy Alexander ( with real brandy ).

  10. AFoodie says

    I love the idea of combo flavors … piña colada, strawberry-banana, mango-peach and peanut butter-chocolate-banana are my favorite ideas!!

  11. says

    I think everyone is missing the mark… we need to bring back “Fantasia”.
    Or if you want a tropical version it could be orange, strawberry, raspberry, mango, and pineapple all swirled together!

  12. says

    IMO Dole is pineapple. Call it something else if you want to change it. My fav flavor is blue raspberry but it always turns the mouth blue! I also love lemon and because I don’t turn blue when I eat it that may put it ahead of blue raspberry! Most of these suggestions sound yummy but they would not be a Dole Whip. Not that that is a bad thing……Just differant. AND the addition of any kind of alcohol is always welcome!

  13. madoka says

    Mango please! And dare I say it – lychee? But they have to taste like the real fruit, no artificial flavorings!

  14. says

    Ok, this sounds a bit strange, but for Thanksgiving, there should be a pumpkin- flavored one….
    After the holidays, I’d have to go with the fruity ones already mentioned— banana, blueberry, oh, I’d try them all!! :)

  15. JoAnn says

    For the “dry” version, I’d go with strawberry / banana. For the adult version, a dole whip mimosa.

  16. Stacy says

    Actually in Hollywood on Santa Monica and Fairfax there is a yogurt shop that sells genuine Dole Whip including all flavors they make. He has a deal with Dole to be able to sell it. He will tell you the whole story when you visit his shop. Its a great one. He’s also on twitter, DOLEWHIPinLA. Fab u lous. http://Www.whippdsoftserve.com

  17. Maria says

    I’ve been getting Dole Whip at the MN State Fair before I even knew that Disney sold it, and there I always get a raspberry/pineapple swirl, it’s my favorite.

    As for some new flavors, I 2nd (or 3rd/4th) the pina Colada (maybe a swirl of coconut with the pineapple would be best) or a Key lime.

    Maybe also a fun one would be a mix of raspberry with lemon (or even lime!) since a raspberry lemonade is one of my favorite drinks.

    Really anything tropical would hit the spot for me.

  18. Ashley says

    While I love the fruity flavors of Dole Whip, I think having a Nutella (chocolate and hazelnut) flavor would be fantastic. Also, a caramel flavor with a little bit of salt on it would be beyond delicious. Or we could just go the Kingdom Hearts route make a Sea Salt ice cream… =P

  19. GermyLee says

    Banana/Orange swirl floating in pineapple juice.
    Coconut would be awesome, and how about the traditional Dole whip in coconut milk?

  20. Sarah says

    All of their flavours sound good and I’m up for the flavour combo’s too but personally I fancy an apple and cinnamon dole whip, with maybe a crunch biscuit cone to serve it in.

  21. Rick says

    Raspberry & cranberry swirl
    Raspberry & lemon swirl – seconded
    Pineapple & raspberry swirl – seconded
    Pineapple & blood orange swirl – seconded

    I haven’t even had a regular Dole Whip yet… I didn’t know about them the last time we went, back in September of 2011. Now that I know it exists… its ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. Can’t wait to taste it in all it’s glory. I looooove pineapple.

  22. Emma says

    I would love to see a straight up guava or guava pineapple flavor. Mmmm guava….

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