Snack Series: Caramel Corn Cupcake at Karamell-Küche

You know how much I adore the recently opened Karamell-Küche in Epcot’s Germany pavilion. From caramel corn to salted, chocolate-covered caramels, this place is one of my very favorites for a snack at any time!

And on a recent visit, I got to try the new Caramel Corn cupcake! A combo of two of the new caramel store’s best products: cupcakes and incredible caramel corn!

Caramel Corn Cupcake at Epcot's Germany Pavilion

This is an addition to the cupcake line-up at Karamell-Küche, which currently includes caramel vanilla, caramel chocolate, and combined vanilla chocolate (chocolate cake with vanilla frosting) with caramel versions. The caramel corn version is $4.99 or a Disney Dining Plan snack credit.

Caramel Corn Cupcake

Once we bought our cupcake, we realized that it would be very difficult to do the photo shoot anywhere in the store, so here’s a great tip: carry your eats over to the Weinkeller two stores down from Karamell-Küche. There are several stand-up tables to catch the crumbs!

Digging in, you’ll find that the cupcake is very much like the regular vanilla cupcakes at the store: A plain yellow vanilla cake with hearty vanilla buttercream frosting is drizzled with that gorgeous Werther’s caramel. The addition of the caramel corn on top is new, and, personally, I liked the additional texture this added.

Inside of Caramel Corn Cupcake

The only problem? The caramel corn was a bit stale at this point — likely because of the moisture it was picking up from the frosting and being in the refrigerated display case.

For some, this might be a deal breaker. But, like I said, I liked the added texture and flavor from the corn and we all know I’ve been known to eat some seriously stale Karamell-Küche caramel corn anyway. ;-)

What are your favorite snacks from Karamell-Küche?


  1. says

    Why not just buy the caramel vanilla cupcake, buy some fresh caramel corn, and put the corn on top of the cupcake? Viola! You’ve got a caramel corn cupcake with fresh caramel corn!

  2. Essie says

    I haven’t been to the Caramel Kitchen yet because it opened right after my last trip. I’m afraid that I’m going to have too many favorites to list! This is one spot that I’m most anxious to visit and plan to take take home many items as gifts for others. (I will also get a supply to enjoy while we’re down there as well as a supply to eat after we get home from the trip, you know, to make the ‘trip let down’ a bit easier.)

  3. says

    James — Now that, my friend, is a brilliant idea. ;-)

    Essie — Great idea to bring home gifts for friends from here! The caramel items all go for around $2.99-$9.99, and I’d say that, yes, those caramels and pinwheels are around $4 or a snack credit.

  4. Galloping Gourmand says

    So why not get a regular vanilla cupcake, pack of fresh caramel corn, and put it on top ot the cupcake yourself? No staleness and you get a pack of caramel corn to munch back home. If the amount of icing on the regular vanilla throws off the balance eat the excess icing, have a drink of water, then put the caramel corn on top.

  5. Jeff C. says

    Quit being an enabler, you…enabler!!! :p

    We have been eyeing this up every trip we’ve made ovder to Epcot so far. And we’re going to be back tomorrow :p Thanks for the review.

  6. Julie says

    My favorite snack is the caramel apple oatmeal cookie! It’s like apple pie and an oatmeal cookie all wrapped into one neat, little (well not little, that thing is huge!) package. Add to that luscious, creamy caramel and you have the perfect sweet treat. It’s also much more moist than the chocolate caramel cookie I sampled there. If you haven’t tried it yet, the caramel apple oatmeal is a must!

  7. says

    I love the flavor of caramel corn, but it drives me bananas to get kernels stuck in my teeth. So I usually steer clear of caramel corn. I think I’ll pass on this one, unless I can order it with extra caramel, hold the corn? But my favorite treat at the Karamel Kuche (as of now, it may change in June when I’m going to try a few new-to-me items) is the caramel and chocolate coated rice krispie treat.

  8. says

    I hate to be the dissenter here, but I’ve never been very impressed with the Kuche’s cupcakes. I mean, why eat plain cake when there is all that caramel corn RIGHT THERE! But then caramel corn is probably one of my favorite things, ever.

  9. Jeff C. says

    Oh, and Julie, we just tried that caramel apple oatmeal cookie 2 days ago and you are so right – it is amazing!! We’d highly recommend!

  10. Essie says

    Oh, thank you, Kristina! I didn’t know that they had caramel, chocolate, crispy treats! I can’t wait to get to that shop. It will be my first time; I don’t think my friends will be able to get me out of there. I LOVE caramel.

  11. says

    We picked up some of the popcorn last week and it seemed off to me. Is it typically chewy or was that because it had been sitting around in the bags for some time? Wish I had looked and seen the cookies because I think those would have been a hit with the entire family.

  12. says

    Tried one of these several weeks ago, however they did not include the drizzle on top, it was just the caramel corn. While I love the corn and have waited great lengths of time for the fresh stuff, I was really disappointed with this cupcake. Being a big fan of Disney cupcakes, I was surprised about how plain this one was. If you took off the caramel corn, it is a plain yellow cupcake with plain vanilla frosting. I wish they would have been able to include some of the caramel within the cupcake, or atleast their unique flavor.

    All in all, if you want the taste of the corn, stick with the fresh made caramel corn…

  13. says

    @ Beth @TFA; if you get corn that just came out and was just mixed up, it can be chewy. If it has to have time to settle and cool a little and firm up. If they are supper busy, they don’t let it set long enough, they will bag it as soon as possible. Some times I think they need to be making more batches throughout the day, so they have enough to let it set and firm up.

    I have also noticed that are very humid days (I know, common place in Florida), they have problems firming up and can stay chewy also.

  14. Roe says

    I was looking forward to try something different at “the world of the mouse” and trying the carmel-corn cupcake. The shop was crowded when we arrived and to our surprise, not one cupcake in the showcase….perhaps on the next trip we will try it.

  15. Kristen Figuerado says

    This wasn’t available on 4th of July. I was deeply sadden. I’ll have to check again next trip.

  16. Aundrea says

    OMG…my mouth is watering just looking at these cupcakes!! I can’t wait for my trip in November/December!

  17. Kelly says

    I loved! The cupcakes at Karamell-Küche. However, to my dismay they were gone when we went at Christmas time. When we went back in February 2013, I chatted with a manager who informed us that I was one of the few who enjoyed them. He commented that they had to throw away more than they sold! So sad! Maybe it is because there are sooo many other wonderful options in the cases.

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