Review: Studio Catering Co. at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Editor’s Note: Studio Catering Co. closed in early April 2016 to make way for construction of Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

While we previously told you about the menu changes at Studio Catering Co., I finally got the chance recently to stop in and sample their “new to me” menu of sandwiches for myself!

Please note that this post is my contribution to’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios Awareness Week! (Better late than never! ;-D)


With its awesome location right next to the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Movie Set Adventure, the Catering Company is a great spot for families with children to take a play break from the attractions.

Studio Catering Company Exterior

There is also a TON of shaded seating, so there is always a spot to sit and relax for a bit.

Studio Catering Company Tables

And while you’re taking a load off, don’t forget to snag your Stoplight Margarita from High Octane Refreshments next door! Just sayin’…


The menu was changed up here a while back, and I’ve been hearing some pretty good reviews of it. The casual dining spot currently offers an interesting selection of hot and cold sandwiches.

Studio Catering Co. Menu

A grilled vegetable sandwich and Greek salad are also available for those looking for quick service vegetarian fare. (I hear GREAT reviews of that vegetable sandwich, by the way.)

The standard Kids’ Picks of chicken nuggets or Smucker’s Uncrustables PB&J don’t offer a lot of adventure for younger diners, though.

Studio Catering Co. Menu 2

While there aren’t too many sides offered (your standard apple slices and french fries are available, of course), there are a couple of options for dessert (hey, this is vacation, right?). And you’ve got a few beer and wine options.

Studio Catering Co. Menu 3

Studio Catering Co. has gotten trendy, so it also offers the popular Kids’ Picks Power Pack, which contains an array of “healthier” snacks like yogurt and veggies and dip. This might offer lighter eaters an alternative to chicken nuggets.

Kids Picks – Studio Catering Co.

Now, what did I get when it was my turn to order, you ask? Those of you who are regulars on this blog know very well what the answer to that question is! Whenever you see “buffalo chicken” anything on the menu, I’m a goner. I blame it on the fact that I’m from Buffalo, NY, of course. I was born with hot sauce in my veins. ;-)

But the sandwich was not quite what I expected… . Normally, a breaded Buffalo chicken sandwich has been tossed in that characteristic hot sauce-butter concoction that we all know and love. This…well…wasn’t. There wasn’t really any hot sauce to be seen. And if I can’t see the hot sauce, how am I supposed to know it’s a Buffalo chicken sammich?

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

That said, the sandwich did look lovely. A large fried chicken breast with that tasty Disney breading, an impeccable sandwich roll (will you look at that thing? it looks like the fresh baguettes I used to buy at the bakery in Europe for heaven’s sake!). And the sandwich had lots of fresh lettuce and tomato as well.

Now, a peak inside reveals why this sandwich might carry the moniker “Buffalo” — there was a small supply of spicy Ranch dressing coating the bun and the top of the chicken. Definitely tasty — but not what I think of when I hear the words “Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.” In fact, next time I go, I’ll ask them if they can give me a little side of the sauce to make the sandwich a little spicier. Never hurts to ask, right?

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – Inside


Studio Catering Co. is the perfect spot to grab a bite if you are starving, need a break from the sun, and don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many choices.

There’s something for everyone on the menu, even though the choices are quite a bit more interesting for the adults in your party. And the food is surprisingly good — and fresh. I was pretty impressed.

It may not be as interesting as, say, a waffle sandwich from Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow, but you won’t leave Studio Catering Co. hungry!

Have you tried the sandwiches or salad at Studio Catering Co.? What do you think of the limited kids’ menu? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. Tammi says

    My husband and I grabbed a quick bite there last year and we loved it. The grilled vegetable sandwich was DELICIOUS and ended up being my new favorite park food on the trip. I even made my husband stop in at HS on our way to the airport so I could grab a veggie sandwich for our flight home! YUM!

  2. Alan says

    When I read Buffalo chicken on the menu I was surprised and annoyed. There is no such thing as Buffalo chicken. There are Buffalo wings or chicken parts covered with Buffalo wing sauce and that includes so called boneless wing – a nice snack but really not wings. As AJ reviewed it’s a nice sandwich but they should drop the word Buffalo. Spicy ranch dressing is just spicy ranch dressing.

  3. Wendy Snelgrove says

    The Tuscan deli sandwich looks good and reminds me of a sandwich I used to like at Pizzafari. The turkey club does not say it comes with mayo, which one would usually expect. Does anyone know if it does? I don’t like mayo and would want to know to say “hold the mayo” on a sandwich like this. I also wonder if they would give you that “Buffalo chicken” sandwich with caesar dressing, which I think would be great.

  4. says

    I was just about to ask if they used to serve a veggie sandwich here when I read that they still have it on the menu. Thank goodness because it really is THAT good! October of 2010 I had that grilled veggie sandwich and loved it! That was actually the meal that made me realize that counter service food at WDW can be pretty good.

  5. says

    I ate there recently during the last part of Star Wars Weekends. All I wanted was a quick bite, so I got chicken nuggets & fries with low expectations. Actually, they were pretty good. I was pleasantly surprised.

    The part that wasn’t good was getting a drink. One side of the fountain was closed and the other side was out of ice. The people working there didn’t seem to care, either. On a hot, sweltering day, people value their cold drinks.

  6. Karyn says

    I had the Chicken Caesar wrap a few years ago & ended up throwing out most if it. It was processed slimy chicken that was totally inedible IMO. The service was lousy too. This is one CS I would have to be totally desperate to eat at. I’d eat at the ABC Commissary before I would ever set foot in this place again. I don’t really see anything on the menu that I find compelling enough to make me want to give this spot another chance.

  7. says

    I really enjoy the buffalo chicken sandwich. I’m sure it wouldn’t win any awards in Buffalo, NY, but I do feel like it’s a great sandwich. And I will say the sandwich AJ had was the littlest amount of buffalo sauce I’ve seen….usually there’s way more in my experience.

    And it’s worth noting that you can order the sandwich without buffalo sauce if you just want a tasty chicken sandwich.

  8. Brooke says

    Thanks for the review, AJ! I never eat CS at DHS – in part because I’m not really familiar with the offerings – but the Greek salad and sandwiches look pretty awesome! We’ll give a try for sure.

  9. says

    We ate here in April and were really surprised at how good it was. I got the controversial Buffalo Chicken Sammy – but I didn’t want anything overly spicy, so I asked for and got the sauce on the side. (I really just wanted a chicken sandwich – I’m boring :))

    I did use the sauce as a dip for both the sandwich and the fries and was pleased with it.

    Joe got the Chicken Caesar Wrap and enjoyed it – but I think I remember he said the wrap seemed kinda over-sized for the filling.

    We’d go back.

  10. says

    Tammi — I love that you stopped to get another sandwich on your way home! Awesome story!

    Alan — Ha ha! Very good points, all. (I should start raising Buffalo chickens out back.)

    Wendy — You’re my kind of eater! Create the best possible meal as you go along. :-) Not sure about the mayo on the turkey club; it doesn’t say anything about it on the menu (when other dressings are mentioned), so my guess would be no.

    Marci — Yep; I hear kudos on that sandwich all the time!

    William — Wow! I would have had to skip the drink and head over to the High Octane bar to get the iced version.

    Karyn — Yikes! I hate when I have really bad experiences like that — especially at a place that other people like, because I feel like I really missed out. :-(

    Matt Hochberg — Thanks for the extra info on the “more sauce” and “no sauce!” Interestingly, I’m not usually a ranch dressing lover, but the sauce here was great. Next visit — ABC Commissary!!

    Brooke — Let me know if you like them, B!! We’ll get ‘em up on the site!

    Jeff C. — Great feedback, Jeff. Would love to see a pic of the wrap if you happen to have one!

  11. catherine says

    fine review of the Schenechtady chicken sandwich (it’s kinda close, but it’s not Buffalo). I think the sandwich is pretty good! but it’s not buffalo.

  12. Meg says

    We ate here last time we were in WDW and were pleasantly surprised. One thing that we usually try to do is one of us gets the salad (I remember getting the Greek salad) and the other gets a sandwich and we share. Makes us feel healthier even if we technically aren’t being healthier ;-) (Thus we’re able to later justify a cupcake or dessert). I think we got the Pressed Tuscan Deli when we were here, but it’s been so long that I can’t remember. Must be time for another trip!

    The lack of actual Buffalo wing sauce on the sandwich would disappoint me too. If there’s one thing I love, it’s Buffalo wing sauce!

  13. Essie says

    I’d like to try their veggie sandwich; I’m not a vegan, but I’m just very big on veggies right now. Also, I like the variety in the kid’s ‘power pack’. I’m very surprised at how limited the kid’s meal choices are. I know that kids can get into a rut where they like just one or two things over and over, but there are so many kids there. I wonder if Disney does it to discourage adults from using the kids menu? There should be at least four things for kids to choose from, not just two (IMHO). And, I’m sure many will agree with me that two dessert choices are not nearly enough!!!!

  14. Galloping Gourmand says

    I believe I had the chicken Cesar wrap here, and did not have a good experience with it. They had too much dressing and the chicken had a cold, processed texture. A good place to stop and eat if you are starving is about how I’d sum it up, too. If you aren’t starving I’m sure you can make it to the Backlot Express.

  15. says

    As a hot sauce fiend, I was looking forward to the Buffalo sandwich! I will definitely have to bring my own bottle of Frank’s to the parks. Decanted into a plastic container, of course ;)

  16. says

    Oh pooh, AJ. We don’t have a pic of the wrap.

    In the name of good journalism I guess I will just have to propose to Joe that we go back so we can take that pic.

    I know, I know. I give. That’s what I do. It’s a curse…..

  17. Brandon says

    The “buffalo” chicken sandwich is great but the place, along with others in that park, close so early!

  18. Kelly says

    I remember going to Disney in 2008 and we went to Studio Catering Co. and they had some great choices for kids meals. Ham and Cheese wrap spirals for instance. My son loved them so much I had to start making at home. It’s too bad they took items like that away.

  19. DAP101 says

    Is the grilled vegetable sandwich at Studio Catering the same one as Backlot Express? The one at Backlot comes on a toasted roll with mushrooms, red peppers, zucchini, tomato, watercress, and cheese.

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