Snack Series: Oasis Canteen at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

There are some dining spots in Disney World that are easy to walk right on by, but afford some really fun themeing to check out! Oasis Canteen in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of these!

Oasis Canteen

This Indiana-Jones themed snack stop looks like it’s been cobbled together with scrap mental and canvas found around a desert military base, complete with rusted out menu boards!

Beverages at Oasis Canteen

The specialties here include freshly-made funnel cakes (sugar, strawberry topping, and soft-serve ice cream optional) as well as soft-serve ice cream in a waffle cone, and coke or root beer floats.

Oasis Canteen Menu

When I last visited, I went for the chocolate and vanilla soft serve twist in a waffle cone! Sometimes you just have to go with a classic! :-)

Ice Cream Cone

This spot is always a fun stop-off for a treat as you’re waiting in line to see Indy, or even if you’re just wandering over to Star Tours!

What’s your pick from the Oasis Canteen menu? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    This place looks wonderful. Didn’t see it on my last visit many years ago, but funnel cake makes it an instant pit stop for my next trip!

  2. Wendy Snelgrove says

    I had a funnel cake here once. I have to say that I very much prefer the whipped cream and strawberries at Sleepy Hollow in MK to the ice cream and strawberries here.

  3. Amy says

    I have a hard time resisting a funnel cake, especially if you can use a snack credit. Throw in a cold beer for my husband, and it looks like they have something for everyone. :)

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