Two NEW Ice Cream Bars in Disney World!

So, get this! There are two new additions to the ice cream novelty lineup in Disney World!

Either one or both of these can be found in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Magic Kingdom, and Epcot. So far, I haven’t seen them at Animal Kingdom…but I’ll keep looking!

Disney World Frozen Treats

You never know when the chilly treats of the World will change up on ya! I was wandering through Hollywood Studios last week when I stopped short at the new menu display!

Just last year the Nestle Triple Blast replaced the original twisty, turny Itzakadoozie bar.

Now, behold: old things are new again! Kinda.

New Ice Cream Bar Menu Options -- Click to Enlarge

The Itzakadoozie is back…except it’s completely different.

NEW Itzakadoozie Bar

The fun, twisty shape of what used to be called a “Tropifruit” ice pop is no more. That version actually contained passion fruit, mango, peach, and pineapple juice.

Itzakadoozie in the Wrapper

Now, it’s a Wild Berry and Zesty Lemon Ice Pop (not that Disney is going wild berry and lemon crazy or anything…). Gone are the twists in favor of a more traditional popsicle shape in eye-catching colors.

Itzakadoozie Out of the Package

And while the old pop was called “giant,” this one is actually slightly larger in volume. It’s just not as spiral-y tall.

Itzakadoozie Nutritional Info

Another big distinction here, though, is the ingredient list. Like I mentioned above, the previous Itzakadoozie did actually have fruit juice in it. This one — notsomuch. However…beet juice concentrate and tumeric extract are indeed included.

Itzakadoozie Ingredients

Still, it’s a great combination of sweet and tart flavors. And if you like pretty food, you’re gonna love the purple and yellow combo — especially when you bite into it and get both flavors and colors at once.

Itzakadoozie -- Up Close

It’s a perfect cool treat on a hot hot day — and it’s great if you’re looking for an alternative to dairy.

Orange & Cream Bar

On the other hand, if you like a little cream with your fruit flavor, you’re gonna love the Orange and Cream Bar I spied the other day.

And wait! According to the packaging, it’s also an excellent source of vitamin C, making it practically health food! ;-)

Orange and Cream Bar in the Wrapper

If you like the classic creamsicle combo of ice cream and orange juice (or the beloved Citrus Swirl…to which this popsicle does not hold a candle), then this¬† might be the right choice for you.

Orange and Cream Bar Unwrapped

A quick look at the ingredients does confirm that the bar contains dairy, so take note of this if you try to avoid milk products. And the fruit flavor is real here, owing to the orange juice concentrate.

Ingredients for the Orange Cream Bar -- Click to Enlarge

Bite into the bar, and you get a combination of that sweet-tart orange juice flavor, mellowed out by the ice cream inside. I’ve seen TONS of people noshing on these during this WDW trip, and I know it’ll be a popular addition.

Orange and Cream Bar -- Up Close

Ah, so many cool temptations — perfect for a steamy Florida day!

Will you be trying the NEW Itzakadoozie and the Orange and Cream Bars at Disney World? Leave us a note below and let us know!


  1. Greg says

    Did they get rid of the Triple Blast that replaced the original Itzakadoozie? I thought that was a decent enough alternative to by beloved Itz.

  2. Rune says

    I’m intrigued by of these as I can imagine both would be refreshing on a hot day in the parks, yet I find it kind of odd that there’s now no obvious ‘kiddie styled treat’ like the twisty Itzakadoozie / triple blast (c’mon we all know Mickey Bars transcend age groups so they don’t fall into the kiddie category.) Ah well… it would be kind of neat if they had mini sized iced treats for little ones (we have ones in the UK called mini milk, mini twister etc which are child-sized) it would at least mean they had a chance of finishing before it melted everywhere.

    Going back to these two new ones, I will probably go to the park intending to try them and then be distracted by Edy’s fruit pops or the Mickey Bars or a citrus swirl.

    Ohhh and in a similar vein to your mention of the new orange & Cream not holding a candle to the citrus swirl, I can’t help but miss the old Toll House Cookie ice cream sammies they used to have in the parks, nothing like a freshly made ice cream sandwich a la Sleepy Hollow, but still very good. Ah nostalgia…

  3. Deana says

    Hi DFB!

    Long time reader, first time poster :) Kind of an unrelated, yet sorta related question.

    I know you do extensive coverage on the dessert aspect of Disney. If you had to pick just one dessert, and just one cupcake to represent WDW, what would you pick?

    I ask because, in three weeks from today, my Mom and I are going to WDW. It’s our first time there- and it’s even more special because it’s just us. Mom always promised me that before I turn 30, we’ll go to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. When I was 14, we were at Disneyland- and LOVED IT. I’ll be 29 next February, and sure to her word- we’re going to Disneyworld! :)

    We’re both dessert junkies- and I especially love cupcakes. So if you could pick… which cupcake is world class? What dessert deserves a standing ovation?

    We will be staying at the Polynesian and already have reservations for Ohana and Kona Cafe :)

    Thanks for your input! <3

  4. Kristina says

    WAIT! What happened to the Dole Pineapple bar??? That was so tasty and my moms FAVORITE treat at WDW!!!

  5. Jennifer says

    I’m looking forward to trying out the Orange & Cream in 2.5 weeks! It looks delicious and I love Creamsicles.

  6. says

    I love that the Itzakadoozie has no fat. It is hard to be good and avoid the indulgent treats of Walt Disney World, so having fun lower fat or non fat bars really helps.

    Each ice cream novelty cart does carry their own inventory, some the same and others different. So the Dole Pineapple bar mentioned above, or in my case the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich may be offered at other carts.

  7. Matt says

    Both look good.
    but just not good enough to change my order from my Mickey ice cream sandwich.

  8. Essie says

    Is it my imagination or are the ‘ears’ on the Mickey’s Premium ice cream bar getting smaller over the years? Poor Mickey……

  9. Cheri says

    The Itzakadoozie has 22g of sugar which means you might as well opt for something with fat if you’re trying to eat healthy. Personally, I’d steer clear of something that is pretty much just frozen sugar water and opt for something like the cheesecake and berries at Sunshine Seasons instead. The frozen fruit bars or the frozen bananas are probably the healthiest things on most of the ice cream carts.

  10. Alivia says

    I would definitely have the Dreamsicle! But not until after I had a premium Mickey. But in a 10 day vaca, I think I’ll be able to try those and lots more! :-)

  11. Stacy says

    Am I the only one who remembers the strawberry bars with a coating on it? I think we found them only in (back then) MGM Studios – all of the other parks had the regular strawberry bars.

  12. says

    Greg — The triple blast can still be found in a couple of spots, but it’s pretty well been replaced now by the new Itzakadoozie.

    Rune — The kids really seem to be going for the brightly colored “new” Itzakadoozie, but I agree that there is currently no “fun shaped” item other than the mickey bar. Love the idea of kid-sized treats!

    I loved those Toll House ice cream sandwiches that came pre-wrapped! They used to have them in some of the grab and go locations in the resorts, and they may still offer that. But they haven’t been in the parks in WDW for a while now, eh?

    Deana — You’ll love the Bread Pudding at ‘Ohana; it’s definitely one of my favorites! And for an outstanding cupcake, I do love the red velvet and butterfinger cupcakes at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios. :-) Enjoy and have fun!

    Kristina — The Dole Pineapple Bar can be found in a few locations, still, and you can get it at the grab and go freezer sections at the resorts. But it’s newly off of many of the ice cream cart menus in the parks!

    Jennifer — Awesome!! Let us know what you think!

    Dani — Yep; they do change up the carts in each park, and some parks offer temporary carts that have a different menu from the permanent carts in the same park. The skinny cow ice cream sandwich I’ve only seen at the grab and go sections of the resorts.

    Matt — Ha ha! Totally understood!

    Essie — Wow; I haven’t noticed! Will have to take a closer look!

    Cheri — Thanks for your feedback! :-)

    Alivia — Yes, definitely! Let us know what you think!

    Stacy — I remember them fondly! :-) I even make mention of them in our DFB Guide to Magic Kingdom Snacks!

  13. Carolyn says

    THANK YOU for posting the ingredients lists. Nice to know there’s a new option for my dairy-allergic son! :) You, as always, rock!

  14. says

    I am so glad to see your post. Thank you so much for getting a pic of the ingredients. We are a family who avoids artificial colors like red 40, blue 1, yellow, 5 and 6 and those additives are in so many snacks and desserts. We are heading to Disney in Sept. and I’ve started researching menus, snacks, and desserts for their ingredients so I have a good knowledge of what my kids can order. Disney food is a big part of our vacation so seeing the ingredient list ahead of time on these kinds of snack/dessert items is so helpful! Would love to see more!

  15. Kerry says

    Thank you for posting the ingredients in the ice pops. We are traveling to Disney in 10 days and my son now has a food dye allergy (he didn’t have it on our last trip there 2 years ago). I am searching for stuff he can have and he can have these items.. Makes getting treats for him easier!!!

  16. Jan says

    So does that mean that the Mickey ice cream bars that had Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream and Dove dark chocolate are no longer available??

  17. says

    I’ll probably try some, if not all, of the Disney ice treats. But how can you call the Itzakadoozie bar by that name when it doesn’t have the same ingredients and flavors of the original treat? It’s a bit misleading and, for those who really like the original treat, a bit of a con. I for one really liked the original long twisty treat, and purchased many over the years. I would, also, like it back!!! It’s disappointing…

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