Snack Series: Cream Cheese Pretzel at Disneyland’s Refreshment Corner

Today we’re back in Disneyland visiting a classic Main Street location — Coca Cola Refreshment Corner!

Outside View

Right next to new fan favorite, Jolly Holiday Bakery and Cafe, this is the place to take care of any hot dog craving you may be having.

But it’s another iconic snack that we are after today! One you can enjoy in both Disneyland and Disney World! Read on…


This spot may look familiar to Disney World fans. It’s in the same location as — and looks very similar to — Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom!

Everything about Refreshment Corner points to the theme of turn of the century Small Town America. And since Coca Cola is the corporate sponsor for the counter service spot, you’ll also see that famous logo throughout the space.

Ordering Area

Tiffany-style lamps with the logo lend a vintage vibe to lighting fixtures.

Vintage Coca Cola Tiffany-Style Light Covers

The small amount of space inside Refreshment Corner is taken up by the ordering counter. Consequently, seating is all located outside. Time your noshing with a performance on the Ragtime Piano for an extra dose of nostalgia!


While we’ve previously told you about a couple of the hot dogs here (the Mac & Cheese Hot Dog and the Chicago Style Hot Dog), today we’re only stopping in for a snack.

The Cream Cheese Pretzel

Whether you need a stop to refuel between meals, or you’re looking for lunch or dinner, Refreshment Corner’s small menu offers something for you. The menu is similar to Casey’s Corner in Disney World, with a few noticeable differences.

Here you’ll find that chili served in a bread bowl — yum! And, sadly, no corn dog nuggets to be found on this menu. (But you can just head across the street to the Little Red Wagon and get one of the better-than-any-other-corn-dog-you’ve-ever-had hand dipped Disneyland corn dog.)

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Another difference? They offer the almost famous Disney soft pretzels here. And we aren’t talking just one variety, or even two. They have all three different soft pretzels.

It had been a while since I’d had the Cream Cheese Pretzel, so that’s the one I wanted to check out again.

Cream Cheese Pretzel

The puffy pretzel is dusted with a slightly sweet bread crumb. I’m assuming this is just to give it a little texture or for aesthetics, since the finish doesn’t bring a lot of flavor with it. But since there’s no salt, I guess they had to spruce it up with something. (I’d like to register a vote for chocolate sprinkles.)

Cream Cheese Pretzel -- Up Close

But the real flavor is inside. Break open this beauty and you’ll find a generous filling of cream cheese!

Now, you know how much I adore a good cream cheese frosting. This isn’t so much the same thing. Rather, it reminds me of the slightly sweetened cream cheese spread that you might get with your bagel.

And that is precisely why this works so well — and why I could totally see a cream cheese pretzel as a stand-in for breakfast.

Cream Cheese Pretzel -- Cross Section

Because more than anything, that’s what it reminds me of. That soft, slightly chewy dough, surrounding a filling of cream cheese — built right in! A perfect portable snack.

Cream Cheese Pretzel -- Up Close Cross Section

The tang of the cream cheese — just slightly sweet — and the warm pretzel have been satisfying Disney guests on both coasts for years.


The first time I had a cream cheese pretzel, it took me a few bites to warm to it. But then I was hooked! You may fear that this is another vehicle to induce sugar shock, but it really isn’t. In fact, it could be sweeter. (But I’m not claiming that it’s not complete carb overload…no sir.)

But even so, it’s delicious just the way it is. And it’s a nice departure from hard core savory treats like smoked turkey legs, or over-the-top sweets like cupcakes (not that there’s anything wrong with over-the-top sweets). :-) It fits handily into the category of just right.

Are cream cheese pretzels one of your favorites? Leave a comment below and tell us about it!


  1. Riniel says

    I tried one a few visits ago and did find it not sweet enough compared to what I expected. Yummy, but since I thought the crumbs on top would be cinnamon or cinnamon sugar I was unpleasantly surprised! I would probably like it more the second time now that I know what it is, but I formally submit my request for a cinnamon sugar version! :D

  2. heidi says

    I love the cream cheese pretzels and MUST get a few EVERY time I go to WDW. I got my niece hooked on them when we went in January. She ended up getting several!

  3. Essie says

    I’ve yet to try one of these either at home or in WDW. I’m just so smitten with the salty pretzel that I can dip in plastic cheese (when I’m in a gourmet mood). I like the salty ones so much that I never put mustard on them; I just eat them plain or with the cheese. Yum.

  4. Mary says

    Instead of sweeter, I actually wish this was a salted pretzel with a cream cheese filling. I sometimes make salted pretzels at home and we love dipping it in cream cheese…so I would definitely want that combo.

  5. Jen says

    Oh, Mary, what a great idea! One of my favorite breakfasts is a salt bagel with EXTRA cream cheese! How this would make a great breakfast!

  6. Angelina Pasley says

    I’m sure that they are delicious…but do they don’t come in the shape of Mickey’s face and we all know that is what makes Disneyland pretzels…well that and plastic cheese. lol :)

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