Spotted: Disney World “Wish I Was There” Mug

On a recent trip to the River Roost to catch a Yeeha Bob show, I couldn’t resist stopping in Fulton’s General Store (the merchandise shop in Port Orleans – Riverside Resort). For better or for worse, the past year brought on a resurgence of an old mug habit for me, due in no small part to the Resort-specific mugs that popped up around Disney World (like the one for the Contemporary Resort).

Alas, they were all out of the Port Orleans — Riverside mug that I had hoped to pick up, but I did spot this new-to-me mug while I was there.

Mug handle

Mug handle

Rather than being Resort or park-specific, this one does a nice job of showing various aspects of experiences all over the Disney World parks, featuring scrapbook-like images of favorite attractions mixed with beloved characters. For instance, here’s a little something for all you fans of Figment out there.

Attractions and Characters on Mug

Attractions and Characters on Mug

Continuing our Grand Circle Tour ‘round the mug, I love the incorporation of the Partners Statue from the Magic Kingdom hub, and Monorail Blue winding its way through Epcot.

Attractions and Characters on Mug

Attractions and Characters on Mug

Pluto looks a little nervous around the Haunted Mansion, which is, of course, extra-foreboding at night.

Attractions and Characters on Mug

Attractions and Characters on Mug

So, yeah, it’s pretty cute, and I like all the aspects of the parks represented on the outside.

Still, call me sentimental… but it’s what appears inside the mug that is totally the clincher.

"Wish I was there..."

“Wish I was there…”

It’s $14.95, and as I mentioned, I spotted it at Fulton’s, so I would imagine it’s also at the major merch locations like Epcot’s Mouse Gears and Magic Kingdom’s Emporium. And thanks to DFB Reader Jen, we now know it’s on the Shop Disney Parks app (the app which allows you to purchase Disney Parks merchandise directly from the app). You can search for it using the name “Walt Disney World Postcard Mug.”

Of course, thanks to the app I also found several more I wanted to add to my collection. So, I gotta go. Time to try and make some more room in my kitchen cabinets…

Do you have a favorite kind of Disney souvenir you pick up when you’re in the parks? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Essie says

    I really like this mug and I would def. buy one if I could get one online. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Jen says

    The new mug is on the Disney Shop App – called “Walt Disney World Postcard Mug” for $14.95. I don’t see it yet on the DisneyStore web site.

  3. Wendy says

    Jen–thank you! I see it now (and I noticed they also added the Riverside mug again, so it must be back in stock — woo hoo!). I’ll update the post with the name of the mug you provided :). Thanks again!

  4. Kristan says

    Hey I was wondering if you could tell me if this is the larger mug? Do you know what the capacity is ? I like the larger mugs.

  5. D Aldridge says

    Is the shop Disney app available in the uk can’t seem to see it
    What do I need to type in?

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