News: Same-Day Dining Reservations for Skipper Canteen in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Ahoy, Jungle Cruise Passengers!

If you have a trip planned to the Magic Kingdom in February, you may want to know about a new limited-time option for booking a same-day dining reservation at the Jungle Navigation Co., Ltd. Skipper Canteen (the Jungle Cruise Restaurant)!

Since the Jungle Skipper Canteen first opened its doors in mid-December of 2015, it has broken typical Advance Dining Reservation protocol for Table Service restaurants by retaining its status as a walk-up only location.

Perhaps in anticipation of one of Disney World’s first peak weeks of 2016, however, a same-day reservation system will be in place that will be unique to the Jungle Skipper Canteen, available from February 12 – 27, 2016. [Editor’s Update: Same-day Reservations have been extended for Skipper Canteen beyond the original trial dates, and continue to be available on a day-of booking basis.]

Skipper Canteen Entrance

Skipper Canteen Entrance

The process will be much the same as making a standard Advance Dining Reservation; interested guests may visit the Jungle Skipper Canteen page on the Disney World website. Of course, being outside of those dates right now, it currently only lists the standard operating hours for lunch and dinner. Presumably, however, the standard booking engine should appear on February 12th with bookings for that day only, and so on through the 27th.

Likewise, on those same dates, interested guests may call (407) 993-1933. Please note that this is a different number from the standard WDW-DINE.

What do you think of this unique reservation system for the Jungle Skipper Canteen? Please let us know with a comment! 


  1. Sara says

    Is the ultimate plan for Jungle Canteen to move on to the ADR system? If so, how long does that normally take?

    If they leave it as walk-up only, that could be an interesting ploy to move those who planned on a QS to upgrade to a TS on the fly… and it definitely is probably a good way to work out the bugs over the first few months of operation.

  2. Sherry says

    Looking forward to regular ADR’s. I still believe that a regular ADR would be preferred by most guests since planning is key to a truly enjoyable Disney vacation.

  3. Sandy says

    ADR is the preferred way to go. I like planning everything ahead of time so vacation time is worry free. Deluxe dining plan is great. Have visited wdw 38 times.

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