New Video: Our Disney Dining Plan Recommendations for One-Credit Restaurants!

We’re back with the latest episode on the DFB YouTube Channel. And today, it’s all about our best recommendations for Disney Dining Plan Table Service One-Credit Restaurants!

Disney Dining Plan One Credit Recommendations

We get this question all the time: is the Disney Dining Plan a good deal? We think there’s only one way to answer that question — by doing the math! So we ran the numbers to see which tables service spots accepting one Disney Dining Plan credit had the most expensive average entrees.

But that’s not all there is to it. We also took into account atmosphere, service, and just plain fun and entertainment as we came up with our recommendations for where  you can spend your DDP credits most wisely.

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But now we want to hear from you guys! What’s you favorite one-credit stop on the DDP train? Leave a comment and share your wisdom!


  1. Lisa P says

    Thanks for the nice video. I would agree with all of your recommendations except for Be Our Guest restaurant. The decor is lovely, but it’s too crowded and loud. And the food is only so-so. If Trattoria al Forno is one credit that would be on my list.

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