New DFB Video: Tajin Dole Whip Hack in Disneyland

Today, we’re sharing with you one of our favorite Snack¬†Hacks Tajin Dole Whip – via our DFB YouTube Channel!


When we heard about this one through the Disney grapevine, we asked our Bestie and Dining in Disneyland expert Heather Sievers to investigate. She headed to Disneyland’s Tiki Juice Bar to check out just how this combo of two wonderful things came to be.

Here’s a hint about our position: the legwork involved here is 100% worth. it.

Wanna know more? Check out our video to learn all about it!

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But now — it’s your turn! Will you be trying the Disneyland Tajin Dole Whip in the near future? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


  1. Lisa C. says

    This is AMAZING!!! On my first trip to Disneyland in May, I got a handful of these packets and now I use them on all of my Dole Whips at WDW!

  2. Madoka says

    I can also attest to how much more amazing the Dole Whip tastes with the Tajin seasoning! However, we have had trouble picking up the packets from the Adventureland fruit stand. We had to ask for them from the CM who reluctantly got them from under the counter. He said people have been grabbing them by the handful so they don’t always keep them out anymore.

  3. Bobbie says

    Its just as good on the frozen cherry lemonade back by Mickeys Magic Map show. I always carry a small bottle of Tajin in my bag!

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