Spotted: Holiday Turkey Poutine at Disney Springs’ The Daily Poutine

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Are you already stuffed with turkey, or are you looking for a way to get your traditional fix?

Our Dining in Disneyland expert Heather Sievers swapped coasts for a visit East — yep, she’s makin’ the rounds in Walt Disney World this week! And she couldn’t resist the opportunity to stop by Disney Springs and check out all that’s new in that neck of the woods. And of course, that meant checking out a few of the new stops, like The Daily Poutine.

The Daily Poutine

The Daily Poutine

While she was there, Heather found THIS awesomeness:

Special Menu -- Holiday Turkey Poutine

Special Menu — Holiday Turkey Poutine

Yep! The kiosk featuring that beloved Canadian pub grub is offering a Thanksgiving-inspired Holiday Turkey Poutine, just for the holiday!

Of course, there was no resisting the chance to try it.

The cup came filled to the brim with The Daily Poutine’s Thick-Cut Fries, which were topped with the traditional Cheddar Cheese Curds. In addition, we also found Shredded Turkey, Gravy, and Cranberry Relish!

Holiday Turkey Poutine

Holiday Turkey Poutine

We love how the Cranberries lend some color and sweet/tart flavor.

The verdict from Heather? And I quote, “This is no joke the best thing I’ve had to eat on this entire trip. Life changing.” That’s a pretty big endorsement from the person who’s been eating at the likes of Le Cellier Steakhouse and California Grill this week!!

Holiday Turkey Poutine -- Up Close

Holiday Turkey Poutine — Up Close

And remember, for scale, these bowls are ENORMOUS. They’re easily enough for one person to enjoy as a meal, or for two — or even four — to share.

No telling how long the Holiday Turkey Poutine will stick around, although we’re betting that you’ll be able to grab it into the Christmas Holidays, since the word “Thanksgiving” doesn’t figure into the title.

Now, we wanna hear from you! Will you be hightailing it to Disney Springs today for a chance to enjoy the Holiday Turkey Poutine? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!


  1. elizabeth says

    Happy Thanksgiving AJ to you and all your Staff ! I am very thankful for all that you do to keep the magic in Disney ! Thanks to all !!!

  2. nursejackie says

    I am sure there are things us Brits eat that seem weird to people but Poutine really does turn my stomach. Sorry to all you Canadians for the criticism. Feel free to critique some hideous British food we love in return :-)

  3. Jenn Shaw says

    ^How about mushy peas on top of my curry and chips at the pub? lol

    There’s not enough gravy on that poutine!

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