Epcot Club 33 Location

There have been some changes in Epcot’s American Adventure Pavilion as of late. Just recently, the Pavilion’s attraction, The American Adventure, debuted an updated film finale and anthem.

America Pavilion in Epcot

America Pavilion in Epcot

But there’s been a less noticeable change in the Pavilion, too — however small doesn’t mean insignificant. To the right facing the Pavilion’s theater entrance is a new addition.

Door allowing access to stairwells for Upstairs Lounge

Door allowing access to stairwells for Upstairs Lounge

Previous attendees of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival may recognize this door which opens to the staircase that bring guests to the upstairs lounge, as the space used to serve as the Chase Visa lounge for the Festival. However, it appears the spot may serve a different purpose soon, as it is rumored that the upstairs lounge is being transformed into the new Club 33 Lounge in Epcot. And this new doorbell and magic band reader is in place, just waiting to be put into use by future Club 33 Members.

Doorbell next to door

Doorbell next to door

Club 33 is legendary for its original location in Disneyland. Accessible by members only, the space was originally designed by Walt Disney and used to entertain friends and VIPs. These days, access is gained via a hefty initial membership fee in addition to annual dues.

It was confirmed last year that Club 33 locations would be coming to Walt Disney World for the first time, with one location coming to each park. The American Adventure upstairs location has long been rumored as the designated space for Epcot. And the arrival of this doorbell echoes the iconic doorbell in Disneyland. Though there is a difference: as you can see in the photo, a reader is located below the doorbell, presumably to utilize RFID technology for granting access.

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We can’t wait to bring you more news on this developing story as the Club 33 locations in Walt Disney World get closer to opening!

What are your thoughts on the Club 33 locations coming to Disney World? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Toni Nolan says

    So that means no more Chase Visa lounge? I guess Disney really is catering more to the rich lately. (As a look at the membership dues of Club 33 will show.) Too bad.

  2. Linda C says

    This is the latest in the trend to cater to the ultra rich. Pricing for hotels and dining has skyrocketed, there are few if any perks left for passholders, and now the Chase lounge at Epcot that had been for passholders is being repurposed for those with thousands to spend on this club membership. It is too bad that those of us with moderate incomes are being left out of more and more of the planning while Disney is concerned only with how much extra money they can earn from VIP services.

  3. Gary says

    Is it really a surprise that yet again Disney is creating more catering to the rich and rubbing it in our faces? Even the parks are becoming too expensive for working class people.

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