Video Tour and Photos: Be Our Guest Restaurant West Wing, Rose Gallery, and Ballroom

On Sunday, we took you on an EPIC adventure into Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

Be Our Guest Lobby

Today, we’re stepping into the Be Our Guest Restaurant again. But this time, we get to finally check out the dark and foreboding Be Our Guest Restaurant West Wing and the bright and enchanting Rose Gallery!

In the video below, Walt Disney Imagineers Chris Kelly, Ted Robledo, and Tim Warzecha walk us through the three dining rooms in the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Let’s follow them through the royal entrance and into the elegant Ballroom, lovely Rose Gallery, and the darker West Wing where the Enchanted Rose awaits.

Don’t care to watch the video? No problem — we’ve got some incredible photos below that showcase even more of Beast’s Castle and Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Be Our Guest Restaurant West Wing

Here, the Enchanted Rose lies in the West Wing. Watch closely as the petals begin to fall just like they do in the film!

Enchanted Rose in West Wing of Be Our Guest Restaurant

Enchanted Rose in the West Wing

Check out the claw marks on the portrait above the fireplace. The imagineers didn’t stop there. Watch for the portrait to change between the Beast and the Prince each time a rose petal falls from the enchanted rose… .

The portrait begins as a painting of the Prince.

Prince Portrait in the West Wing

Once a petal falls, guests will see a flash of lightning as the portrait starts to transform into a painting of [Read more…]

The Epic Mega Post of Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern Pictures! (Now With Pork Shank!)

Celebrating one of the most beloved animated films by Disney, Belle’s Village in the New Fantasyland area of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom transports guests to scenes from “Beauty and the Beast”. Of course, we are especially fond of the dancing flatware*!

But NOW, we have even more pictures from the two venues that we are most excited about — Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern (we even have pics of the FOOD TODAY!).

During a New Fantasyland “Dress Rehearsal,” some incredible Disney Food Blog readers and a few of our favorite colleagues captured the photos in the dazzling display below. A huge thanks goes out to Alison Durkee (who also writes over on, Matt Hoskins, Suzannah DiMarzio at Zannaland, Missy Rosenberg and Franklin Khamvongsa, Kelly Tressler, @CoreyPatterson, @Leah679, and @CookingGuys for these incredible photos! Let’s take a peek…

Here we gooo!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Pictures

Guests have been able to enter Be Our Guest Restaurant for the first time over the past couple of days! Even though they’re not yet serving food at Be Our Guest, there is still a LOT to take in… . You can see the Beast’s Castle from anywhere in Belle’s Village, and it looks particularly ominous from Maurice’s Cottage!

View of a Distant Beast's Castle from Maurice's Cottage

Once you make the trek to the castle, you’ll have to cross the bridge! This makes the anticipation even stronger…

Entrance Bridge to Beast's Castle!

Sad Gargoyles line the bridge to the Castle, guarding this incredible vista of rocky waterfalls!

Sad Gargoyles and Waterfalls guard Beast's Castle

Sad Gargoyle is Sad says Matt Hoskins' son, Alexander

Don’t forget that you can purchase goblets with this Sad Gargoyle on them at Bonjour! Village Gifts!

As we approach the Beast’s Castle, Disney Imagineers have placed lots of enticing detail to tell the story! The Beast’s Coat of Arms adorns this castle gate…

The Beast's Shield Adorns a Castle Gate

And other gates stand ready to repel intruders! [Read more…]

New! Be Our Guest Restaurant Ballroom and Rose Gallery Pictures

Good news!! We now have a more complete look of the gorgeous Rose Gallery inside the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

This highly-anticipated new restaurant will (soft) open on November 19th with an official opening date of December 6th. See more photos and full menus from Be Our Guest Restaurant here!

The Rose Gallery is one of three dining rooms themed to the popular “Beauty and the Beast” film. The centerpiece of the room will be a large music box nearly 7 feet tall with Belle and the Beast slowly twirling atop.

Be Our Guest Restaurant's Rose Gallery

Adorned with rose accents, paintings and tapestries, the Rose Gallery will serve quick-service lunch featuring French-inspired cuisine. See the full Be Our Guest lunch menu here.

And take a look below at the awe-inspiring ceiling inside the Ballroom! The ballroom features [Read more…]

New Be Our Guest Restaurant Pictures from Disney World

UPDATE: Read about the Opening Date for Be Our Guest Restaurant and Reservations Info!

Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog, we have a few new images of the gorgeous Be Our Guest Restaurant in Walt Disney World.

From the mysterious cracked door arch into the Beast’s Ballroom…

A Doorway into the Beast's Ballroom

…to these gorgeous entryway mosaics, we know the restaurant will hold many more incredible decor elements for guests to enjoy as soon as it opens!

Beauty and the "Beast" Mosaic

Slated to open in time for the 2012 Holiday Season, the Be Our Guest Restaurant menu will offer french-inspired eats at a [Read more…]