Caution: Hot Cheese!

UPDATE: Sadly, Disney has removed its hot cheese dispensers from its counter-service locations as of June 2015. You may still be able to order plastic cheese as a topping for your snacks from cast members directly.

Hot Cheese Dispenser at Casey's Corner

Hot Cheese Dispenser at Casey’s Corner

Since spending a year in Switzerland, my family’s traditional Christmas Eve dinner has been fondue. There’s just nothing better, in my opinion, than an entire meal centered on hot cheese and an accompanying carb.

So, while I’m at the in-law’s this year for Christmas Eve and therefore don’t get to partake in the fondue with Mom and Dad, I’ll post a food blog about another version of hot, melty cheese in honor of my family’s traditional meal.

Cheese Fries at All Star Movies

Cheese Fries at All Star Movies

What’s The Cheese?
If you’ve been following the Disney Food Blog, you know that one of my favorite Disney treats is a big plate of cheese fries; but you can’t find the gorgeous, bright yellow cheese just anywhere. This exalted condiment is the consistency of melted plastic, and the number of places to find it on property is shrinking.

Where’s The Cheese?
I used to find the hot cheese dispensers at every counter service spot — Casey’s, Electric Umbrella, Cosmic Ray’s, Pecos Bill’s, etc. Lately, I’ve only found the cheese at Casey’s and Pecos Bill’s in the park, but I have found it over at the All Stars and Pop Century food courts!

Spot Awaiting Hot Cheese at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Spot Awaiting Hot Cheese at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Here’s a quick primer:
Casey’s and Pecos Bill’s in the Magic Kingdom: Unlimited hot cheese can be self-served from dispensers in the fixin’s bars.
All Stars and Pop Century Food Courts: Get cheese fries. Ask for an extra cup of cheese if the amount of cheese on your fries is stingy (and…how could it not be?)

Extra Cheese for Dipping at All Star Movies

Extra Cheese for Dipping at All Star Movies

Why Do You Like The Cheese?
I have no idea. It’s not as good as the queso I’ve been sampling since moving to the southwest, and I truly have no idea what this stuff can possibly be made from. It doesn’t look like there are any natural products in there! But, for some strange reason, I’m addicted to that bright yellow delicousness.

If you agree, let me know. I’d love to hear from others who love this strange add-on.

If you’re against me, let me know that, too! How can you avoid the siren call of the hot cheese calling out for a dip from your fries?


  1. says

    Last week I found myself hungry and in the mood for something incredibly unhealthy when I was waiting for the parade to start in Frontierland, so I headed over to Pecos Bills and ordered chili cheese fries. You have no idea how excited I was when I was served fries with only chili on them…meaning I could walk over to the fixins bar and load those puppies up with as much cheese sauce as I wanted. Seriously. I was beaming.

  2. says

    Hooray! Another plastic-cheese-lover! Very good to hear from you. And now I’m wishing cheese fries were a Christmas Eve staple…

  3. says

    Cheese, glorious cheese!!!

    I, too, love the yellow/orange, liquid then plasticized version. The only place in the World I’ve actually had cheese fries is at Pinnochio’s Village Hause, and, unfortunately, it was after they had removed the tomato, lettuce, and sour cream from the menu!

    I love cheese… :0)

  4. Sarah says

    Merry Christmas, AJ!

    I love that faux cheese. Had some yesterday on nachos at Cantina de San Angel! As far as I know, you cand still get it over at Cosmic Ray’s. They had it the last time I was there during MNSSHP in mid October. I get to spend Christmas at Epcot tomorrow, and we will be having ‘Christmas lunch’ at Chefs de France. Hmmm… Doubt they will have cheese sauce there!

    Have a great Christmas with your family!

  5. says

    Hooray, huzzah! I love that the cheese-devotees are coming out of the woodwork! Thanks Sarah, Amanda, and Janna for your comments!

    Amanda — I agree…shh…

    Sarah — Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful lunch tomorrow!

    Janna — Thanks for the heads up on Pinocchio’s! I’ll have to check it out.

  6. Ann says

    I am a bonafide foodie, but I love fake cheese (not just the nostalgia that goes along with it), and I will gladly defend the honor of others who love it too. I call it “roller rink cheese”.

  7. Nicola says

    was just talking about hot cheese with the hubby, couldn’t remember where you could get it so the lightbulb pinged and I remembered this post. Amazing!

  8. Bradly and Carrie says

    Funny story about the cheese….we were eating at Pecos Bill late one night (p.m. extra magic hours) and we both ordered burgers and fries, knowing that the bright yellow deliciousness was awaiting. We both pumped out a more than healthy helping on our fries (and burgers) and sat down to enjoy. A family of husband, wife, and two kids were sitting near us, and the kids noticed us eating the cheese fries. One kid asked his mom if they could get cheese for their fries as well, to which the mom replied, “They don’t have cheese fries here.” Upon hearing that, we started eating more animatedly, smacking our lips and swirling the cheese, commenting on how delicious it was, to which the kids responded – “but THOSE PEOPLE have cheese fries!” The parents then continued to insist that cheese fries just didn’t exist at Pecos Bill, which gave way for us to secretly become even more obnoxious with our cheese eating, while the kids traded scowls between us, and their parents. It was a magical Disney memory.

  9. Debra says

    I absolutely love the cheese sauce, I wish I could make it at home because I crave it all the time. :)
    I have also found it at DisneyQuest. You have to order extra because they don’t have a dispenser like Casey’s and Pecos Bill’s but it is oh so good!!!
    I want some now.

  10. Jeff Williams says

    If anyone lives near a Fudrucker’s restaurant, they have it there too. Along with a Jalepeno version!

  11. Renae says

    MMMM….PLASTIC CHEESE!!! I enjoyed its deliciousness just a week ago during our trip to WDW. I had it both at Cosmic Ray’s & twice on nachos(mmm….nachos) at the new Cantina De San Angel. My kids even started calling it plastic cheese while we were there, making sure to scout out its presence for me. Plastic cheese lovers unite!! How long till our next trip?

  12. says

    Renae — I hear you loud and clear!! Glad to hear it’s at Cantina; I’ll have to get over there on my next trip!

  13. Hollyhav says

    I did my College Program (and am now Seasonal! Hurray!) at one of the All Stars, and I think I might have an answer to what kind of cheese it is: Cheddar. Well, at least that’s what the Latin Americans called it, so I just went along with it. :) Guests love it, and I must say that, when I had short breaks, few things filled me up better than cheese fries. I love this special ode to a simple Disney food item that gets overlooked so much!

  14. Elena says

    We’re going to Disneyland in May and I wanted to check in and see if anyone knew if there is plastic cheese available there. I’m definitely going to need a “fix” while I’m there!

  15. says

    Ohhhhh cheese. My friend and I have an overrun joke about me and my love of cheese sauce at WDW. Now that I live in Canada and not Milwaukee it’s even more intense. We are going in August for 16 days and we keep saying I am going to attempt to get my refillable mug filled with cheese.

  16. charlotte says

    We just got back from Magic Kingdom, we ate at Cosmic Rays and had the plastic cheese!!!! I need to know were to get this?? Do they sell it at the store is there anything comparable??? I love it, my son was dipping the pickles in it and that was also incredible!!

  17. Amy says

    I guess I am the lone disliker of the plastic cheese. My Mom really likes it but it tastes off to me ~ it looks like it would be good, it has that beautiful, bright color, but it just tastes bad to me. Good thing as I eat enough regular cheese that I don’t need to add this to my menu while I am at Disney!

  18. Andrea says

    I have to admit I am ADDICTED to this plastic cheese as well! My vacation is not complete until I have had at least one order of cheese with fries and cheese with a hot dog (there is always more cheese than the actual item i’m eating)!! My family gets tired of all the stops where we have to check for plastic cheese first before we commit to our order! :)

  19. OldGoat says

    In a perfect world, I’ve have two IV’s running all day; left arm would be plastic cheese, right arm would be Mickey’s “Really Swell” Holiday Cheer coffee.

  20. Charlotte says

    Omg all these comments are hilarious!! We love the plastic cheese, I still wish I knew where to get this magical cheese!!

  21. Mary says

    I too love the “plastic cheese”! They have it
    at Golden Corral, also. So good with fries and
    pretzels, and nachos, and popcorn!!

  22. Michele says

    I have to say, I just recently found your blog and I am loving it! It is just as good if not better than the plastic cheese at Casey’s!

  23. Lesley says

    I’m late to the party on this one but I LOVE PLASTIC CHEESE! its funny I never thought of calling it that! We were in Disney in Jan and I was so bummed before we got there because Casey’s would be closed for refurb! I didn’t want to miss out on my cheese! My husband always laughs at me because of my love for this cheese! Reading this post and all the comments warms my heart knowing there are so many cheese lovers like myself out there! The refillable mug with cheese was great! I can’t get enough and always find my way back multiple times just for the cheese!! Great post :) Made my day!! Oh we are going back in May and I can’t wait to get my fill!!!

  24. says

    any chance they have this cheese anywhere available at hollywood studios that you are aware of? i too love me some cheese fries :)

  25. Nicole says

    Go to a grocery food store and just buy the canned nacho cheese for a fix between visits!

  26. Disney-goer says

    My family and I are going on a vacation to Disneyland in just a few short weeks. We always go to Disney World, but wanted to change it up a bit. Is there any quick service place that has the highly acclaimed “Plastic Cheese”?

  27. Katie says

    It seems like this “plastic cheese” is simply what we in PA call Cheese Whiz. My kids love it with soft pretzels as well as with french fries and on a Philly Cheese Steak. I will look for said “plastic cheese” when we go in August and compare it with Cheese Whiz :)

  28. OldGoat says

    Katie – Cheese Whiz is made from artificial ingredients; plastic cheese is made from 100% plastic. BIG difference. As a former resident of PA (originally and currently in WI), let me just say that soft pretzels should only be served with beer (not sure how old your kids are); and Philly Cheese Steaks should only be topped with melted provolone. You get a “free pass” on French Fries.

  29. Katie says

    Yay former PA resident :) My good friend from PA currently lives in WI as well :) My kids at 7 & 4 so they like all sorts of gross things. I prefer beer with anything. Gotta say I prefer my cheese steaks wit whiz ;)

  30. Charlotte says

    I have yet to try cheese whiz but if its comparable to the liquid heaven at cosmic rays i will have to try some!!

  31. Becky says

    Dangit peeps. Now I want some plastic cheese. But I’m in cold, crappy Illinois. Fridge is bare. I need to hit the store, but wasn’t planning on going today…may need to anyway. GAH! Loves me some CHEESE!!!!!

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