Popcorn Personalities

Popcorn is a staple in Disney parks, and while the buttery, salty treat is always a pleasure, Disneyland has a few personalities who make it especially so.

Tour through the Disneyland popcorn carts to see a few hardworking Cast Members churning the popcorn and making sure it’s extra special. Of course, they’re all dressed appropriately based on the “land” where they’re working — Walt wouldn’t have it any other way.

Main Street USA

Main Street USA

Main Street Popcorn Man


Tomorrowland Popcorn Kiosk

The Rocketeer Popcorn Man

There are more…

Matterhorn Area

Matterhorn Popcorn Kiosk

The Matterhorn Popcorn Yeti


Fantasyland Popcorn Kiosk

Fantasyland Popcorn Clown

Toon Town

Toon Town Popcorn Kiosk

Toon Town Popcorn Engineer

Toon Town Gauge


Frontierland Popcorn Kiosk

Frontierland Popcorn...Saloon Pianist...

New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square Popcorn Kiosk

Haunted Mansion Popcorn Ghost



  1. says

    Is this the same case in WDW? I’d love to go on a photo hunt of them when I’m down there in a few weeks! What an interesting little tidbit on all the carts!

  2. says

    I wish they had these little men in WDW… that’d be so cool… (at least i dont think, never seen, them in WDW)

  3. Chris says

    Aw, I love these guys! When we were last in Disneyland, the Haunted Mansion was set up for the holidays with all the Nightmare Before Christmas characters, so the Haunted Mansion popcorn cart had Oogie Boogie turning the crank. It was awesome – I had to take a picture.

  4. says

    Allen — Ha! Good luck with that. Be sure to take a pic :-) I think he’s pretty cool, too.

    Dana — I think these are Disneyland-specific :-(

    Cody — I would love to see what they came up with in WDW!

    Chris — I love the Oogie Boogie one! I don’t have my own pic, though :-(

    Robin — Yes! Would love to see your post on it!

  5. Shayne says

    I don’t think I ever would have noticed this on my own. We’ll be on the lookout for these guys (I wonder if there are ever any women?) on our trip to Disneyland in September. How fun!

  6. says

    Shayne — This should be really fun for the boys to “spot” as you’re walking around! It could even be a little game of how many different ones they can find.

  7. Josh says

    I don’t recall any Popcorn vendors with these little men on them at Walt Disney World park, so it probably is a Disneyland exclusive thing.

    This reminds me of when I read about Disneyland Tokyo and how they have reuseable sovenir buckets of popcorn that can be filled with many different flavors of popcorn including strawberry, curry, soda, chocolate, cappuccino, sea salt, coconut, honey, caramel and black pepper. Also, incase you are curious the sovenir buckets have either Pooh, Buzz Lightyear, Chip & Dale, Princesses and Stitch on them.

  8. says

    What a fabulous post!!! I LOVE IT!!! Would you be interested in rerunning this over on my blog as a guest post? If you don’t want to run the entire thing, you could tease with a few and then link over to this post… Just a thought… :)

  9. says

    Wow – what fun pictures and news to me. Hard to pick a favorite they are all so great. I think I need to show this to my friends on FB.

  10. Sarah (@Duchess_99) says

    This is SO cool!!
    I’ve never thought to look at WDW to see if they have these there? I’m definitely going to be on the look out my next trip!

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