Five Great Underrated Steaks in Disney World

A couple of weeks ago, I highlighted my top steaks in Disney World. And today it’s time to spotlight my favorite lesser-known slabs of beef!

When you think about great steaks in Disney World, your mind goes to the big three: Le Cellier Steakhouse, Yachtsman Steakhouse, and Shula’s Steak House. If you’re a bit more studied in steak, you might also think of the great offering over at Flying Fish, or even the incredible Mac-and-Cheese festooned beef at Jiko.

But, with steak being one of my favorite meals in Disney World, I’ve been lucky enough to find a few more delicious options in my travels…

Teppan Edo

Teppan Edo, the Teppanyaki restaurant in Epcot’s Japan pavilion, has steak on the menu and believe me when I say it is some of the best steak I’ve ever had in Disney World. Maybe it’s the flavors of the other items being cooked on the hibachi grill, maybe it’s the buttery goodness of the cooking ingredients, maybe it’s the fact that I’m eating with chopsticks. I have no idea why, but it’s delectable.

Teppan Edo Steak and Noodles with Vegetables


That’s right! Disney’s newest (and only) Greek restaurant has a mouth-watering steak on the menu! Kouzzina‘s Wood-grilled Flank Steak with Kouzzina Potatoes is tender and incredibly flavorful! This was clearly the winner at our table on my last visit, and we pretty much all wished we’d ordered it!

Flank steak and Kouzzina's Crushed Garlic Potatoes

The Wave

The newest restaurant at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, The Wave offers a menu based on market-fresh and sustainable ingredients. While there are two steaks on the menu, I can heartily recommend the Chili-marinated Flat Iron Steak with warm Fingerling Potato Salad and Avocado Mousse. The juxtaposition in flavors with the chili, avocado, and beef offer contrasting tastes in your mouth. It’s daring without being too over-the-top. This is definitely a dish to order if you’re helping your kids to try something “outside of the box” — it’s still a delicious steak, but it offers a few new flavors as well.

Flat Iron Flank Steak with Fingerling Potato Salad and Avocado Mousse

Hollywood Brown Derby

Here’s one of my favorites! The Filet at Hollywood Brown Derby has so much dimension you practically have to dive into it. Officially titled: Char-grilled Filet of Beef with herb-roasted fingerling potatoes, Cremini mushrooms, Cippolini onions, and Cabernet wine syrup, let me just say that it was a darn good steak!

Filet of Beef Entree

Kona Cafe

Kona Cafe has always offered delicious steaks, and though they’ve changed a few of the recipes throughout the years, Kona’s steaks continually come up in reader lists of favorites!

Currently on the menu are a Ginger-crusted Rib Eye with Tamarind Jus, Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, and Stir-fried Broccolini; and a Teriyaki-style New York Strip grilled with Pineapple Teriyaki Glaze served with Sticky Rice and Stir-fried Broccolini.

Teriyaki Strip Steak

Photo used via flickr with photographer permission! Thanks Jennifer!

Now that you know my favorite “underrated” steaks, I’m eager to hear your top contenders!! Please let me know in the comments section below — I still have time to change some ADRs before October! :-)


  1. says

    Good to know. I would have never thought to order a steak at Kona. I will say, the best steak I’ve ever had at WDW was at Artist Point. It was perfect.

  2. says

    I will definitely have to try some of these out, thanks for sharing AJ. Portobello in DTD also has a great Filet.

  3. April says

    I love the steak at Brown Derby. I will pretty much always order steak if its on the menu :) Shula’s filet is the best steak I’ve ever had & am looking forward to steak at le Cellier in December.

  4. says

    Wow I wouldnt have thought of a few of these.. We’re doing brown derby on Christmas Day so I will have to get that! Great article!

  5. LIz says

    I agree with the steak at the Kona. I haven’t tried the others, but look forward to trying some of them in November :)

  6. says

    I loved everything about the Wave when we went! My friend ordered the steak (I had the pork, YUM!) and he loved it. Haven’t tried Kouzzina’s yet but that’s next on my list.

    Thanks for using my photo from Kona! Just looking at the pic again has me salivating :)

  7. says

    We visited Disney this past weekend and had dinner at The Wave Saturday night. I had the Beef Tenderloin with roasted veggies and potatoes au gratin. It steak was very flavorful, tender and juicy. I would certainly order it again.

    On a side note, we also had breakfast at the Crystal Palace but to my disappointment they did not have the breakfast lasagna. Instead they had a peach casserole. It was basically a big peach cobbler. I didn’t really enjoy it very much. Mmmm…maybe because I had already filled up on yummy puffed French toast!!!

  8. Keith C (TheFugitiveGuy) says

    We’ll be going to WDW next month, using the (free) Dining Plan for the first time. Looking over the menus, it was tempting to order steak every time, since it’s inevitably the most expensive item on the menu, but I also figured I’d get tired of steak pretty quickly. But reading over this post and the corresponding best steaks post, it makes me realize how creative each restaurant can be in putting their own spin on it. Thanks for all the detailed info (and pictures)!

  9. says

    First off, I’m not a big steak eater (only had it about once or twice–the first being at a very nice steak house) but if I was stuck with no other choice I’d go with it.

    I love Japanese food so the steak from the restaurant in Epcot’s Japan pavilion looks amazing. I also wonder if they have these sorts of food at the Tokyo Disneyland. Give me a bowl of rice and some chopsticks and I’m good to go!

  10. says

    Gotta put my votes in here after our recent trip. We’ve heard good things about the strip at the Coral Reef, and we weren’t disappointed. Imagine how surprised we were when the strip at Sanaa blew away the Coral Reef’s steak the following night! Absolutely amazing flavor and preparation!!!

  11. Bob says

    On our way to WDW in March. gonna try both Kona Cafe and The Wave. Already decided to try the steaks. We will let you know how it turns out. Already have ADRs at Grand Floridian Cafe (love their New York strip).

  12. WDWCanFan says

    I had the flank steak at Kouzzina last time and have to agree that is was a nice choice. The only minuses would be the wait for a table (close to two hours for an ADR) and the presentation of the food (the photo shown here looks much better). The taste, though, made up for it. Of the other ones on this list, I’d be excited to try the one shown from the Brown Derby.

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