Disney World Free Dining in 2011 Announced

Disney World Free Dining has been announced for the following dates in 2011:

Jan 1 – 5 • 9 – 13 • Jan 21 – Feb 3 • Feb 11 – 17 • Feb 25 – Mar 3 • May 27 – Jun 2 • Aug 19 – Sept 29

While there are many blackout dates, there’s certainly more free dining available than ever before. The booking window for these promotions is through December 20, 2010 — so get on the horn! Call (407) 939-7926 and ask for booking code NL7 to book your room reservations. Then it’s time to plan your Disney World Advanced Dining Reservations!

Like this year, those staying at mods, deluxes, and deluxe villas will get the standard dining plan. Those staying at values will get the quick service dining plan.

See DisneyWorld.com for details!

For information and links to updated menus from every Disney World Table Service restaurant, visit our Disney World Restaurants Guide.


  1. Alan says

    Which is the best deal? On, say a 7 night stay at a Moderate resort is it the 30% off the room rate, $300 gift card or the free dining? I know the dining seems like the obvious choice but we dislike the need to shape our week around reservations and being in the right park at the right time and would like to try some places not on the DDP (even some places off property). Also, if we eat our big meal in the early afternoon we don’t like to eat dessert that early. Any thoughts?

  2. Nick says

    With most of these dates being only 11 days at the most (Disney’s really slow times), I am sure that the dates in between will be filled in with other promotions…hopefully.

  3. says

    James — Great news!!

    Alan — It really depends! The dining plan deal will likely save you the most money of the three offers in this case (moderate resort, 6 nights, etc.). However, I completely understand not wanting to be controlled by the terms of the deal as far as your vacation planning. In your case, you might want to go for the gift card offer, which lets you spend that money on your food (and other things) whenever and wherever it’s accepted. If you do opt for the dining plan offer, you could always do dessert later with a snack credit — but that means you’re not getting your “money’s” worth on dessert at the larger meal. Good luck!

    Nick — Keep an eye out for general public discounts (or AP discounts if you have an annual pass). There was a general public discount announced today for dates through February 16th. If that doesn’t help you out, stay tuned; Disney tends to have at least some sort of discount running a lot of the time. However, during those busy times, it just doesn’t behoove them to have one. Good luck!

  4. Jessica says

    Does anyone know if Disney Vacation Club members are exempt from this ? If I book through the vacation club can I still utilize the promotion?

  5. Jennifer says

    Yes, I’d like to know if Disney Vacation Club members get the free dining. I have a feeling the answer is no. Do you know if we do? Thanks!!!

  6. says

    Thanks for the info! We want to visit in September, and the dates work for us. But buying by the end of this year… doesn’t. Hopefully there will be more opportunities later on.

  7. says

    We were wondering the same about Annual Passholders. We’re going to call tonight to find out.

    Also—just thought you might be interested in this:
    Disney will start (On August 19th) allowing you to “reload” more dining credits onto your package.
    More information here (scroll to post #39 for the official word)

  8. says

    Jessica and Jennifer — I believe folks booking with Disney Vacation Club points are not eligible for free dining. Don’t quote me on that one, though! I’d call member services to be sure.

    Jody — You’re welcome! Yes, my husband and I were discussing that it was a bit strange that you’d have to book by the end of the year to get the promo all the way into late next year. Maybe that’s the “catch.”

    Dana — AP holders booking a room-only with an AP discount are not eligible for free dining. You have to book the package with tickets to get the free dining. AP holders ARE eligible to purchase the dining plan, though. Thanks for the link — sounds interesting!

  9. says

    Is this really worth the work to get Free Dining this much in advance?

    Also, does “Through December 20th” mean that you have until December to book the free dining and then it is done with?


  10. Dan says

    well this would be a great plan but good luck if you booked thru travelocity. they get their own rates and they wont let you combine this deal with travelocity’s reservation



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