DFB Choice Awards Voting Now Open

Thanks to all who submitted nominations for the 2010 DFB Choice Awards! After going through nearly 500 nomination forms, the front-runners in each category have earned a spot in the polls.

These nominees were chosen by the readers of the Disney Food Blog, and each one was nominated dozens — or, in some cases, hundreds — of times. If your favorite didn’t make it into the top three, don’t forget to nominate it again next year!

Voting has begun; make your views known below! Voting will remain open until December 22nd, and winners will be announced on December 31st! We’ll leave the results viewable for now, so you can root for your favorite! As we get closer to the final voting deadline, we’ll remove the results so the winners will be a surprise! :-)

Thank you for voting! Polls are now closed. We will reveal the DFB Choice Award Winners on December 31st!


  1. Alan says

    I must visit WDW in another dimension. Of the 11 categories, only one of my nominees made it to the voting round. Forget the ” Road less traveled”, I must be on the road never traveled.

  2. Brenda says

    For future voting maybe you can separate signature restaurants from table service, or maybe it’s two dining credit restaurants from one dining credit, or upcale from more casual.

    I’m being a foodie snob, but I just don’t think that Le Cellier belongs in the same category as Flying Fish and CA Grill.

    @ Alan … don’t feel bad; the only nominee of mine that made it was Flying Fish for best seafood. We must be on the same road! Wahahahaaaa!!

  3. says

    Hmm. My husband voted last night, and now I am trying (on a different computer) and it’s telling me that I’ve already voted. Any ideas why this would be happening, AJ?

  4. says

    Interesting, I wonder who nominated California Grill all these times… oh wait. ;)

    I’m interested in seeing what ends up turning out. Things usually change pretty quick around here though.

    @Kelly: It usually goes by IP Address for voting methods such as these, so if you’re on the same network it won’t make much of a difference. AJ should have a way to fix it though since she’s running it.

  5. says

    @Alan and Brenda, yeah very few of my nominations made it… Bummer! Wait, wasn’t there more categories before or am I missing something?

  6. CanadiansloveWDW says

    most of my nominations made it… but i wish i could go now and eat at all the other nominations…

  7. says

    Alan, Brenda, and daGuru — I like the idea of doing another few questions next year for Signature restaurants! I agree with Alex — what were some of your favorite nominations that didn’t get into the top picks? I didn’t have names on the nominations, so I couldn’t tell who nominated what.

    Kelly and Josh — Yep, it’s tied to your IP address. If you look at the DFB in a different browser (e.g. look at it in Mozilla if you were using internet explorer), that might allow you to vote. If not, drop me an email — there is a way to allow computers to vote multiple times. :-)

    GG — I can’t wait to hear your comments! What do you think of the nominations?

    Alex — Me too!

  8. Brenda says

    I think for best table service and best overall service I nominated Bistro Paris. I would have nominated V&A for best service but I don’t consider that a table service restaurant – it really can’t be compared with any other restaurant at WDW so I left it out completley. Maybe I’m thinking too much! Wahahahaaaa! I think I also nominated Bluezoo and Il Mulino but I can’t remember for sure.

    And to be fair, there were some categories that I didn’t nominate anything at all – snacking, for example, is something we only do during F&W because that’s the only time we usually visit WDW, and we’re not big on eating and walking -I’m not that coordinated – so I left that one blank as well. ;-)

  9. Alan says

    Some of my failed nominees were: Best Table – V&A , quick service – Earl of Sandwich, best snack – school bread, best seafood – Narcoossee, best service – Tutto, best breakfast – Crystal, best walk around snack – Grand Marnier Slushee ( I know, I know but I don’t like to snack on sweets and I witnessed an incident with a little kid, and a turkey leg on a fourth of July extra late hour ride at the Haunted House that still haunts me). I have missed some of the more popular places as I am married to a picky eater who looks at the children’s menu first.

  10. Jeff W. says

    Really? Le Cellier’s the restaurant to beat for WDW’s best steakhouse selection? I mean, voting for Le Cellier as best steakhouse is akin to voting for Olive Garden as best Italian restaurant.

    Still, can’t say that this surprises me.

  11. says

    Alan — I shudder to think what the July 4th Turkey Leg incident might have been!

    Jeff W. — …though I have to say, my last two visits to Le Cellier were exceptional (after several that weren’t so great).

  12. says

    Le Cellier surprised me during October, it was one of the best meals of our trip. That being said, I don’t think it’s anywhere near being the best on property. I do realize it’s rather popular and a lot of times “best of” contests do wind up being based on popularity rather than what’s actually the “best.”

    A lot of my nominations didn’t make it onto the list. Citricos and Tangierene Cafe being the ones off the top of my head.

  13. Angela says

    I really need to eat at more restaurants! I’m only just recently started to book ADRs on Disney vacations. I still can’t reaaaally afford to, but it’s sort of like how I refused to stay on property cause it’s just so pricey, but now that I have a few times I can’t really go back unless I’m using family’s timeshare haha. On my trip in Feb I’m finally eating at the California Grill and Le Cellier, so that will help my opinion! lol.

    Oh man Alan, I second schoolbread as a snack! I also love the cheese danishes they have everywhere on property as well. I like Dole Whips and when it’s hot out I’ll get myself one, but I’ve never gotten why people go SO crazy over them. Maybe it just weirds me out that it’s non-dairy and made with a powder they mix with water. I can’t be the only person in the world who thinks that’s a bit icky?

  14. Jack says

    I’d like to see additional categories added next year as well. Best themed, best family style, best buffet and best desert all come to mind. While I’m writing this I’m already forming my nomination list and voting strategy!!!

  15. frank says

    Don’t know if this was in a category but the new(sorta) food court at The Land at EPCOT has been a pleasant surprise. All the way from a sandwich to basically a full meal. And it’s pretty good food. I got a great pork chop dinner with sides which was as good as any high end restaurant that I have eaten (pork chops) at on Disney property for $30 less. Low point: atmosphere …zero. I guess that’s the $30 difference.

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