Epcot World Showcase Scavenger Hunts

We’ve had an awesome time at this year’s WDW Foodie Fest!!

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the four events this year. We got the chance to meet lots of readers and colleagues, and had a lot of fun and some great snacks in the process!

WDW Foodie Fest Main Event on Sunday, October 2nd

Carrot Cake Cookies at the WDW Foodie Fest Snack Attack on October 4th

WDW Foodie Fest Scavenger Hunts

As you know, we created a couple of Scavenger Hunts for our second annual event! We devised an adventure for adults and one for families with small children.

We’ve had a lot of requests to share the scavenger hunts, so here they are! Print them out and have fun on your next World Showcase visit during the Epcot Food & Wine Festival!

Ready, set…GO!

2011 WDW Foodie Fest Scavenger Hunt for Grown-Ups

2011 WDW Foodie Fest Scavenger Hunt for Families

After your adventure, print out the answers:
Grown Up Foodie Fest Scavenger Hunt Answers

Family Scavenger Hunt Answers

And don’t forget to treat yourself to your favorite Epcot dessert (or meal) upon completion.

School Bread at the WDW Foodie Fest Snack Attack on October 4th

For those who did our scavenger hunts this past Sunday, stay tuned for the winner announcements!

Huge thanks to Shelley Caran for hunting down lots of the Scavenger Hunt questions for this year’s event, and to our editor, Kim L., for putting the hunts together!

Special thanks to our 2011 Foodie Fest Sponsors!

As always, I want to give a shout out to some very important folks. We wouldn’t be able to offer these great events at *free* or discounted prices without the support of our sponsors!

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Raglan Road Pub and Restaurant: Raglan Road is, without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Walt Disney World.

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Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic: Be sure to get your tickets for the 2011 Swan and Dolphin Food and Wine Classic, taking place this weekend in Walt Disney World!

Babycakes NYC: This awesome gluten-free, vegan bakery offers some pretty incredible desserts! Have you checked them out in Downtown Disney Orlando, yet?

Did you try a scavenger hunt while at Foodie Fest? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. marcellina says

    what a fun idea! (the scavenger hunts)… I’ll definitely keep those to do in the future.. and btw, *so* happy to see another school bread lover! It’s pretty much my favorite treat at Disney World. My awesome mother once bought 4 of them and brought them on the plane trip with her back from Florida to New York so I could get a taste of WDW at home!

  2. Tina finn says

    My daughter did the family scavenger hunt last Sunday and she had a blast trying to answer all the questions by herself. She was so proud not have used AJ’s momor dad. We later dis the cupcake crawl. That was SWEET!

  3. Marc says

    This is terrific! We’re always looking for a new, different experience when we visit WDW. (A few years ago they had an annual pass scavenger hunt.) Question though, how many of these are specific (both on the Family and Adult quests) to Food & Wine? (We don’t visit again until July.)

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