New DFB Store Site Now Open!

We’re thrilled to announce the grand launch of our DFB Store, featuring our critically-acclaimed line of Disney Dining Planning e-Books.

We’ve expanded on the Disney food topics that we all love (yep, that includes snacks!) into comprehensive e-Books that specialize in the subjects that YOU wanted to know more about. :)

Our thorough (and growing!) line of e-Books offers a wealth of knowledge on Disney Dining topics for both new visitors and veteran Disney fans!

Welcome to our DFB Store

We’ve put hundreds of hours and over 20 years of research into creating these up-to-date e-Books so that planning the best possible Disney vacation can be easy for you. Don’t waste your family’s limited vacation time and money dining at a bad restaurant or snacking on sub par treats.

On our virtual bookshelf, we’ve stocked individual guidebooks as well as bundle packages that offer great discounts over purchasing each item individually:

As you browse the store, you’ll find product information including Overviews, Sample Pages, Details, and Bonuses. It’s everything you’ll need to make an informed purchase!

For further assistance, we’ve included an FAQ section as well as Installation instructions. No worries about how to access your eBook — we’ve included easy instructions for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Devices, Kindle/Kindle Fire, and Nook/Nook Color.

As Always, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

Our eBooks are guaranteed (or your money back!) to help you plan a memorable vacation while making the most of your vacation dining and snack dollars.

Visit our DFBStore before your next vacation to Walt Disney World.

Have a comment or some feedback about our new DFB Store? Let us know!


  1. Bob Young says

    Please let me know if the books will ever be published in hard copy; I’d be one of the first to purchase every title there is.

  2. says

    Hi Bob — It’s not in the plans this year, but I’ll keep you updated on the plans if they change! Thank you for your support of the blog, my friend!

  3. Jon says

    Nice store site and wonderful books AJ. Gotta keep you busy so when can we expect books on Hollywood Studios, AK, Drinking around the World, and Disneyland? :)

  4. says

    Jon — Thank you! We’re working on DHS, AK, Resorts, and DTD snack books now, as well as Disneyland! Love the idea for a Drinking Around the World Book! I’m on it!

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