Review: Sleepy Hollow Refreshments at Magic Kingdom

You know, I go to Sleepy Hollow Refreshments SO often when I’m in Disney World that I sometimes forget that it’s been a while since I actually “reviewed” it here on DFB! Let’s remedy that with some awesome pics of one of my favorite spots in the Magic Kingdom.

Sleepy Hollow has always been one of the hidden gems in Disney World. It looks small and standard, but the menu packs a bunch of unique items that you can’t find anywhere else in Disney World. These include the now-cult-favorite waffle sandwiches in a couple of different varieties. Few folks visiting the park can resist stopping by for a sweet or savory waffle!

I’ve tried them a time or two, and I certainly have my favorites (mmmm…Nutella!). But today, I’m stopping by to see if they’re just as good as I remember! And I’ll probably need to snag a certain very favorite dessert while I’m here as well. :-)


If you veer left from Main Street toward Adventureland, and then hang a right on the foot bridge leading toward Cinderella Castle, you can’t miss Sleepy Hollow. Located at the entrance to the quaint Liberty Square area, this is a great spot to take a breather.

As you approach, you’ll see that Sleepy Hollow is a walk-up spot. The line wraps around the side — and there often is one, so be prepared.

Here’s some seriously fascinating trivia — the design of Sleepy Hollow’s facade is actually based on Washington Irving’s house in Tarry Town, New York. The detail of this place never ceases to amaze me. (Irving penned The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. But you knew that, of course.)

Sunnyside, Washington Irving's Home in Tarry Town, New York

The spot is centrally located in the park, which means you’re steps away from anything that you’d like to take in next. That makes it a good rendezvous spot as well.

There is quite a bit of picnic-style seating beyond the pick up window, and you have a fun side view of the castle show while you’re eating.

All of the seating is located outdoors, but there’s a shady area with an overhang if you prefer it. Not many folks know about this seating area, so you may be able to find a table even on busy days.

When we finally got through the line and were ready to order, I had to snap a pic of the MyMagic Reader that’s set up at the ordering window. This is where you scan your key card to pay these days! It’s part of the MyMagic+ system Disney will be rolling out over the next year.

My Magic Key Card and Band Scanner Set Up at Sleepy Hollow

So, what will it be today? So much awesome to choose from…


Sleepy Hollow is still primarily a snack or breakfast stop, but with the addition of the savory waffles, you can easily make a meal here. (Look at all those Disney Dining Plan snack credit options!)

Sleepy Hollow Menu -- Click to Enlarge

As we reported on the Disney Food News Pin Board, the same souvenir steins that come filled with Le Fou’s Brew over at Gaston’s Tavern can be purchased here as well.

At Sleepy Hollow, you’ll find them decked out with The Headless Horseman on one side and Ichabod Crane on the other.

Souvenir Mug -- Headless Horsemen Side

Souvenir Mug -- Ichabod Crane Side

I was here mostly for the eats, however. Famished, I went for the Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich.

We’ve reviewed this one before, and it’s definitely gotten high marks. The chicken and toppings seemed a little smaller this time than last, but it was still quite a large serving.

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

A freshly made waffle is wrapped around a breaded and fried chicken breast which has been liberally coated with a sweet and spicy sauce.

Topped with creamy, crunchy slaw with an Asian flavor and arugula, this is so delicious. It’s shareable as a snack and substantial enough for a meal. But beware! It’s VERY messy. Get a lot of those little Disney napkins when you pass by the dispenser! :-)

Chicken and Waffle Sandwich -- Different Angle

But I wasn’t leaving one of my favorite stops without one of my favorite desserts — the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich!

Seriously, this is one of the snacks that has stuck with me since my very first “grown-up” visit to Disney World. They’re unique, fresh, and delicious…and well worth the cost!

Two big, beautiful chocolate chip cookies, smooshed together with vanilla bean ice cream make up this simple treat. Again…very big, and very messy! ;-)

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich -- Up Close

And what makes a homemade ice cream cookie sandwich even better? Eating it beside Cinderella Castle, of course!

Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich by the Castle!

And with that quick stop, I was fueled up for more fun!


I continue to adore Sleepy Hollow for the beauty of its location as well as the remarkable eats that it features. Long a favorite of mine for soups and ice cream, lots fellow DFB readers find this a mandatory stop for delicious, fresh funnel cakes as well.

I happily and heartily recommend that you stop by Sleepy Hollow if you haven’t had the chance, and especially try the remarkable waffle sandwiches. They’re filling, delicious, not-too-expensive, and unique — a combination that makes them perfect Disney food.

What are your favorites at Sleepy Hollow? Let’s hear your opinions below in comments!


  1. Fran says

    I have never, ever stopped by Sleepy Hollow! However, it’s on my list of new places to try in May. That chicken waffle sandwich looks pretty darn tasty!

  2. Sandy - winnieatepooh says

    I’ve never been to Sleepy Hollow either, even though I wanted that fruit and nutella waffle so badly on my last trip (but the DDP just left me too full!) I refuse to leave the MK without having one this time, though :)

  3. Katie says

    Personally, if I’m going for the ice cream cookie sandwich I would rather have it at one of the all star resorts because you can choose any flavor ice cream or cookie you want. Although you can’t beat having Cinderella castle in the background as you enjoy this delicious treat :) I still love the ham prosciutto and Swiss waffle!!!

  4. Chris says

    Maybe a stupid question…but, is the chicken waffle sandwich a BONELESS chicken breast?

    I’ve never had it, but am dying to try it. However, if the bones are still in there, I see my interest waning.

  5. David says

    After reading about these on the Foo Blog last year, my wife and I had to try these. I wanted the Chicken and my wife wanted the Nutella waffle. We bought both of them and went over to the shady area to sit and eat. They both were so GREAT! We ended up cutting them in half, sharing them. My 3 year old LOVED the fresh fruit off the Nutella sandwich. The sweet taste of the Nutella with the freshness of the fruit was amazing. We all loved it! The chicken and Waffle sandwich was one of my favorite things I have ever had from Disney World. The bit of spicy the chicken had with the sweet slaw and waffle went togther great! My 5 year old son even ate some of this and he is a picky eater. We ended up going back on our last day and having this same meal one more time. I can not wait till October to have these again!

  6. Lynne says

    We were just there in early March. Are the construction scrims down yet? Sure made for a claustrophobic wait in a slow line.

  7. SharonCW says

    I have said this many, many times – but I seriously blame this location for creating my “can’t be controlled” Nutella obsession. This is my favorite item in the MK – hands down. And yes, the view makes it even more delicious.

  8. cupcake says

    The nutella waffle is absolutely amazing, and they top it with SO MUCH fresh fruit. Love, love, love. Favorite item in all the parks now (sorry, schoolbread and jalapeno pretzel!).

  9. Chris Gill says

    I’ve never been to WDW yet. I’m trying to plan a trip in October. Can you use a quick service credit on the waffle sandwich’s?

  10. Jill says

    Mmm … I have to try those. I know the waffle sandwiches aren’t a snack credit, but can you use a quick-service credit for them?

  11. Gene F. says

    We ran up to Orlando to see a Spring Training game a couple of weeks ago, but did make time for a brief (4:30 PM to 1 AM) visit to the Magic Kingdom. We hit two favorites and a new treat during our visit – a Dole Whip on arrival, the pork shank at Gaston’s Tavern for dinner, and the ice cream cookie sandwich cookie (as we call it) at around midnight. For such a simple snack, the ICCSC is perfection.

  12. Julie says

    I loved the chicken sandwich here! They have syrup packets available so I grabbed a few and used them for the ends of the waffle after I finished the parts with all the filling. The chicken was super tender and moist with the perfect balance of sweet and spicy! But you’ll have to eat one for lunch or early dinner or you’ll end up like me- planning on eating one at a later dinner time, totally craving it, and finding out they stop serving the savory sandwiches at 5 :( still dreaming of the chicken sandwich…

  13. Dustin Kirby says

    I love the location. Right in the middle of the park, but somehow kept as a sort of secret. Great place to take a break in the shade or sun and get a good snack. We will be back.

  14. Aramis says

    The nutella waffle sandwich totally changed my life! (I had never tried nutella before and I ordered it totally based off of your review) I got one on our last trip to the MK in February of this year. It was between that or the chicken waffle sandwich. Next time this chicken waffle sandwich is on my list!! P.S.- I now have a Nutella addiction just from trying the waffle sandwich!

  15. Robin S says

    I seem to be in the minority! The prosciutto ham & swiss is by FAR my favorite!!!! I dream about that thing… It was the perfect lunch on our last trip. I have a crzay sweet tooth so i was sure I’d prefer the nutella, but i found it to be a bit heavy on a hot day (my kids loved it though!). This is by far one of my favorite meals in the parks!!!

  16. says

    I love Sleepy Hollow :-) My husband and I discovered it through DFB and I made a point of stopping to get a Nutella Waffle Sandwich and then ate it whilst watching the MSEP…perfect!

  17. CraigInPA says

    When I was there in February, the building was covered in plywood and looked, at first glance, to be closed. Only when you got right up next to it did you see the sign that said “enter here” next to a hole in the plywood. Inside, it was as familiar as ever, albeit rather dark and claustrophobic.

    Ignoring the dark and claustrophobic, and rejoicing in no long line to wait in, I walked right to the ordering station. “I’ll have the funnel cake with cinnamon as a snack credit!”

    Wandering through the MK a short while later, eating the funnel cake, powdered sugar and cinnamon covering my shirt and jacket, I was quizzed several times as to where to obtain this delicacy. The quick answer given this year was “In the boarded up building off the square, but don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret!”

  18. says

    Wow, never knew that the design of Sleepy Hollow was based on Washington Irving’s house. Typical fabulous Disney theming! Ohhhh…and that waffle sandwich. SO delicious.

    Pretty sure they don’t accept quick-service meal credits here (it’s not listed in the official brochure) – wish they did though!

  19. Matt says

    Never really thought much on this place before I saw it on this site.
    So the #1 thing I wanted to eat on our last trip to WDW last year was the chicken and waffle sandwich.
    and after trying it, It will be a definate must eat when in WDW from now on!

    My must eat while is WDW list is getting pretty long….

  20. Ashley F. says

    When we were there in December, we ordered the chicken waffle sandwich as a CS credit with a soda and apple slices. Hoping it’s still the same for our trip in May!

  21. Catherine says

    We went to grab some waffle sandwiches on our last trip during the MNSSHP, and they weren’t serving them. I REFUSE to miss out on our next trip in December !!

  22. Vickie says

    I tried the chicken and the nutella waffle… both are great! Chris, the chicken is boneless. I like this sandwich because it was very complex, and extremely delicious. The waffle was tender, but crusty; the chicken savory and very well seasoned, and although it had a sweet & spicy glaze, the glaze did not make the crust on the chicken soggy; the arugula was spicy and added freshness to this sandwich, and finally the asian slaw added crunch, fresh and provided a dressing for the sandwich. (PERFECTION) I tried to duplicate this sandwich at home. I was close but I have to figure out the glaze. Counting the days for my next trip, and my chicken and waffle sandwich.

  23. Brad says

    I also noticed that the chicken and toppings got smaller. Overall, it also wasn’t as tasty as it was last time I had it. Or perhaps I’ve built it up in my mind to be better than it was :) Thank you for the trivia about the design of the building–so cool!

  24. says

    I’ve also gone to order one of the waffle sandwiches (during the MNSSHP) only to discover they stop serving them at 5. Wonder why that is and if they’ll ever extend the hours?

    We had the ice cream sandwich a month ago, and the cookies were as hard as rocks! They crumbled and broke apart- no bueno. Wish they were soft and pliable.

    Lastly, I’ve been to Washington Irving’s place (called “Sunnyside”) a few times in Tarrytown, NY. It’s beautiful. I’ve got pictures if anyone’s interested- it’s neat to compare them. :)

  25. Heather says

    We love the ice cream sandwich! We try to sit in the rocking chairs by the Hall of Presidents and enjoy our favorite treat in Magic Kingdom.

  26. Galloping Gourmand says

    Chris Gill – Yes, you can use a snack credit.

    This is almost a secret spot. People walk past it all the time, and the line is rarely long, especially in the evening.

    The seating area is wonderful, right next to the castle. You have a view of the wall rising from the moat, the hub, then Main Street and Tomorrowland. If you look in the other direction you can see the entrance to Adventureland and Liberty Square.

  27. says

    We go to Sleepy Hollow every single time we are there and get a little bit of everything. It is a great little spot! Highly recommended!

  28. Frank says

    My only complaint is that if you go early in the day the chairs have U groves in them and they hold water. If you just wipe them off, you will still get a pants full of water when you sit down. Happens at Mexico too. Word of advice, make sure YOU dig deep into the crevices of your seat or you’ll be walking around wet for awhile!!
    Other than that, I LOVE this place. Food is great. It is a gem of the Magic Kingdom.

  29. Lisa says

    *Tarrytown, NY…one word. ;)

    We got married at Sleepy Hollow Country Club, NY so Disney’s “Sleepy Hollow” has an extra special place in our hearts… :)

  30. Essie says

    I’ve been to this place and it is indeed one of the MK’s wonderful little magic spots. It’s like you’re hidden away from the crowds and the noise, in a place with wonderful foods, a place to relax and a gorgeous view to enjoy. It’s one of those things that makes WDW so special and unique.

  31. Corey says

    I tried the chicken one, the ham/prosciutto one, and a breakfast variety one – I think the only one I didn’t try was the fruit/nutella one. On all 3 I thought the waffle to “innards” ratio was double what it should be. I had a lot of dry waffle left over on each that I wish I had butter and syrup for to make a little dessert.

    If they could figure out how to reduce the thickness of the waffle, I’d be back on them. As they are now, I’m moving on.

  32. ryan1 says

    Soo disappointed. The missus and I were excited to try the Spicy Chicken and Waffle and finally got to yesterday but were really underwhelmed. The waffle wasn’t very sweet and the chicken didn’t have much taste but did have the heat from the spicy sauce.

    It’s also being renovated right now so there wasn’t much atmosphere to be had. The seating area is great and tucked away but the only way I’ll be going back is to maybe try the ice cream sandwich. Really disappointed but oh well, plenty of other restaurants to try in the Kingdom.

    We went to the old standby of Cosmic Ray’s for dinner (we usually go for lunch). We got the most economical meal at Disney; kid’s chicken finger meal. Six bucks for nuggets, fries, drink and cookie. Its hard to beat that deal anywhere at the park.

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