Snack Series: The Mickey Oreo Cupcake at BoardWalk Bakery

It’s time to pop in and see what’s what at one of the best Disney spots for treats, BoardWalk Bakery!

The Bakery has always been one of our favorite spots for sweet treats, but it’s a can’t-miss every trip since it reopened after a major overhaul last year!

The Cheesecake Brownie and Peanut Butter, Banana, and Candied Bacon Pie are some of our favorites! And their Lemon Meringue Tart is probably my favorite pastry treat in all of Walt Disney World.

But Boardwalk Bakery is also one of our favorite stops to find those amazing Disney World Cupcakes.

The Mickey Oreo Cupcake

The Mickey Oreo Cupcake captivated me at first glance because it’s just so darn cute. Underneath all of the fun trimmings, it’s a very simple cupcake — Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Icing, with a little surprise inside — and trimmed with Red Candies. But the garnish, though simple, adds something pretty special. It also bears a striking resemblance to another BoardWalk Bakery Mickey Oreo Cupcake from the past — the Oreo Bon Bon Cupcake.

Mickey Oreo Cupcake

Mickey Oreo Cupcake

Sitting on top is an Oreo Cookie, half-dipped in Red-Colored White Chocolate to resemble Mickey himself! Add a couple of Chocolate Discs for ears and Yellow Candies for buttons, and voila!

Mickey Oreo Cupcake -- Up Close

Mickey Oreo Cupcake — Up Close

But tucked inside, there’s another item of interest — a thick, mousse-like Cookies-and-Cream Filling. I love this! It’s a great way to offset the cake, which is moist, but still. Cake vs. Frosting…guess which one I’m picking?? ;-)

Mickey Oreo Cupcake -- Inside

Mickey Oreo Cupcake — Inside

And after enjoying the mammoth cupcake, I took the Oreo with me for a fun snack later!

I think the Mickey Oreo Cupcake is a great choice for celebrating a trip to Disney. And with the cute, understated Mickey motif, it’s a fun, “I’m really in Disney World!” choice for kids and grown-ups alike.

Will you be stopping into BoardWalk Bakery to sample the Mickey Oreo Cupcake on your next Disney visit? Comment below and share with us your thoughts!


  1. Essie says

    I’m excited about visiting the Boardwalk for the first time on my next trip in 2015 and the bakery (and pizzeria) is going to be one of my main stops. I think this cupcake looks like a def. winner.

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