Spotted: 2015 Starbucks Disney Parks Holiday Souvenir Mug

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from the Disney Parks Starbucks shops! If you’re spending any part of your holiday celebration in Disney World, you may want to let everyone know you were there with one of these Starbucks Holiday Castle Mugs! SO cute!

Starbucks Disney Parks Holiday Mug

Starbucks Disney Parks Holiday Mug

On the mug, a castle is formed out of glittering Christmas trees, ornaments, and wreaths. The Starbucks logo is on the back. And the mug comes with its own extra-festive box.

We spotted this one in The Trolley Car Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but — if they aren’t already selling out ;) — you should be able to find them in Epcot’s Fountain View, Magic Kingdom’s Main Street Bakery, and Animal Kingdom’s Creature Comforts… and nowhere else. (Unless anyone has spotted them in Disneyland at The Market House , Downtown Disney, or Fiddler, Fifer & Practical Cafe? If so, we’d love to hear about it!)  They are exclusive to Disney Parks.

Starbucks Disney Parks Holiday Mug

Starbucks Disney Parks Holiday Mug

The regular You Are Here theme park mugs in Disney Parks sell for $14.95, but the holiday version is $19.95.

So, will you be adding this one to YOUR collection?

Do you collect Starbucks mugs during your travels? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Sue says

    I just got mine at the Studios Saturday night. I didn’t realize I must have been one of the first. I really like the shape. If you have an AP, you get your 10% off.

  2. Kay says

    Does anyone know if these are exclusive to Disney World? I’d like to get one at Disneyland if possible.

  3. Derek says

    They have them at Disneyland as well. Got one last night. They also have a Hot Disneyland 60th Starbucks Ornament, a Cold Disneyland 60th Starbucks Ornament and a Disneyland 60th Starbucks Mug.

    In the top pic on the left, it looks like there is a less rounded version of the mug, but I did not see it in stores.

  4. laura says

    Is it possible to buy all of the disneyworld you are here mugs and the Christmas 2015 Edition if still available from Canada? Iam going to disneyworld again but not until Christmas 2018. I was there christmas 2015 but didn’t see them.

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