Valentine’s Day Treats (and One Super Bowl Treat!) in Disney World

Disney World is already gearing up for the sweetest holiday of the year and pushing the heart-shaped goodies to the front of the store! A huge thank you goes out to the wonderful Ms. Erin Foster, who snapped some sugary photos on her recent MLK weekend trip. And a big hug goes out to my Dad, Papa Food Blog, who contributed a few more while on a last-minute escape from snowy western New York.

Erin also grabbed a shot of the one Super Bowl treat she found — a lonely (but yummy looking) rice krispies treat. (I know; we need more Disney edible goods that celebrate the wonderfulness that is American Football. But this is a start!)

Go Saints! Go Colts! (Not sure who I’m rooting for, yet… ;))

Since the Super Bowl comes first chronologically, we’ll start with that treat and follow it with the pink and red ones! [Read more…]