RIP Figaro Fries

Well, it’s happened. Sold for so many years at Magic Kingdom’s Pinocchio’s Village Haus, topped expertly with cheese, lettuce, ranch dressing, and tomatoes and desired by many, Figaro Fries lived a good life.

Figaro Fries

It was touch-and-go there at the end. Even after they were discontinued from the menu, Figaro Fries held on, coming back again and again for limited times. However, it seems as though this time, our delicious friends are gone for good.

Now, I know we could take this time to mourn, but instead, let’s be thankful for what we still have. (One thing we’ve learned about Disney restaurants is that they’re always changing; as Pocahontas says — you can’t step in the same river twice (that was her, right?).) So let’s take today to celebrate our crispy, salty, oily, and cheesy cravings for french fries by honoring what we’ve got left!

The Newspaper Chip
Thanks to Rose & Crown and the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, we’re still good to go on the chips-served-in-fake-newsprint!

Rose and Crown Newspaper Chips

Yorkshire County Fish Shop Newspaper Chip

The Waffle Fry
Found at T-Rex in Downtown Disney, the waffle fry offers consolation with seasonings and ideal texture. The surface area means maximum ketchupage.

The T-Rex Waffle Fry

“Pommes Frites” Fries
While I feel lucky to be situated in the middle of the country, equidistant from Disneyland and Disney World, I sometimes envy my West Coast friends who get to be close to these Pommes Frites all the time. The garlic-y and cheese-y goodness of the frites, the spicy, rich taste of the cajun remoulade — it’s indescribable. While I’ll miss the Figaro Fries, I might fall off the planet if these disappear…

Cafe Orleans Pommes Frites

Le Poutine
For those missing the “things piled on top of fries” element of Figaro Fries, consider ordering the Poutine at Le Cellier (see note below). While you’ll surely be missing the tomatoes, lettuce, and Ranch, maybe the gravy will make up for it…

LUNCH Poutine at Le Cellier

Editor’s Note: OK, I KNOW my Canadian buddies don’t like this picture, but it’s the only one I have, so you’re going to have to deal with it! ;-) Le Cellier has a different version of Poutine at it’s signature dinner, but that one is a bit too frou frou for real poutine, I’ve been told. Here’s a photo of the real thing, which I think the dish now better approximates.

The “Good Old Fries”
It’s nice to know we can always drown our sorrows in these crispy, straight-from-the-oil Beaches and Cream french fries. They’re dusted with seasonings and served in ample portions, because, as we know, more is always better.

Beaches and Cream Burger and Fries

“Caution: Hot Cheese” Fries
These fries drowned in cheese are sure to take your mind off of Figaro Fries — at least for a while. I got these at an All Star Resort, but you can make your own anywhere you see the “Caution: Hot Cheese” sign on property.

Cheese Fries at All Star Movies

Add chili and it might get even better…

Chili Cheese Fries

While it looks like we’ve had to say goodbye to our Figaro Fries, I leave you with one last option for remembrance: make your own. Many of the counter-service spots in WDW have fixin’s bars, yes? Shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, tomatoes, ranch dressing, bacon, anything you’d like… perhaps you can even get a little more creative and go for the Widow Maker Fries!

While we do miss what we once loved, life is about moving on, my friends. What french fries are YOU looking forward to on your next trip to a Disney Park?

Figaro Fries photo via JackSkellington101 on flickr — creative commons


  1. says

    what a beautiful homage to the french fry! and those pomme frites from cafe orleans are the BEST! crispy, garlicky goodness.

    i’m hungry now. great. :(

  2. Abby says

    Best fries I ever had at Disney were the Truffle and Herb Fries with Garlic Aioli at Flying Fish. Ooooooooh boy. I have an ADR there for Nov 11 and I already know one thing I will be ordering!

  3. says

    Wow, cool! I was sure you’d do it sooner or later but it’s great to see that the Figaro fries are not actually forgotten about. I find pages and pages of people saying how they are dissapointed when they went to the Pinnochio Village Haus and found out that these were discontinued and all they can find are cheese fries. Very dissapointed individuals looking to someday have their fries back.

    Figaro being Gepetto’s cat from Pinnochio made a great reference to the film as well, and hopefully they can find some other use for the name.

    Those look more like the America-ized version of Fish & Chips, I still wish I could find some like they had back in the UK, now those were good! First thing I thought as well when I saw the Poutine is “The Canadians aren’t going to like this one bit”.

    P.S. You are correct on the “You can’t step in the same river twice” Pocohontas reference as it is from the Just Around the Riverbend song.

  4. Griffin says

    I have to say, the Figaro fries just don’t look appealing to me. Ranch dressing? Bleh :P
    I like classic fries that are a little bit seasoned, and even the waffle fries at T Rex! (Which we’ll be having in about a month!)

  5. Evan says

    While figaro fries might be gone, there is something similar that has recently found its way back into fantasyland. Over at The Friar’s Nook they are not making fresh potato chips. You can get these plain (2.99); with chili and cheese (4.99); or with bacon, cheese, and ranch (4.49). The last combination is very reminiscent of the old figaro fries without the vegetables.

  6. James (Disneynorth) says

    AJ, for you, I will “force” myself to order the Poutine at Le Cellier in October, so you can have an updated photo. ;)

  7. Sarah says

    I’m hoping to try the Pommes Frites when I’m out in DL at the end of September. I also have a lunch reservation in October at Le Cellier for the main reason of having the Poutine!

    The fresh cut fries that came with the Porterhouse at Yachtsman Steakhouse were addictive when we had them back in January, but it appears they may have recently changed them to smoked paprika fries. I’m sure they’re still delicious, though!

  8. Angie says

    I was so surprised when I went to have lunch with my family this weekend and a local restaurant was serving Pommes Frites.. both in regular potato and sweet potato versions! I got the sweet potato version because I’m a sucker for sweet potato fries.. absolutely delicious!

  9. says

    I too will truly miss the Figaro Fries. They were quite yummy! Definitely not healthy, mind you, but then again I’m not looking for health food when I’m in WDW.

    I find my solace in doing like you mention at the end of the article. I head straight to Pecos Bill’s, get a side a fries and proceed to slather them with sauteed mushrooms, sauteed onions and cheese. Ahhhhhhh… it’s almost just a soog.

  10. says

    robin — Those pommes frites are amazing!!!

    Abby — I’ve heard so much about those! I can’t wait to try them in September!

    Josh — So true. Everything I read online is about folks missing those fries :-(

    Griffin — I just love french fries, pretty much ;-) You can always build your fries with no ranch!

    Evan — Great news! Thanks for the tip!! Are they fries or actual chips?

    James — Merci!

    Sarah — I almost used my Yachtsman steak fries photo here, too! I loved those. I’m interested to see if there’s a change.

    Angie — Yum! Thanks for the hunger-inducing comment!

    Eric — It’s a cult favorite that flies a bit below the radar.

    Hypermommy — Glad you’ve found a great outlet!

  11. Shayne says

    Hey, those bacon, cheese & ranch fries at the Friar’s Nook that Evan mentions sound good enough to me. They have all the key ingredients — who needs veggies?!

    The pommes frites look good and I may have to seek those out at DL in September. We first had something similar on a trip to Napa Valley several years ago and we have longed for them ever since!

  12. Brian says

    ESPN Club’s Overtime Fries are pretty great. If you can get what is on top of their Macho Nachos on your fries, though, you’ve got yourself a treat

  13. Angela says

    I never even got the have figaro fries! Oh, woe is me :(
    Rance would go well on fries… there is a creamy garlic dip for fries that is at a local restaurant near my house, and oooohhhhhh boy is it ever good!

    Those others are all delicious though. One day I’ll go to Disneyland… I need some pommes frites! Although… ahem… if I may make a note… its not even so much the white cheese curds that make the poutine (although yes, important), as it is the fact the curds should be in curd form. Aka… not melted by ANY force other than the gravy. Note the real picture, with the curds still in perfect, not fully melted (just melty enough) form. Ah… I’m my own worst enemy I know… I’m SORRY! lol. What Epcot needs is a chip truck…. (again, sorry! I’m horrible! Horrible Canadian!)

  14. says

    Shayne — Please, PLEASE get the pommes frites! Do it for me. It’s important.

    Evan — That sounds great! Thanks again for the news!

    Brian — I love the way you think! I do like ESPN’s fries, and topping them with nacho stuff sounds delish!

    Angela — So, my question = how do you pick up the curds if the fries are even slightly soggy? I’d think that would be difficult!

  15. Angela says

    You take bites of fries/cheese curds all at once. With a fork! I’ve never had a problem with the fries being too soggy from the gravy… they should be home cut fries and relatively thick.
    I actually spent the weekend in Montreal and had ooohhh so much poutine! My favourite version is with bits of Montreal smoked meat (every poutine place served this version) in it. Luckily, (err… or maybe not so much for you haha) I took a picture! See the wonderful curd form!

    Anyways, seriously love your website! I know you only know me as the crazy poutine-obsessed Canadian, but I love love love Disney and love love love food, so your website is feeding (pun not intended) my obsessions! Thanks for humoring me :P

  16. says

    Awesome pic, Angela!!!! Now I want some serious Poutine! I used to live so close to Montreal, but now I’m in Texas, dangit!

  17. Angela says

    Thanks! I’m about 6 hours away which isn’t toooo bad, but a guy from Montreal opened up a genuine Montreal poutine shop in my city. It has like 10 different kinds of poutine for all my poutine cravings (which, as you can imagine, are often).

    And well… Texas is closer to Disney World than I am! As much as I love poutine, I would rather be close to Disney hehe

  18. Jill says

    What the heck! I don’t like all these new developments that take away my right to eat bad food! of course I appreciate the idea behind it but my time in wdw is my time free of any gastro consequences! I truly believe that these fries are justified because they have lettuce on them! thats a vegetable! oh i weep!

  19. jim says

    Add the “chips” at Raglan Road/Cookes to the list. They will be sorely misses.

    The new (2011) poutine at Le Cellier is not poutine. Frou frou indeed it is regular fries with ruffled salt, small pieces of Sharp white cheddar and a red wine reduction, with a kick, poured over it.

    In Montreal poutine is garbage bar food. Eat it late at night after drinking. Pied du cochon in Montreal throws a big hunk of foie gras on top but it is still poutine. While Le Cellier’s attempt to “spice things up” was admirable it is not representative of the dish.

    That all being said: bring back the real chips at Raglan and Cookes!

  20. Joni says

    I remember way way back in the day at Pinocchio’s Village Haus they served these “Orange fries” like mashed potato shaped into fries then deep fried. But they were orange. Weird. The food has really come a long way since the park opened.

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