2011 Disney Dining Plan Changes

It’s a new year, and we wanted to walk you through the ins and outs of what’s changed and what’s stayed the same when it comes to the Disney’s Dining Plan (DDP) in 2011! Fans and critics of the DDP will notice only a few changes this year:

Disney Dining Plan Snack Credit Logo

Standard Disney Dining Plan

  • The standard DDP was $41.99 per adult per night and has been bumped to $45.99 for the value and regular seasons. The rates for kids ages 3-9 remained the same at $11.99 per night.
  • Peak season 2011 rates will apply February 17-26, March 11-April 30, June 3-August 13 and December 21-31. Adult rates rose from $46.99 per night to $47.99. The nightly rate for children age 3-9 remained the same at $12.99 per night.
  • For Quick-Service, Table-Service and Private In-room meals, the option to order juice at breakfast in addition to a non-alcoholic beverage was deleted. Perhaps guests were enjoying coffee and juice at the same meal, thus depleting Florida’s oranges. ;)
  • It is now noted that the appetizer option for Private In-Room Dining is for lunch and dinner only and for kids 3-9 only. Pizza delivery meals now state that the two non-alcoholic beverages that are included must be single-serving. Will this cut down on private parties?!
  • Restaurant Changes:
    Restaurant additions include:

    • Maji Pool Bar (quick-service, lunch and dinner, Animal Kingdom Lodge)
    • Backstretch Pool Bar (quick-service, lunch and dinner, Saratoga Springs)
    • On the Rocks (quick service, lunch and dinner, Saratoga Springs)
    • La Hacienda de San Angel (table-service, dinner, Epcot)
    • Via Napoli Ristorante & Pizzeria (table-service, lunch and dinner, Epcot)
  • Restaurants removed were Laguna Bar (Coronado Springs), Sand Trap Bar & Grill (Osprey Ridge Golf Course) and Leaping Horse Libations (Boardwalk). Since the pool bars are still on other dining plans, I’ll research this discrepancy further.

  • The most noticeable change which goes into effect on March 1, 2011, involves the popular Le Cellier Steakhouse in Canada at Epcot’s World Showcase. Le Cellier Steakhouse will become a Signature Restaurant for dinner, requiring two table-service credits per person.

Deluxe Dining Plan

Disney’s Deluxe Dining plan identifies the same beverage and restaurant changes as noted above, except Leaping Horse Libations and Laguna Pool Bar are still included in the restaurant list. Further investigation into this discrepancy is on-going and I’ll report back soon.

The rate for value, regular and peak season is $78.99 per night for adults and $21.99 for ages 3-9. Last year, the cost was $71.99 for guests over age 9 and $20.99 for kids 3-9.

Quick Service Dining Plan

Disney’s Quick Service Dining Plan is now $34.99 per night for guests 10 and over while ages 3-9 are $11.99. The adult/junior rate is up $3 from 2010 and the child rate is up by $1.

As above, breakfast no longer includes juice in addition to the non-alcoholic beverages. New restaurants added are Maji Pool Bar (Animal Kingdom Lodge), Leaping Horse Libations (Boardwalk), Backstretch Pool Bar and On the Rocks (both at Saratoga). No longer on the list is the Laguna Bar at Coronado Springs. Again, this could be a typo.

Premium Dining Plan

Disney’s Premium Dining Plan is now $169 per day for guests 10+, and $119 per day for ages 3-9. 2010 rates were $164 and $114 respectively.

Restaurant changes are as noted above. In addition, juice has been excluded.

Under recreational opportunities:

  • the Water Sports section has included some helpful information including that parasailing is for guests 6 and over.
  • The tennis rental info now includes ball machine information.
  • The PhotoPass portrait information has been excluded as this service is no longer being offered by the PhotoPass team at WDW.
  • The minimum age for a child to enter the Children’s Activity Center was changed from 4 to 3.
  • The Mickey’s Magical Milestone Tour has been excluded and substituted with Inspiration: Through Walt’s Eyes.

Platinum Dining Plan

Disney’s Platinum Dining Plan has guests 10 and over at $229 per day and $160 per day for ages 3-9. Besides the price increase (previously the plan cost $220 for adults and $155 for kids), all of the changes mentioned in the above entries also apply. In addition, spa treatments are now for ages 12 and over. The minimum age was 10 in 2010.

Wine and Dine Plan

The Wine and Dine Plan remains at $39.99 per reservation per night (not per person). In addition to the new Epcot restaurants — Via Napoli and La Hacienda de San Angel — the Big River Grille & Brewing Works was added to the list of participating restaurants.

Some wine substitutions have been made:

  • In: Atalon Merlot, Napa Valley; Out: Charles Krug Merlot, Napa
  • In: Ridge Lytton Spring Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley; Out: Seghesio Zinfandel
  • In: Beaulieu Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon; Out: Louis Martini Cabernet
  • In: Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon; Out: Moon Mtn. Reserve Cabernet

DVC Member Information

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members can select from any of the DDPs except the Platinum and Premium packages. They pay the same price, however they are not subject to the peak pricing rates and pay the regular rate all year.

Members must book the DDP at least 48 hours in advance of their visit. As soon as they book the DDP, payment is due immediately (as a result, some DVC members are waiting to add it closer to their vacations.) Disney Vacation Club members can book the DDP through DVC Member Services.

For full details on all of the Disney Dining Plans, visit our Disney Dining Plan Index Page.


  1. Stephanie Z says

    My question is this: why are they raising the prices but offering free dining? it seems like they are punishing the people who are actually paying for the plans. we are DVC members and therfore do not qualify for the free dining, it just seems like we’re getting the raw end here…

  2. Sarah says

    Actually, they don’t even serve Florida oranges at WDW, not that I have ever had. When I was just there for Christmas 2010 I ate a bunch of California oranges.

  3. melissa sue says

    You are doing the Lord’s work here, ma’am!!!

    Bummer that they got rid of the second beverage at breakfast … several waitresses during our last trip said that most people didn’t take advantage of it, but I always do (or I guess I should say “I always did”).

    Also, thanks for the info about DVC prices … I somehow missed that memo. Anyone have a great newsletter they read for DVC news? Preferably something that comes via email.

  4. Pudge the Fish says

    For anyone not aware, the unofficial value of a snack is $4.00. You will see that most menu items of $3.99 or less will have the snack logo on the menu board. However, you can really maximize your snack credit value during the Food and Wine Festival since nearly all appetizers at the F&W booths sport the snack logo. The last few years I’ve used snack credits for the $7.50 lobster roll at the American Adventure booth.

  5. fjfuchs says

    Does anybody else think the little Disney Dining Plan stickers are about the ugliest things you’ve ever seen??? UUUGGGLLLYYY. I’m a little ashamed of Disney! NO, a LOT ashamed.

  6. Holly says

    I am bummed about the 2nd breakfast beverage being deleted. We are taking our 18 month old granddaughter with us on our trip in March and it would have been helpful for us to have that option still available. I guess we will just have to buy her juice. I always assumed they gave you a second drink because they don’t usually offer dessert for breakfast like they do for lunch and dinner counter service. So do we get dessert now for breakfast too :) .

  7. John says

    So they are taking away some benefits, deleting some places, and raising the price? What a shock. I do not understand why people buy the DDP. I think I pay less OOP, especially since I have a Tables in Wonderland card. If you are a passholder of FL resident, I think you are much better off with TiW then getting the DDP.

  8. papamouse1 says

    I think this may be inaccurate (I wish it wasn’t), the article says “Disney Vacation Club (DVC) members can select from any of the DDPs.”..
    the Premium and Platinum plans are not available to DVC

    For John, I can’t speak for any others, but for us and the way we use DDP (do split stay and get ddp on one ressie then spread 3day over 4 days), I have actually priced it out the way we eat and we do better with DDP than we would with TIW. Plus, there are many out there who don’t live in Florida and don’t have AP’s so choice is simple. TIW definitelhas its advantages if you can take advantage…. we and many others can’t.

  9. papamouse1 says

    No prob AJ! Love what you do here. It really keeps my Disney itch scratched (and my tummy feeling hungry)

  10. Alan says

    The DDP has become such a conundrum to me. We almost always travel to WDW in Sept. so we have been getting the plan at no charge since it’s beginning. Back when they included an appetizer and paid the tip it was great. It allowed us to try restaurants we had by-passed as not being sure about, due to the fact it was “free” to try. ( My wife is the ultimate picky eater). The main problems about the plan were too much food and the need to sort of build our schedule around the meals.

    However, the problem I have with it now is the fact that these new non Disney hotels on the property (including the Swan and Dolphin) that the DFB has been giving such glowing reviews to, serve some of the most innovative foods; meals I want to try, and there are some great restaurants and places I want to try off property. I just feel bad about leaving several table service meals unused so that I can try non plan meals. We just cannot eat two large meals in a day. I think that if some of these room discount deals and gift card deals available it might be a good idea to try a non DDP trip next trip.

  11. Amanda says

    I have always been a big fan of the dining plan but this last trip we tried to go without and do mostly counter service and use our TIW for table service. We spent A LOT more than we do on the dining plan, even with the cost increase. Not crazy about the increase of Le Cellier to 2 credits…we’ll see if that helps availability at all.

  12. says

    My husband and I are taking our FIRST EVER trip to WDW in October and we booked a package with DDP. I was starting to question if this was a good idea but, honestly, I am very glad we did it. Knowing us we would have not been prepared for a true food budget (money is tight and all) and we would have nothing but counter service our entire trip. Booking it as a package and being able to plan on what needs to be paid in advance we are able to eat at places that would NEVER be considered otherwise, which is nice cause this is our wedding anniversary and we want to enjoy nice places. Now we can put our small food budget toward covering the tip.
    Love the blog and look forward to reading more!

  13. says

    Thanks for the comments, all!! Jennifer — I hope you guys have a wonderful trip!

    I really can see both sides of the coin when it comes to the Dining Plan, and it really does come down to personal food preference and crunching numbers to see what the differences in cost will be between buying the plan and not buying the plan. My biggest issue is the inability to get appetizers — I often find that the appetizers are the best part of the meal, so I’d be hard pressed to do without them. On the other hand, many of the desserts end up being a bust ;-)

    Keep the comments coming! I’m loving the dialogue about the plan here.

  14. relynn says

    My Sister and I are headed for Disneyworld first part of March for the Flower and Garden show. Chose the Quick Service Dining Plan. Reasoning for this includes: Staying at a Value Hotel where only counter service is available, Not wanting to plan so far ahead where we eat, Not willing to spend the time for Full Service Restaurants while in the Parks, and Fultons is not in the plan. Have used several dining plans, for a short trip, 4 days this seems the most reasonable. Believe me Wohlfgang Puck in Downtown Disney is a lovely balance of counter service/table service for the counter service credit.

  15. relynn says

    My Sister and I are headed for Disneyworld first part of March for the Flower and Garden show. Chose the Quick Service Dining Plan. Reasoning for this includes: Staying at a Value Hotel where only counter service is available, Not wanting to plan so far ahead where we eat, Not willing to spend the time for Full Service Restaurants while in the Parks, and Fultons is not in the plan. Have used several dining plans. For a short trip, 4 days, this seems the most reasonable. Believe me Wolfgang Puck in Downtown Disney is a lovely balance of counter service/table service for the counter service credit. Use snack credits for breakfast, with refillable Resort Mug provided with the plan, for coffee. We feel Quick Service plan is a real value for a short, extra little trip for a special event. PS Like Pudge The Fish we enjoyed the Food and Wine Festival on Quick Service Plan and loved it…

  16. Amy says

    We have a trip booked in early May and are planning to purchase the DDP. None of my friends have visited since they changed the plan last fall so I am having trouble getting all of my questions answered. I was hoping you guys might be able to help.
    1. The new plan says that children receive an appetizer with their meal. Is that the case at every meal? If not, what can I expect?
    2. Is Le Cellier a two credit meal only at dinner?
    Thanks so much for any advice. We ate only counter service on our last trip and walked away disappointed. I am really looking forward to using the DDP.

  17. says

    Hi Amy,

    1. Kids get an appetizer at all table-service meals (ages 3-9 only)
    2. Le Cellier is 2 credits for dinner only. Lunch is still 1 credit.

    Hope this helps!

  18. says

    I remember you mentioning the raise in price during seasonal operation AJ, and it’s good to see everything in perspective.

    This Disney Dining Plan increase effects all the resorts, including Disneyland Correct?


  19. Matthew says

    Aww! I hate to see that option for juice at breakfast go… wed always get two bottled drinks from the refidgerated section of the food court to take with us to the parks and use our refllable mugs for something to drink.

  20. cindy says

    I have a family of six-2 adults,children 17,15,9{boys}and 9 year old girl. whats better standard dining or deluxe? goin to disney world for 7 days first week in may.
    thanks cindy

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