Disney World Free Dining Packages in 2011-2012 Now Booking!

UPDATE: Book-by date has been changed to December 17, 2011.

UPDATE: Dates for this promotion have changed as of 8-25-11. See details below. All guests who have already booked under the previous dates will have their bookings honored. All new bookings will adhere to the new dates.

Disney World’s Free Dining Promotion is back for the rest of 2011 and early 2012! The promotion is available on select dates from 10/2/2011 to 3/31/2012 October 1, 2011 to March 29, 2012. Guests MUST book by December 17, 2011!

The Free Dining promotion offers guests booking a vacation package the opportunity to add a Disney Dining Plan on to their package for free as long as they’re booking their room and tickets at standard rack rates.

Disney World Free Dining is already available through September, but guests can now also book for the following dates in late 2011 and early 2012:

Oct 1-6, 2011
Oct 22-Nov 3, 2011
Nov 12-17, 2011
Nov 26-Dec 1, 2011
Dec 10-Dec 15, 2011

Jan 8-12, 2012
Jan 21-Feb 2, 2012
Feb 11-16, 2012
March 3-8, 2012
March 24-29, 2012

As per usual, Value resort guests would receive the Quick Service dining plan for free. Deluxe, Villa, and Moderate resort guests would receive the Standard dining plan for free.

Upgrades would be available for a fee, and a minimum stay of 3 nights as well as base tickets for the park would be required. Ask for code D3X P49 for value resort bookings, and code J4J F4M for moderate and deluxe resort bookings.

Wondering if Free Dining is a good deal for you? We have a detailed analysis in our DFB Guide to Walt Disney World Dining e-Book, available here.

*UPDATED DATES as of 8/25/11: Source Thanks to Heidi M.!


  1. JaySquaredTX says

    OMG!…all the Disney numbers have been saying “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy now, please try again later” for the last hour! We’re already booked and I want to change our reservation, otherwise I’d just do it online!

  2. says

    We’re staying Dec. 1-4 at a villa at AKL by renting some points from friends. We haven’t bought our tickets yet but can we switch to a dining package if we’re traveling this way? We also have hubby’s dad listed as staying with us in the villa but that might change as well (plus he has his own annual pass). I’d love to take advantage of it but I’m on the bubble….

  3. Scarlett Ross says

    The codes were “not available” but when I told the cast member what I wanted, she knew the right codes and helped me get this! Thanks!

  4. Paul C says

    Thank God I got all my ADRS in place for early January before the free diners started calling.

  5. Paul C says

    Christina. The cost savings of staying at AKL on points far exceeds the cost of paying full porice and getting “free” dining. Keep your points reservation and buy the dining plan. It will save you hundreds if not thousands depending on the length of your stay.

  6. says

    Karen — Bummer!

    JaySquared — Keep on keepin’ on!!

    Christina and Paul — Thanks for the question/answer!

    Scarlett — Thank you! I updated the codes based on your comment.

    Paul — Good point! Well done! I still have ADRs to make for October…pretty sure I’m cooked!

  7. JaySquaredTX says

    Finally got through! Changed our December reservation to include free dinning! Saved us $700! Yay!

  8. Eddie says

    I have taken advantage of the free dining offer available to Scottish visitors (all through 2012) to WDW and will be staying at a moderate.

    Now, my question is why was I charged to upgrade to the standard plan when my American cousins get it for free? Oh, and to add, I did book directly with Disney so it has nothing to do with any travel agent.

  9. says

    JoAnn, you could book a room only reservation on Nov 11 and then book a package with Free Dining for Nov 12 and on. This will save you money and you can pick up your park tickets that are associated with the free dining offer on Nov 11th.

  10. dottie says

    I’m staying at Disney in Dec for 5 days. What constitutes a pkg? I have no park tickets yet, but plan on buying. How many to be eligible for the free dining deal? Dottie

  11. says

    HI Dottie,

    Disney considers a package to include hotel stay and park tickets. To receive free dining, you must book a minimum of 3 nights with a minimum of a 2 day park pass (base ticket or with options to hop and/or waterparks). The free dining is associated with the number of nights you are staying, not the number of days are on your park tickets. You must add the park tickets prior to your arrival in order to take advantage of free dining. You can add park tickets once you arrive, but you will not receive the free dining offer so it is best to add the park tickets now in order to receive free dining and it truly is free! Also, remember, that there is limited number of rooms available with the free dining offer so the early you make this change, the better!

  12. Erin says

    Just called to change my resort reservation to include October 1. I am staying at POP with the upgraded dining to include counter and table service. The code that we had to use due to the upgraded dining was W5C.

  13. Joann says

    The only week we can go is December 3rd to the 10th. Is there any chance they will be adding more dates for the free dining plan?

    Thank yoU!

  14. says

    Joann — You just never know! They’ve been doing all sorts of unprecedented things this year. My guess would be no, but my fingers are crossed for you!

  15. Carly says

    DOes anyone know if there is usually free dining in December? We are looking at 2012 Dec…maybe beginning of the month.

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