Disneyland Food Hack: DIY Churro Sundae

We are back to bring you news of another delicious Disneyland Snack Hack!

A while ago, we shared how you can make a dreamy Dole Whip even more wonderful — just add Tajin Spice from Tropical Imports! But today, we’re going another direction entirely and bringing two of our favorite Disney treats together in the process.

Churro in Disneyland

Churro in Disneyland

Churros are a must on every Disneyland trip. But there’s nothing better than adding those warm, sweet fried treats to something cold and creamy. And that’s why we love making our very own Churro Sundae. Thanks to our Dining in Disneyland authority Heather for dreaming up this amazing treat!

Timing is everything with this one, my friends. You want the warm to be warm, and the cold not to melt. So head to Willie’s in Disney California Adventure first to grab your churro (it’s the closest churro to ice cream distance in the park).

Churro Menu at Willie's

Churro Menu at Willie’s

Mission Accomplished!

Disneyland Churro

Churro Procured!

THEN — proceed very, very quickly to Clarabelle’s, where you’ll pick up an Ice Cream Sundae. We love Vanilla Ice Cream with Hot Fudge for this little treat — but use your imagination!

And with these two things, you can do THIS!

DIY Churro Sundae!

Churro Sundae is Bae

If there is a better way to eat a Hot Fudge Sundae than by scooping up bites of it with a warm, cinnamon sugar-crisp Churro, then please tell me immediately. Because this is pretty epic.

So what’re you waiting for? Head to DCA right now and make this happen!

We’ll be back over the next few weeks to share some other Disneyland Snack Hacks that we’ve perfected. In the mean time, let us know — will you be visiting Disneyland for a DIY Churro Sundae? Leave a comment and share your thoughts with us!


  1. Cat says

    I think an edible Churro bowl would be awesome for sundaes at Clarabelle’s! This way you only have to go to one place… An Oreo churro bowl would also be really tasty for those who aren’t fans of cinnamon & sugar!

  2. Ashley says

    That sundae looks fabulous but would be even better with some salted caramel ice cream.

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