News: $75 Satu’li Sampler Platter Now Available on Satu’li Canteen Menu

If you’re exploring Animal Kingdom’s Pandora – The World of AVATAR with a group, you might be very interested to hear about the Satu’li Sampler Platter at Satu’li Canteen!

Satu’li Canteen is the Counter Service restaurant in Disney World’s newest land, and it’s already made a name for itself as a spot for innovation. How? Well, it was the first restaurant to offer the new Mobile Order process, which allows guests to pre-order and pre-pay for their meal, then bypass the ordering queue and pick up their order right away upon arrival. (You can learn more about Mobile Order here.)

And now, Satu’li Canteen is earning a headline for innovation once more thanks to the offering of the shareable Satu’li Sampler Platter!

The Satu’li Sampler Platter brings to mind the Secret Nachos Rio Grande Challenge at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café, custom made to serve a crowd! Unlike the Nachos, though, the Satu’li Sampler Platter is no secret. It comes right up on the Satu’li Canteen menu, as you can see on the screenshot from the My Disney Experience app Mobile Order section below.

Mobile Order screenshot

Mobile Order screenshot

You can see in the notes (if you look reeaaaalllyyy close ;) ) that the Platter is only available AFTER 5:00 pm until close. It comes with the guests’ choice of four proteins, a sampling of each base and sauce, and four non-specialty beverages.

If you’re choosing to utilize Mobile Order, you’ll see your protein choices listed for easy selection. Beef, Chicken, Fish, and Tofu are the options, just like with a regular solo entrée order of the Satu’li Customizable Bowls.

Mobile Order screenshot

Mobile Order screenshot

Again, a sampling of each base and sauce is included. Bases are Quinoa & Vegetable Salad, Red & Sweet Potato Hash, Mixed Whole Grain & Rice, and Romaine and Kale Salad.

Create-Your-Own Satu'li Bowl

Create-Your-Own Satu’li Bowl with Romaine and Kale Salad and Onion Chimichurri

Sauces include the Charred Onion Chimichurri, Black Bean Vinaigrette, and Creamy Herb Dressing.

Finally, select your four beverages, and you’re all set!

Mobile Order screenshot

Mobile Order screenshot

While you don’t have to utilize Mobile Order to partake of the Sampler (it’s listed on the regular Disney World online menu, too), we do love the ease of using the new process, especially when you’re feeding a hungry group!

Sign directing to Regular and Mobile Order

Sign directing to Regular and Mobile Order

So, let’s talk price and value. As you’ve seen, the Satu’li Sampler Platter is $74.99. Prices for the individual Customizable Satu’li Bowls range from $11.49 to $12.99 based on choice of protein. Prices for drinks vary as well, but let’s just stick with a $3.29 Fountain Beverage each for this example. These items would add up to just around $62.33, give or take based on drink and protein choices.

So what that extra cash (around $12.66…. ish ;) ) buys you seems to be the chance to mix and match bases and sauces; sampling and trying a bit of everything among your group as you see fit. Personally, I’d save the dough, but maybe your group is willing to shell out a bit extra for the chance to sample the different proteins with the different bases and sauces.

What do you think? Would you be able to convince your group to try the Satu’li Sampler Platter? I’d love to hear what you think!

A huge thanks to Jean A. for the heads up on the Satu’li Sampler Platter!

What you think of the latest shareable group offering? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Dave says

    Looking forward to enjoying mobile ordered lunch there in about 6 wks. I like the idea of a sampler but definitely for price they should add some small sampling of the their amazing looking desserts incl as well. Mini portions like fireworks dessert party at MK, just to add a nice finishing touch.

  2. Howie says

    Going to WDW 14/8-17/8 incl. Looking for to try Mobile ordering! Gotta try Satu’li too. Family of 5 (all adult eaters), so we’ll probably wind up trying many of the items. looking forward to Pecos Bill / Cosmic Ray’s mobile ordering too! Now if they could roll it out to the Studios and Epcot, I won’t need to wait in line to get food.

  3. Amie says

    We enjoyed our food at Satuli Canteen but I wouldn’t order this sampler. Honestly, now that we’ve been a few times we all know what our preferences are. Like a previous poster mentioned, desserts might sweeten the deal a bit.

  4. Jean says

    Thanks for the shout-out! I’m very intrigued by this, and it would be fun to mix and match. But, I agree with the others — it would make more sense to me if it included samples of the desserts as well.

  5. Gigi says

    The amount of the up-charge is almost equivalent to another bowl. I would rather choose 5 different bowl combinations instead of sharing portions of bases and sauces. I agree with other posters – a sampling of the desserts would make this a much better value. Especially since you are counting in the full value of each beverage (which we all know has the biggest profit margin).

  6. Sandra G says

    Money-wise, it doesn’t look like a good value, but I can see how this might work for a family with two or three small children and two adults. I could also see it working for my family of three adults, so no one has to agonize over what they want; you can have a choice or two. It’s a “family style” serving method, and with an extra drink, or dividing a large soda for a couple of kids, it could be a reasonable way to feed a family group. They could make it more attractive by tossing in a couple of buns or desserts for sure.

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