DFB Video: Disney World Bathrooms! (Volume I)

It’s a new week! So we’re back with another DFB Video today featuring a brand new topic: Disney World Bathrooms!

Restroom sign at AbracadaBar

Restroom sign at AbracadaBar

If you’ve been tuning in to our DFB YouTube Channel for any length of time, then you know one of our top goals is to provide you with the most valuable information for your Disney vacation. So, you may be wondering how a video about Disney World restrooms provides valuable info? Because we’re sharing the least crowded bathrooms in Disney World to save you TIME during your trip! After all, you’ve got FastPasses lined up for your favorite attractions, Advance Dining Reservations for your preferred restaurants, and maybe even a Mobile Order or two to pick up somewhere in there! So check out our advice on where to find the least crowded bathrooms — and we’ve even thrown some extra cute ones in there just for fun :) — with our latest DFB YouTube Video!

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So check out the video and then let us know: Where is your favorite restroom in Disney World? 


  1. Dave says

    My fav “were”, T Terrace because its closed 80% of the time we are there lol. 2nd fav is along the back walkway from Test Track to Mexico, except during F&W festival as it doubles for a major beer stop! Then it becomes one of the busiest lol!

  2. Dave says

    Just to be clear on the last post, the beer stop is not “in” the bathroom but right next to it lol!

  3. Luana says

    There are two restrooms before entering EPCOT that are rarely busy, Main Entrance West and Main Entrance East. There is another one that I recently discovered behind Imagination. Didn’t know it existed!

    But the best secret of all is that My Disney Experience shows ALL restrooms on property!! It is a category all by itself and is listed between Dining and Entertainment and can filter by the Four Main Parks, Disney Springs, the Water Parks, Boardwalk, ESPN Sports Complex and ALL the resorts!!

  4. Kristin says

    I hoping Volume 2 is out soon. This video and the secrets videos are some of my favorites.

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