Disney Food for Families: Top Tips For Dining With a Baby in Disney World

Thankfully, Walt Disney World makes it pretty darn easy to dine with little kids. Meals for children under age three are free in many circumstances, high chairs are available everywhere, and healthier side dishes are now de rigueur in kids’ meals.

And of course you should know that with the one teeny exception of Victoria & Albert’s, even the smallest children are welcome at any Disney restaurant. Don’t even spend a moment worrying about whether it’s OK to bring your baby with you to dinner. It’s absolutely, 100%, fine. No kidding.

But while the restaurants are happy to have your baby on board, from a logistical standpoint, dining with a smaller baby can pose a bit of challenge at Walt Disney World, or anywhere else for that matter.

Disney High Chairs are Plentiful!

Restaurant meals can be particularly arduous if you have a new baby that’s too small to sit at a high chair. What do you do with the baby while you’re eating? How to do you balance feeding the infant and feeding yourself? [Read more…]