Lunch With the Earl of Sandwich

One of Disney World’s most beloved counter service restaurants isn’t actually a Disney restaurant at all — it’s part of a chain of sandwich shops called Earl of Sandwich! We still love it, though, and couldn’t wait to highlight it here on the blog.

Located in Downtown Disney’s Marketplace, Earl of Sandwich is a restaurant wrapped up in a history lesson. As the story goes, John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich in England, invented the sandwich as an easy, eat-on-the-run (or while playing cards) meal. Today, the 11th Earl of Sandwich and his family have taken the name to new heights by developing Earl of Sandwich stores and selling high-quality, delicious sandwich varieties along with fresh [Read more…]

Disneyland Cupcakes and Star Wars Beer

I happened upon a couple of pieces of news today that I just had to share (I’m breaking my “no Saturday post” rule all too often these days):


1. New England Imperial Stout Trooper Beer hits the shelves the week before Christmas in 750ml bottles. Distributed in CT, MA, RI, NY, and FL, this Star Wars tribute beer ranks an “average of 4.31 on Beer Advocate [and] appears to be very close to breaking the top 100, should that average hold up on this next batch.” Perhaps that piece of news isn’t 100% “Disney,” but you can see the connection…right?

Cupcake Packaging

Cupcake Packaging

2. Disneyland has a new Cupcake Cart, which will be offering cupcakes to hungry Downtown Disney visitors through January 9th! According to the OC Register,

Cupcakes sell for $4.95 each. The flavors: vanilla bean with butter-cream frosting; chocolate with chocolate butter-cream frosting; red velvet with cream-cheese frosting; yellow cake with butter-cream frosting and sprinkles, and chocolate or vanilla cake with coconut icing.

The kiosk opened last Friday night and sold about 240 cupcakes in the first five hours, said owner Carol Streeter. The Mission Viejo-based bakery plans to open a retail location there in January.

For more cupcake photos — see our Cupcake Store blog post!