Monorail Crawl

Polynesian Signature Drinks

Polynesian Signature Drinks

You’re familiar with the bar crawl and the pub crawl (for our friends across the pond). You may even be familiar with Drinking Around the World at Epcot’s World Showcase. But have you ever done the Monorail Crawl?!?

Disney World’s three monorail resorts–Polynesian, Grand Floridian, and Contemporary–each have great lounges¬†where you can relax, chat with friends, and experience the theme of the individual hotels. It’s a fun way to resort hop, spend a little non-park time, and have a few fun drinks along the way! See you at Tambu Lounge, Mizner’s Lounge, and the Outer Rim Lounge!

So simply start at one of the resort lounges, have a drink, then take the monorail to the next resort lounge and do the same. Continue all the way around the monorail loop!


  1. says

    Sadly once you get to the Magic Kingdom you can’t drink there, but you can change monorails and go to Epcot!

  2. Cheryl says

    My daughter and I have done this and wrapped up with dinner at the Contemporary! It was great

  3. Brandon says

    The wife and I are going to give this one a shot in a few weeks…with a dinner at The Wave in between our drinks at the GF and Poly!

  4. Meg says

    This may be a dumb question, but do you have to have WDW tickets for that day or can you just go to the resorts and hop on the monorail? I’ll be in FL in August with my sister and we were just thinking of doing DT Disney for night life while there, (since it’s free Disney entertainment..we won’t be there long enough for a park visit but still want some Disney magic!) but this sounds like something we have to do!!!

  5. Paul says

    We think that you wouldn’t have access to a resort monorail station without access to the resort parking without a reservation or to the Ticket and Transportation Center without paying for parking at Magic Kingdom or EPCOT main parking lots.

  6. Shannon says

    My husband and I do a Monorail Drink-a-Thon on every Disney World trip – we even include the two resorts that are accessible to the Monorail by boat (Fort Wilderness and Wilderness Lodge). We found these awesome personalized Monorail Drink-a-Thon passports online, and now we use them to increase our fun.

    Our excursion usually goes in this order:
    1. Crockett’s at Fort Wilderness – be there when it opens at 4:00.
    2. Territory Lounge at Wilderness Lodge
    3. Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto at Polynesian
    4. Mizner’s at Grand Floridian (though it was closed the last time we visited, so we went to Narcoossee’s)
    5. California Grill at Contemporary for fireworks

    Now, there are four restaurants in Magic Kingdom that serve alcohol, so on our upcoming February trip we are going to have dinner at Tony’s Town Square, and have a drink there too!

  7. Sally says

    We have done this twice and will be doing it again Mothers Day weekend. It is a blast, we start at the contempary resort and end up at Grand Floridian. The poly is the best!! Adult fun at Disney is the best!!

  8. Jen says

    It’s soo much fun! We were there for a lacrosse tournament so dropped our teenagers at MVMCP and hoped the boat to Wilderness Lodge where we had drinks and snacks at the Territory Lounge. We took the boat back across to the Contemporary and watched the fireworks and had drinks at the Top of the World Lounge. We finished up at Trader Sam’s with an Uh-Oh and then picked the kids back up. My girlfriends and I will be planning a follow up Crawl this September when we stay at Bay Lake Tower. Can’t wait!

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