Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party Photos!

THANK YOU to Zapperz at My Disney Mania for allowing me to use his stunning Wishes Dessert Party photos from this weekend. Stop by his blog and see more of his photos from his trip (including a few from the Museum of Pintiquities)!

The Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party is currently running from June 23 through August 28. (9/18 Update: The Wishes Dessert Party has been extended through January 2nd, 2010!) It includes exclusive viewing for Wishes fireworks and a self-service dessert buffet. Reservations are required and can be made by calling 407-WDW-DINE.

You can read more about the event on our previous Wishes Dessert Party blog post.

Tomorrowland Terrace--Location of the Dessert Party

Tomorrowland Terrace--Location of the Dessert Party











Castle from Party Vantage Point

Castle from Party Vantage Point

SpectroMagic from Party Vantage Point

SpectroMagic from Party Vantage Point

Wishes from Party Vantage Point

Wishes from Party Vantage Point

Wishes from the Party Vantage Point

Wishes from the Party Vantage Point


  1. Wendy says

    Any chance this will go into some September days? I would like to treat my mom to this on grandparent’s day.

  2. admin says

    I hope so! I’m considering a trip in Sept/Oct and would love to take part in this. Fingers crossed! Disney says this is a “test phase,” so why would they be testing if they weren’t considering extending…?

  3. Amy says

    We went to the dessert buffet this week. It was awesome! Everything was perfect. They made you feel so welcome and they restocked the items many times. There was plenty of room for everyone. They had tables with placecards and they seated us at our table. It doesn’t matter where your table is located. During the fireworks you can move up to the edge. Tinkerbell flew right over our heads and waved to us as she flew by. It was truly a magical evening. I told my daughter that I felt like a princess and she said, “I felt like a pig”. There was so many yummy desserts to choose from.

  4. admin says

    Amy–thanks for your review! That’s hilarious that your daughter said she felt like a pig! I’m almost sure that’s how I would feel, too, but it’d be worth it… :-) So cool that Tink waved at you.

  5. Jennifer says

    Thanks for the great photos and reviews. We are going on August 14th and can’t wait. It looks so magical.

  6. Carol says

    Any chance we can attend on september? It would be awsome… everything looks great… we love desserts and we are travelling on september so we were hoping we could go… excelent photos!

  7. admin says

    Congrats on getting a reservation, Jennifer! It DOES look magical, doesn’t it? And sugary. ;-)

  8. admin says

    Carol–Haven’t heard anything yet about an extension, but I’m hoping for one! Fingers crossed, still!

  9. admin says

    Hi Cory! I haven’t heard anything about being able to reserve the Wishes Dessert Party location like the ones at Epcot. Right now, the party is seasonal; hopefully they’ll determine (based on this trial period) if it’ll be full-time or used only for private bookings as you’re suggesting. I’ll keep you updated on anything I hear!

  10. Laura says

    Traveling at the end of August(right after the current end date). Any word on an extension yet?

  11. Becx says

    Hi there, great blog.

    I have been following this on a message board (won’t post which) and people have posted that they are now taking bookings for Sept!

    We called and go the night we wanted, so excited to try this out!

    Hope they continue to do this into the future.

  12. says

    We went in July and were not all that impressed. The desserts are items you can get from national food service companies like Sysco (so nothing original). The seating was crowded. The view of the parade was non-existent and the view of the fireworks wasnt great either. (Who wants to stand at the railing after standing for 15 hours?) We would not do it again.

  13. says

    @Becx: Thanks again for this great info!

    @Rachael: Thanks for the feedback! Haven’t heard from a disappointed customer yet, so this is really helpful :-) Of course, it’s a bummer that you guys had a bad time…hopefully the rest of your trip was great (looks like it was from the pics on your blog!)

  14. Sarah-Irene says

    My husband and I have reservations for this Tuesday and can’t wait!! For those who haven’t heard, they have extended it until October 31st! We just made our reservations yesterday (Friday) and there was still room in Tuesday’s gathering. We will let you know how we like it.

  15. says

    Hi Sarah-Irene! Thanks for your comment — I’m looking forward to hearing how you like the party! My reservation isn’t until September so I’m so excited to see photos and hear reviews.

    We were very excited to hear about the dates extension last week; folks can find more information here: Wishes Dessert Party Dates extended!

  16. Amy says

    I am going dec 13-18 and would love to surprise my mother with this…. if they extend it do you know when they might announce it? I am just wondering cause I have to get our table reservations done in the next couple weeks.. and I want to do something else for my parents if this is not extended…. also, is park entrance required to go to the party?

  17. says

    Hi Amy! No way of knowing if/when they’ll extend it into November or December. The most recent extension (last week) came just days before the original end of the promotion. If I were you, I’d book a different kind of celebration for your parents that you can cancel if Wishes Party dates are extended. That way, you at least have something :-) If dates are extended further, I’ll be sure to post the info!

  18. Brent says

    I just booked the dessert party for Dec. 12. They extended it through Jan 1 according to the Disney Reservations.

  19. says

    Thanks Brent! I’m glad you got your reservation — folks have been having a tough time with the dates in December being booked up. We just went to the party last week and it was wonderful. You’ll really enjoy it!

  20. JoAnn says

    I think I gained 20 pounds just looking at these pictures. The desserts look wonderful.


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