Kona Cafe’s Tonga Toast

Guest writer James Chapman from Disneyfotoblog.com just returned from a Disney World trip and reviewed the Polynesian Resort’s Kona Cafe and its famous Tonga Toast. Thanks, James!

Kona Cafe Sign

The Kona Cafe is an easily overlooked oasis that has more than one special treat for a hungry family; but one especially wonderful treat is Tonga Toast, a cinnamon and banana-infused slab of toast!

Tonga Toast

Tonga Toast

A thick, sweet strawberry compote makes that first bite all the more inviting (and filling). For those on a diet (forget about it), this meal can easily feed two people, and for those who order a more traditional breakfast of eggs, grits, and wheat toast, the tonga toast may be shared as a treat for the whole family.

Kona Cafe offers a traditional American fare for both breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and provides a pleasant, Polynesian decor. Even with the larger table service restaurant, ‘Ohana, directly next door, the Kona Cafe menu and atmosphere offers an excellent experience, and I would highly recommend this restaurant to everyone visiting Walt Disney World!


Greetings from your favorite alien!

Greetings from your favorite alien!


  1. says

    Okay, that’s it…I’m booking our next trip! Give me this and a pressed pot of Kona coffee around 7:45 in the morning (so I can be finished and make it to MK opening), and I am in my own nirvana. Great post!

  2. admin says

    Thanks, Mush! Yep, there’s nothing like that Tonga Toast. And thanks again to James Chapman at disneyphotocontest.com for the great post!

  3. Michele Webb says

    Oh man, my husband and I went to Disney world last April (2009) for our honeymoon. He wanted to go to Hawaii, I wanted to go to Disney, so I won, but we agreed that the Polynesian would be a nice alternative to his hawaian destination. I got the dining plan and won him over with Disneys food. The first day to order breakfast in bed, I choose the tonga toast, well needless to say everyday afterwards for the next 6 days, I had it. I would dream of it, wake up before it was to be delivered to the room, my excuse to have it everyday, I would walk it off, lol, good thing the honeymoon happens after the wedding, I don’t think I could of fit into my dress. So for our first anniversary, he asked me what I wanted, my reply Tonga Toast! So I can’t wait to see what he gets for me, I heard Disney has a cookbook of recipes.

  4. says

    Michele — OH, yes! Disney has LOTS of cookbooks!! What wonderful story, though! Ordering Tonga Toast for your breakfast in bed every day for a week sounds so wonderfully decadent… sigh…:)

    Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!

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