Disney Resort Refillable Mugs FAQ

As many folks know, Disney World Resorts offer Disney Refillable Mugs for guests to purchase and use for free refills! Here are a few of the most popular Frequently Asked Questions about the Disney Refillable Mug Program (also known as Rapid Fill):

Disney Refillable Mugs Overview

“Refillable mugs” are 16 oz. insulated coffee mugs sold at Disney hotels. Guests are entitled to unlimited free refills on fountain drinks, coffee, and tea from self-service beverage locations at Disney resorts for their length of stay.

The Rapid Fill program began in August 2013 and allows Disney Resort guests to buy (or receive as part of the Disney Dining Plan) a Resort mug which can be refilled for a certain period of time as designated at time of purchase. These mugs are enhanced by an RFID bar code which enables the mug to deactivate when the designated time is complete.

Mugs used to be considered collectibles, with each Disney resort offering unique patterns for their mugs. But starting with the Year of a Million Dreams, the mugs have been one standard design and shape no matter where you purchase them.

Disney Refillable Mug FAQ

I’m not on a Disney Dining Plan, so I’ll be purchasing my mug separately. How much do they cost?
$8.99 for 1 Day
$11.99 for 2 Days
$14.99 for 3 Days
$17.99 for Length of Stay (If you’re staying longer, “Add-1-Day” or “Add-2-Day” options can be added.)

Rapid Fill Info

Rapid Fill Info

I’m resort hopping. Do I need to purchase a new mug at my second resort?
Nope! Upon purchase, simply purchase the amount of total days that you’ll be staying on Walt Disney World property. Note that if you are switching to a non-Disney-owned resort (for example, WDW Swan and Dolphin), then you’ll only want to purchase for the part of your stay that is at a Disney-owned resort.

What beverages are available for Disney Refillable Mug refills?

You can refill your mug with coffee, iced or hot tea, soda-pop (these will be ALL Coca-Cola products — Disney does not sell Pepsi products due to Coke’s long-time sponsorship agreement), and hot chocolate.

*COOL INFO:* It’s interesting to note that most refillable mug stations have some sort of Hi-C lemonade/fruit punch option OR red/blue Powerade.

Beverage Station

Beverage Station

What beverages aren’t available for Disney Refillable Mug refills?

Most notably, milk and “real” fruit juice (e.g. no OJ or Apple Juice).

Will they refill my frozen margarita at the pool bar?

No. But you get points for creativity.

Where can I buy the mugs and get refills?

Purchase/Refill stations are located in food courts, quick service locations, and pool bars at all Value/Moderate/Deluxe resorts. Check with your resort front desk to be sure you know of all the locations at your hotel where you can get refills.

Rapid Fill Mug on tray

Rapid Fill Mug on tray

Do I get a Disney Refillable Mug if I’m using the Disney Dining Plan?

Yes! As of 2012, all Disney Dining Plans now offer refillable mugs for everyone on the plan.

May I only use the Disney Refillable Mug at my resort?

No. Mugs may be used at any Disney-owned resort on property.

While you can’t use your resort mug in the parks (unless you’re getting water), you CAN purchase refillable mugs in the water parks. Disney’s also been rumored to be testing refillable mug programs in the theme parks.

Refill date notice

Refill date notice

Can I save my mug when I get home and bring it back to use on all my subsequent Disney trips?
No. Mugs are for the specific number of days that you purchase.

What do the current mugs look like?
New mugs were recently released in February 2014. Take a look!

The new mug

The new mug

If I’m paying an exorbitant amount for my room and there are Disney Refillable Mugs already in there, does that mean they’re free?

The mugs are never free (unless you get them as part of an already paid for Dining Plan). The cost will be placed on your bill as a charge.

Okay. So how do I use my Rapid Fill mug with RFID bar code?
It’s easy! Follow our step-by-step directions for using your RFID refillable mug.

Any other cool stuff you should tell us about the Disney refillable mug program?

YES! Each self-service refillable mug location has a MUG WASH! That’s right — there’s a little sink right next to the soda-pop dispensers that you can use to wash out your mug. Comes in very handy when switching between your drinks of choice…say between Coffee and Powerade?



Do YOU buy the mugs, DisneyFoodBlog?

You know, I used to buy the mugs at every resort as collectibles, but I always ended up in rooms far away from the refillable mug stations and never really used the mugs enough to justify the purchase (I wish Disney would put in more mug stations, but I know that would probably be taken advantage of by non-mug-buyers). That said, when I’ve taken trips to Disney World where my primary activity has been reading by the pool, having the mug for free refills has been a real blessing!

If you can’t live without your coffee, or if you need a travel mug for your morning commute at home, buy the mug. It’s fun to see that little Mickey face every morning!

Four colors to choose from

Four colors to choose from

Rapid Fill mugs are here to stay!

We want to hear about your own refillable mug experiences. Share in the comments below!


  1. Alexandra says

    We just got back from a WDW vacation in May. We ended up buying a refillable mug at Typhoon Lagoon and then sharing it which was great because at $15 for the mug we actually were able to refill it enough times that day to make it worth it. The barcode was a bit tricky to scan for my son though.

  2. says

    My trip began on September 18th 2013. With my quick dining plan I will receive a Mug that I can refill at All Star Movies and in the park?

  3. DL says

    We purchased Dixie Landings mugs years ago. When we purchased the mugs, we were told that we could use the mugs at any resort and for any visit…including any future visits. Will Disney give us a barcode for our mugs since we bought the mugs before their new policy? If they don’t, that wouldn’t be very nice since it was their policy that we could use the mugs at any resort and for any future visits.

  4. Chris Baker says

    Would be nice if you could tell us the average price of drinks at the resorts, so we can figure out if the mug is worth it. (The break-even point of buying the mug vs. buying individual drinks.)

  5. Gail Walraed says

    Just read about the possible new refill mug program which may or may not come to be

    I love disney and I understand they are a business but some of the things they have done or put in place just smacks of ripping off the customer

    They make millions billions of dollars and still they want to get even more what would be so wrong about letting the refill mugs be used anytime someone or families returns to disney
    You pay for the mugs in the beginning they are not given you them for free

    Instead of giving something every oncez in a while that all they do is take

    Not everyone can afford the prices and families save for years to go to a disney park

    They just get greedier and greedier just how much money is enough
    In disneys case there is not enough

  6. MamaCap says

    Does anyone have any creative mug carrier ideas? I’ve got a big group and was wondering if anyone else does the “Mug Run” for drink like I do and take everyones with me. Trays?Box?Elbow-Tuck? Or do you just borrow a tray from the food court.

  7. Adam says

    I miss the old unique resort-specific mugs. Does anyone know if there’s a gallery anywhere online that shows all of them? I love my Wilderness Lodge and my Port Orleans mugs. I wish I’d thought to get one the year I stayed at Coronado Springs right before they killed the program.

  8. Heather says

    Can you put a straw in the refillable mug with the lid on it? My son has some issues with eating and drinking. Thanks!

  9. Mark says

    I’m not sure of the cost for individual drinks, but like all their food, its on the high side. The value of the mug likely depends on how long you are staying. We usually go for 6 days. We bring a small soft side cooler to carry in the park and sealable drink bottles which we fill using the mugs. That way we actually have drinks all day. We also share. It means a few extra trips to the food court which I don’t think is far, but that’s the only way to really get your money’s worth.

  10. Ann says

    Is it possible to bring the mugs into the parks in case you want to split a drink (buy one drink and then pour half into somebody else’s mug)? My kids NEVER finish an entire drink by themselves. :(
    Also do the mugs close securely? Just wondering whether they would leak if we put them into a backpack.
    thanks. :)

  11. Chris Baker says

    I was just at Pop Century (August 3, 2013) and they are NOT using RFID chips in the soda machines. That means you can use your old cups. (I left mine at home after numbers online reports). I bought my mugs in Oct and they are using the same colors (blue, black, pink) same design.

    I went up to the machine and pressed the level with my finger (no cup) and soda came out. I could have kicked myself for leaving the cups at home. I ended up spending $8 on drinks because I only ate breakfast there. No biggie, I guess.

    Coffee, and sodas I am guessing, are over $2 a cup. (maybe $2.50?). So do the math. We only ate breakfast at the resort, 4 days. So 4x$2.50 = $10. (Juice is not included in the soda machines). Not worth getting a mug.

    You can bring the mugs into the parks. The mugs have a sliding thing to cover the holes, but it’s not sealed, so it could leak out. We actually bought a 1 liter bottle of soda in the store, emptied it at home, and used it as a water bottle in the park. Nice size, sealing lid. We added powdered flavoring to it. In the park there are plenty of water fountains (bubblers) where you can get water. We never had to ask a vendor for ice water, but you can.

  12. Emily says

    Hi Ann,

    Just came back from a mid-aug Vacation at MK. Our hotel did NOT have the RFID cups yet – you can tell which ones do by the colors – lids that are black, pink, or blue, are the “old” style mugs. Green, Purple and Orange lids are on the new RFID system.

    On the “old” mugs – I would NOT put them in a backpack. My child “tested” the lid when it was closed several times and managed to get a few of us wet. If you just carry the mug you’re fine, but if your little ones want to swing the mug as they walk, they will most likely spill a little. I ws wondering if you put saran wrap on the top of the mug BEFORE putting the lid on tightly in the closed position if that would help, but alas, I didn’t have any with me during our vacation :)

    Also, the lids are a little tough for some people to put on – make sure they are all on tight before you set them down or put them in a back pack.

    For the person looking for tip to carry multiple mugs – we have found that if you put caribiner clips on a backpack, you can get two mugs per clip.

    Hope this helps!

  13. Dave says

    The original refillable mug I have from All Star Sports (15-years ago) did not limit the refills to length of stay, nor limit you bringing it back following years. According to the rules at the time I purchased it, it was good forever. (I guess they hoped people would loose them or forget to bring them back in subsequent years). So, I am still obeying the original rules at the time I bought my mug. All you newbies … too bad.

  14. Matt says

    We just got back from a week at WDW, stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside Resort. We had the Deluxe Dining Plan, so we had mugs included.

    I do NOT like the new mug program. The first three days, I was only able to fill my mug 4 times due to programming errors. I finally went to the cashier, and she said that the programming had malfunctioned, and quickly reprogrammed it.

    The quirk I found is that when you put your mug below the dispenser and press the button for the soft-drink you want, if that particular soft drink is out, that counts as one of your three allotted drinks for that hour. Same thing if you don’t continuously press the button and completely fill your mug. Once you let up on the button, that counts as one of your 3 hourly refills.

    The good thing is that the Gold Peak iced tea dispenser is not included in the system, so you can get unlimited refills on iced tea (sweetened, un-sweetened, green, etc.).

    The upside is that the mugs CAN be reused/reprogrammed, but the DDP includes new mugs, so bringing old ones back is unnecessary.

    In short, I do NOT like these!

  15. Dana says

    Okay so now I am confused! It says a mug is included for each dining plan. Then the Q&A goes on to say if its in your room and you use it you have to pay for it…

    Was that Q&A for the people NOT purchasing the dining plans? Otherwise it sounded like I get one free with my dining plan but if I use the one in my room, I still have to pay for it??

    When we go, we will be purchasing 5 dining plans. So we should get 5 refillable mugs, right? And only paying for them through our dining plan package and not as an added charge to the cost of our room??

  16. Cstarr says

    They don’t have the resort mugs in the rooms, have been there 6 times in the past 2 years, with stays at deluxe, moderate and value and have never come across mugs in the rooms. Also, RFID is in use at every resort now. Had no problems using it, and mugs work at all resorts.

  17. Susan Parker says

    I visited WDW in 2008n and brought home a water bottle with a cheeah sculptured lid that the straw pokes through. OI have the lid but need to replace the bottle. The lid says “Drinkworks! Collectors Series 2001 No (her it’s blank) of 5 Artist M. Hill” I have tried looking this up online without success. Any suggestions?

  18. Kim says

    Please note that mugs used to be left in the rooms atop the fridge cabinet (mini-bar) as a way of advertising them for sale. This method of sale has been discontinued.

  19. RonBreen says

    Disney’s “mug” program is something that the Mafia would be proud of.

    I am a Florida resident and have been to DW Buena Vista FL over two dozen times in the last 12 years. (yes, addicted!!)

    Mugs can be purchased at resort hotels, but are not useable at parks. Mugs can be purchased at the water parks but are not useable anywhere else. The parks themselves have NO mug program …. at the parks 16oz cup filled with 8 oz of ice and 8 oz of soft drink … 3.50.

    I pay 3.00 for a 12 pack of soft-drink at my local store ….. after all isn’t the Disney resort just another “local store”? Why should anyone need to pay exorbitant prices for essential life supporting liquids after ALREADY paying exorbitant prices for a motel room and the NOT-free breakfast??????

    Each year, the Disney ‘team’ turns the screw tighter and tighter.

    No food available unless you have a ‘dining plan’, no reasonably priced beverages available unless you buy an outrageously priced “mug” that can be refilled in a resort, but NOT in a park (and this beverage ‘plan’ is simply outrageous — I pay LESS for beverages on a Carnival cruise).

    Disney is getting OUT OF CONTROL and taxing every CUSTOMER as if the customer was the ENEMY ….. Time to switch to Busch Gardens, Sea World or Universal Studios … ALL VERY COOL destinations —- all less mafioso.


  20. Chris baker says

    RonBreen: water is free at all the parks. Soda is not a life sustaining necessity. Yes, everything is overpriced a WDW but there are ways to manage your expenses in the parks. Bring in your own water bottles and some Mio or other water enhancer

  21. Ron says

    For the price a 4-day mug, I can buy 72 cans of 12oz soft drink at my local grocer.

    Yes indeed, the mug is convenient, but not THAT convenient … Disney is flat-out taking advantage of its cash-paying customers. It is also usurious.

    This is one of the several things I HATE about the Disney company. They could make SO SO many more faithful followers if they priced their food and drinks like most fast-food chains instead of like Ruth Crist’s or Sardi’s…. just sayin’ your THERE and THEY gotcha …. like it or not.

    We are in the habit now of buying on the local economy and bringing our food and bevs into the parks. Saves about 80% with little extra effort on our part.

  22. Chris Baker says

    Just got back from a stay a Pop Century (Aug 2014) and the new mugs and RFID system ARE in place there. For a 3-day stay they were not worth it. (We only ate breakfast at the Resort–never got back before 10pm.) I drank water for breakfast and my partner had coffee (which does not require the mug–so was able to refill the coffee cup 3 times at breakfast. I had my old mug, so used that for water). What really burns me is that soda is one of the most highly marked up items in a restaurant, so this is a real cash cow for WDW. But I can live without soda for a few days (although I did have soda in the MK with my lunch.) (Imagine how much money they could rake in if they had self-serve refill machines in the park, at 50-cents per refill. The mug could be tied to your room charge, requiring a PIN too to keep kids from going crazy.)

    I would probably spend the same, or even more money on food in the Parks if the food were more reasonably priced (and more variety). When I get a lunch bill for $26 for 2 people for burgers, I think twice about getting any more snacks later. Same when I see the $3 (or $4) ice cream bars. I pass on those. On the other hand, I probably would buy 2 or 3 ice cream bars during the day if they were $1.50. Instead, we bring in a big bottle of water and 6 granola bars and snack on those during the day. We eat a late lunch (2:00 or 3:00) and maybe have an ice cream for ‘dinner’.

  23. Rob says

    So I’m going to Disney World for first time and of course the dining plan includes the mugs.

    My question is, since the mug refills are unlimited at the resorts, can I fill the mug and then pour the contents into a bigger bottle? Not to carry in the park, since that’ll be too heavy. I’m more concerned with late night thirst and not wanting to head to food court to fill mugs. I want to fill a bigger water bottle to leave in the room fridge.

  24. says

    Rob – Yes, you can. But since the “rapid fill” RFID process was created, you’re limited to how often you can refill your mug in a particular time span. So you wouldn’t be able to refill it over and over again in a 5 minute period, for example.

  25. Rob says


    Thanks for quick reply!

    Luckily out of our group of 6, I can use at least 3 of the mugs. Also don’t mind a little wait.

  26. Rob says


    Thanks for quick reply. I just didn’t want to cause any trouble while on the trip.

    Luckily out of our group of 6, I can use at least 3 of the mugs.

  27. Rob says


    Thanks for quick reply! I just didn’t want to cause any problems while on the trip.

    Luckily, out of our group of 6 I can use at least 3 of the mugs. Also don’t mind waiting a few minutes.

  28. Mark says

    We still have our Polynesian mugs from our stays in the early 1990’s. At that time we were told they are good for free refills for life. They have honored this every time we have been there & brought them with us since. We also have Hilton Head Island mugs and were told the same thing and they have always honored this same policy there as well !

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