Something’s Fishy in the Land of Vinylmation

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster is also our Vinylmation specialist around here. These last few releases are right up her alley!

Vinylmations are my gill-ty pleasure, so the folks at Disney merchandise clearly had me in mind when they designed their latest creation: the Vinylmation sushi set, which you can purchase at

So. Crazy. Cute. The top row consists of a a piece of shrimp, California roll, and unagi. The bottom row is salmon roe, tuna, and a salmon roll. But best of all are the accessories: Vinylmation juniors the color of ginger and wasabi, along with your very own pair of Vinylmation logoed chop sticks.



This jewelbox of plastic bento is currently for sale at the D-Street stores at Walt Disney World and Disneyland, as well as on List price is $99.95, with a limited edition of sets being sold. If you’re feeling continental, you can also purchase your Vinylmation sushi at Disneyland Paris.

While you’re shopping, you might want to pick up some additional pieces for your meal. The recently released Sea Creatures Vinylmation series includes several potentially edible species such as lobster and octopus. The Sea Creatures are sold individually and retail for $9.95 each.

Sea Creatures lobster Vinylmation. Note the claws!

Sea Creatures octopus Vinylmation

While there’s no green tea ice cream on the Vinylmation menu as of yet, there have been a few dessert-themed Vinyl releases in recent weeks. I’m all for rounding out my salty/savory piscine entree with some sweets like the Celebrations series birthday cake or junior-sized Mickey bar (a surprise add-on in some of the First Visit Celebrations boxes).

Birthday cake and mini Mickey Bar Vinyls

And on the way home, I’d pop a few coins in the Vinylmation gumball machine for a breath-freshening chew.

9-inch gumball machine Vinylmation set

These Vinyls have touched my sole. I’m feeling shellfish today, so if someone doesn’t put me in my plaice I may end up buying all of these delicious fishes – you know, just for the halibut. I think I’m starting to flounder now, so I’ll clam up before you get crabby.

Have a whale of a time shopping! (I know, whales are mammals, not fish, but I was on a roll.) To purchase any of these items, just visit

Remember is running a FREE SHIPPING deal today and donating 5% of sales to the Make a Wish Foundation! Use code: WISH.


  1. Shayne says

    Holy smokes, I’m not a big Vinylmation fan, but I want this just for the ginger and wasabi ones. So stinkin’ cute!

  2. says

    Sarah — I feel the same way. And I don’t even LIKE sushi all that much!

    Shayne — I KNOW! I want those little ginger and wasabi guys!

  3. says

    I don’t collect vinylmation, but I do love looking at them- and I’ve been saying since they started that they needed a sushi one– goes right along with the Japanese “feel” of the vinylmation!
    I’d love to say that I’m getting this, but at $99.99….I don’t think that’ll be happening!

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