Reader Question: Planning a Special Vegetarian Meal at Disney World’s ‘Ohana

We recently had a question submitted by a reader regarding the vegetarian meal at ‘Ohana. Now that Chef TJ has taken his culinary skills to the Grand Floridian, our reader, who is celebrating her birthday at ‘Ohana, wondered if Chef TJ’s famed vegetarian meal (six courses!) was still being offered.

Tempura Asparagus at 'Ohana

I’m not sure what the current meal is for vegetarians at ‘Ohana since Chef TJ left, so here’s what I suggest — contact the Disney Special Diets folks (email or call 407-WDW-DINE or 407-824-5967) and ask them what number to call if you have a special diet, have booked a particularly special meal, and would like to speak with a particular restaurant.

Once you get a direct number for ‘Ohana, ask if you can set up a time to speak by phone directly with the Chef at ‘Ohana, explaining that you booked a birthday meal there based on the rave reviews, but you understand there’s a new Chef there and you’d like to discuss options with him ahead of time since this is a special meal for you. Share the same info with him and see if you can work together to create a multi-course birthday dinner menu.

Be persistent about wanting to talk with the chef. You might run into cast members who want to treat this like “just another veggie meal,” but let them know that it’s special to you and that you want to plan ahead with the Chef.

I’m hoping this will work for you! I’m pretty sure Chef TJ moves around at the Grand Floridian, so you could potentially book something like Citricos and ask that Chef TJ supervise the birthday dinner as well.

Let me know how it works out!

For more details, check out our eating Vegetarian in Disney World resource page!

Do you have suggestions or experience to help answer this question? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. cherylp3 says

    I’ve been to Ohana since chef TJ left. I didn’t get the 6 course meal, but I did get special entrees and dessert from the chef.


  2. Sheri Morris says

    I have had the pleasure of eating that same dish prepared by Chef TJ. It was probably the most delicious meal I have EVER had!!! He’s the greatest chef ever!

  3. Chrissa says

    We love chef TJ–haven’t had his vegetarian, but my daughter has celiac and he prepared some outstanding gluten free for her and it was amazing!

  4. Joy4Tigger says

    Chef TJ is worth following around to wherever he’s working! No matter what your special needs are, he works VERY hard to satisfy you and work within your personal limitations.

  5. Jenn says

    I’ve had the pleasure of having the amazing Veggie tower of Chef TJ’s. On our trip last week, this was not offered but I did get a stir fry of just veggies which was really good…but I was very sad that they weren’t still offering the tower.

  6. says

    Thank you guys for these awesome reviews and insights!!! My first (and sadly only) experience with Chef TJ was the fried oreos he made for me at Boma! AMAZING!

  7. says

    I know this is an old post but wanted to comment anyway. My family and I ate at 1900 Park Fare last night and asked for Chef TJ. Luckily for us he was there! We had an amazing meal that I can’t say enough great things about. My family is essentially vegan (we eat honey) and he seemed excited to make our meal. I think the highlight was a grilled domain lettuce salad with figs and popcorn. Amazing!

    Vegatarians and vegans cannot do wrong by going to 1900 Park Fare!

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