Dining in Disneyland: Halloween at Marceline’s Confectionery

Dining in Disneyland columnist Heather Sievers shares pics of Halloween decor and treats in Downtown Disney’s Marceline’s Confectionery!

I’ve been known to stop by Marceline’s in Downtown Disney on a regular basis.  OK, truth be told, I pretty much stop there every single time I visit the Disneyland Resort.  Anyhow, on my last trip, Marceline’s had transformed into a mini Halloween wonderland and I thought you might like to see my favorite shop all dressed up for the spooky season.

I love that Marceline’s changes out their decor seasonally.  Here you see some fun jars filled with decorative colored glass “candies.”  I did ask, none of the display candies are real…

Halloween "Garland"

I love the attention to detail here, even the garland has pumpkins in it!

Giant Sparkly Pumpkin with its Skeleton & Witch Buddies

Pumpkins, Cats & Spiders, Oh My!

Every top shelf in Marceline's is Decorated Seasonally

Now, on to some special Halloween treats & merchandise that Marceline’s is offering this year! A couple of things that we haven’t seen much before are these candy-corn filled Mickey heads and candy corn-flavored jelly bellies.

Candy Corn Filled Mickey Heads

Seasonal Candy Corn Flavored Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

And a few of our Halloween favorites return this year, like the Halloween frosted pretzels and Halloween shaped rice krispie treats.

Halloween Frosted Pretzels

Rice Krispy Pumpkins

Rice Krispy Candy Corns

"Fall" Colors Rice Krispy Bundles

"Scary" Mickey Lollipop Bundles

Bags of Candy Corn & Bags of Butter Scented Candy Corn Gummies (Yuck!)

Pumpkin Shortbread Cookie

Candy Corn Shortbread Cookie

Candy Corn by the Pound

I also spotted these adorable Halloween caramel apples. At $9.95 each, they’ll set you back a bit, but their cuteness is pretty irresistible.

Mickey Pumpkin and Minnie Witch Caramel Apples

The dipped marshmallow & pretzel stick ghosts were also pretty cute.  Marceline’s sure makes it hard to pick the perfect treat!

Dipped Marshmallow & Pretzel "Ghosts"

Halloween merchandise at Marceline’s includes “Scary” Mickey coffee mugs, Halloween lanterns, Halloween Mickey decorative sprinkles, Pumpkin Mickey cookie jars, “Spooky” shot glasses, and Pumpkin Mickey trick or treat buckets.

Halloween Merchandise Display

"Scary" Mickey Coffee Mug

Pumpkin Mickey Trick or Treat Bucket

AND, of course the candy kitchen at Marceline’s was busy getting ready for the Halloween season too. They were making my favorite caramel apples, Jack Skellington heads!

Apple Jacks!

Don’t you wish Disneyland’s Cast Members could decorate your house for Halloween? I sure do!

Stay tuned for a post about Halloween Treats in Disney World coming up very soon!


  1. Elizabeth says

    Love the decor! I was so bummed when I stopped in there during the Half Marathon weekend looking for the mini-cupcake sampler you blogged about…alas, it is no more.


  2. Heather Sievers says

    @Elizabeth – I’ll see if I can investigate the missing mini cupcakes mystery for you! What a bummer!

  3. Elizabeth says

    @Heather…I asked the women working in there and they said they hadn’t had them in a while and didn’t think they were going to carry them any more. I was bummed. Had really been looking forward to carbo loading those things! LOL

  4. Heather Sievers says

    @Elizabeth – So disappointing! They were really yummy!

    @JoAn – I can probably make that happen! ; )

  5. JoAnn says

    Heather – I don’t want to twist your arm or anything. But if you happen to be in the neighborhood. :-)

  6. Elizabeth says

    Just looking at this again and I seriously love the smiling pumpkin and cat…wish you could buy them!

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