News! Large Mickey Waffles Now Being Served at Contempo Cafe

Get ready for some Mickey Waffle news!!

The Contempo Cafe has bid farewell to the small rectangular waffles that lacked a friendly face smiling up at you prior to devouring your morning meal.

Now, the Contempo Cafe will serve a large, friendlier waffle, just like the ones we recently lost at Sleepy Hollow in the Magic Kingdom!

Mickey Waffles at Contempo Cafe

That’s right! Even though you can’t find the giant Mickey waffle in the Magic Kingdom anymore, you can find him next door at the Contemporary Resort! Yay!

Mickey Waffle

(Note, small Mickey waffles are still available at Magic Kingdom table-service restaurants for breakfast…no worries there.)

Have you spotted large Mickey waffles at any other WDW restaurants? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    When I was there in September I got the other waffles, they had bananas and caramel on them and were delicious. I’m actually a little bummed they took it off the menu. …Unless of course you can get the bananas and caramel on Mickey…

  2. Ainsley says

    The last two times I have been (this past June included), there were large Mickey waffles at the Caribbean Beach resort. You could even have them with strawberries and whipped cream if you wanted.

  3. says

    At Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Mara food court the adult “bounty” breakfast comes with large Mickey waffle whereas the kids combo meal comes with two small Mickeys.

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