Preserving Epcot: Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation

In my post last week about new food-related Vinylmation releases, I mentioned that I was waiting for the delivery of a Kitchen Kabaret Vinylmation box set. Well, now I have it — and you get to see it first!

This set of six tasty treats retails for $99.95 at Walt Disney World and Disneyland locations. Get your own Kitchen Kabaret set here! Here are our representatives from the dearly departed “The Land” attraction, Kitchen Kabaret:

The hostess with the mostest — Bonnie Appetite.

Your hostess, Bonnie Appetite

Mustard, representing the Kitchen Krackpots band.

Mustard, jamming on the saxophone

Rice, from the Cereal Sisters.


Broccoli, from Colander Combo and the Fiesta Fruit. Sadly, his glasses stay put.

Broccoli. That cat is cool as a cucumber.

Mr. Hamm, from the Hamm and Eggz comedy duo.

Hamm, from Hamm and Eggz

Mr. Dairy Goods, from Dairy Goods and his Stars of the Milky Way

Mr. Dairy Goods

Mr. Dairy Goods, back

While the figures themselves are super cool, I have say that I’m disappointed in the packaging. The box is two-sided, with three figures showing on one side and three on the other. This means that when you’re trying to both display and keep the figures mint-in-box, you have to choose only three to showcase.

I like to have full view of all my Vinylmation friends at all times (I’m crazy, don’t judge), so this is a bit of a bummer for me :-(. I’m sure the configuration maximizes some pack to ship ratio or something, but still, I wish the box had been different.

Display box, side 1

Display box, side 2

Display box, from the top

Overall, I’m pleased. I love it when Disney honors its roots, and I think the Kitchen Kabaret is enough of a cult classic that it merits the star treatment of a full set. Well done, Vinylmation overlords!

So what do you think? Did the Vinylmation treatment do justice to this classic attraction? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. says

    I see that they’re choosing only one representative from each show act! Wish they would have done a few more of the characters, but I’m thrilled to have this attraction remembered in this way.

  2. says

    The idea about keeping them in the boxes is not what disney want. They want you to get them out, display them creatively and handle them, see all sides, see the back, play with them, let them get their own personality with marks and scratches.

    Its a lovely set and I wouldn’t want to keep them cooped up in that box, let them out for a bit of fun. After all, all toys like to be played with ;-)

  3. Erin says

    AJ- :-)

    Nicola- With all due respect, Disney markets these as collectibles not toys. They’re sold on the disneystore website in the collectibles section, not the toy section. A not dissimilar set of 6 to 8 plastic figures retails for about $12.50 when sold as a toy. These figures cost more than that each. Again, yes I am crazy. Again, don’t judge :-) Anyway, if these were toys I’d certainly play with them. But at these prices, no way. I’m simply saying that if Disney wants to charge a premium price for a collectible item, they should package it in a way that serves the collector well. Not that that stopped me from buying it :-)

  4. deana says

    Rig yourself up a mirror behind the box so you can see the set in the back… at least, their reflection. :) Just a thought!

    I used to collect My Little Pony from the 1980’s and the drawings on the back of the packaging were sometimes so pretty, I hated to display the MIB toy and never see it. A simple mirror solved that problem!

    Ps, I’d love to see your entire collection! Do you have a photo of them all together?

  5. Erin says

    Deana – Love the mirror idea! My entire collection is overwhelming and scary :-) Maybe next time I do a Vinylmation post I’ll see if AJ will let me include a photo of it so y’all can put the depth of my obsession in perspective.

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