What’s YOUR Favorite Club Cool Beverage in Epcot?

My word, we’ve been doing this blog for three years and we still don’t have a post dedicated to Epcot’s Club Cool!

To remedy this, we set up another fun poll at our Disney Food Blog Facebook Page when we asked “What’s your favorite beverage to try at Club Cool?”

Club Cool Sign

Club Cool, located in Epcot’s Future World, dispenses flavorful fountain drinks from around the globe. This is a fun (and free!!) activity included in your park admission.

Flavors Around the World

First, let’s review the choices of Coke products that are available for sampling at Club Cool:

Club Cool Flavors - click for larger version

— Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique
— Fanta Kolita from Costa Rica
— Beverly from Italy
— Vegeta Beta from Japan
— Kinley Lemon from Israel
— Lift Apple from Mexico
— Smart Watermelon from China
— Mezzo Mix from Germany
(Let us know if you’ve seen different flavors!)

Our Facebook friends chimed in with their favorite flavors and some funny answers! The top three flavors that our readers enjoy sipping are Smart Watermelon, Mezzo Mix, and Lift Apple.

Smart Watermelon

With a decisive 30 mentions, China’s Smart Watermelon wins! Paul L. gives it a shout-out with “the China watermelon-flavored one is amazing.” And Summer C. agrees “Obviously the Watermelon one from China. I sure do wish I could buy that soda!”

China's Smart Watermelon

Smart soft drinks were the first carbonated beverage that Coca-Cola specifically designed for China. This one has a refreshing watermelon flavor!

Mezzo Mix

Coca-Cola with a subtle orange flavor is sold in Germany. Facebook Friend Sandra G. shares that her husband “likes the one from Germany (he lived there as a kid)”!

Mezzo Mix

Fans of this beverage may want to look for the similar Coca-Cola Orange in Coke Freestyle dispensing machines. (Tip: There’s a Coke Freestyle at the AMC Theater in Downtown Disney.)

Lift Apple

Manzana Lift Apple is popular in Mexico. It’s a carbonated beverage combined with real fruit juice. Linda N. said it simply “The apple flavored one”!

Manzana Lift Apple

While the Coca-Cola website states that it’s also in the United States, we’ve never seen it. Let us know if you’ve spotted it in the U.S.!


Of course, we have to give an honorable mention to Italy’s Beverly with its distinctive bitter taste due to the ingredient quinine. It’s served as a non-alcoholic aperitif to aid digestion.

Clarissa P. says “NOT Beverly!! haha. But I do love getting people to try it!” Get your camera ready! Misty L. advises “Beverly! It makes for a great photo opportunity!” And James H. has an interesting technique to share – “every time time I go, I always take a shot or two of Beverly to see how much I can handle.”

Surprisingly, we have a few nods to Beverly. Like this one from Jennifer L., “I’m odd and enjoy Beverly :).” She’s not alone, Judy P. admits “I love Beverly. I really do! I always stop in for some. I wish they sold it by the bottle.”

The closest beverage that we could find at Italy’s Coca-Cola website is Kinley (similar to Israel’s Kinley Lemon). Does anyone have a picture of how Beverly is (or was) sold in Italy?

Which flavor do you like to sip (or gulp) at Club Cool? And if you like the Beverly, we want to hear from you too!


  1. Chris B says

    I’m another of the odd people that like Beverley!! I’ve never seen it in Italy but they do sell a very similar drink called Crodino.

  2. Shannon says

    The apple flavored one they have a apple flavored soda at Walmart in the isle with all the world foods or hispanic food. Its not with the other sodas its right in the middle of the food part. They are 58¢. Its a different brand than the lift at disney world but, tatse just like it. Its called Barrilitos comes in a 24oz bottle.

  3. Dan P says

    I went on an Adventures by Disney trip to Italy in October 2010. We never saw Beverly anywhere, and neither of our guides (both native Italians) had even heard of it. I was hoping to buy a few bottles as gag gifts.

  4. Mandi says

    I gave been to Epcot more than a dozen times and have never seen or tried any of these!!!

  5. Gina W says

    Sidral (Mexican apple-flavored soda) is sold in Dollar Stores on the east coast of the US; I have one in my fridge now. They also sell it at the La Cantina in Epcot, for about $3.50 a bottle.

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